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* Research / Study Reveals How Psychiatric Nurses Face Aggression From Patients and Colleague by Idowu Olabode: Today at 11:18:07 AM
Research had shown that health professionals were at high risk of exposure to violence and aggression, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) has said.

“Psychiatric nurses run a high risk of being exposed to aggression. They experience aggression from patients as well as fellow colleagues.

“Aggression in the work environment has an overt negative psychological effect on the nurse,” said UJ spokesperson Luyanda Ndaba.

The university said health professionals often felt uncertain about how to deal with violence and aggression.

“Standing at the interface between medicine, psychiatry and law, the best actions may not be clear, and guidelines neither consistently applicable nor explicit.”

Ndaba said a new study, done by researchers from the Department of Nursing Sciences within the Faculty of Health Sciences at UJ, found that in a working environment with dysfunctional nurse-to-nurse relationships, stress and aggression in the work environment influenced factors such as low productivity owing to conflicts, recruitment and retention challenges, burnout, absenteeism, litigation and rapid staff turnover.

“To assess the extent of this contextual study, the population for this research consisted of the psychiatric nursing staff registered with the South African Nursing Council and who were employed in an academic psychiatric hospital in Joburg.”

She said the researchers used selective sampling, and the criteria included participants who were professional nurses working in an academic psychiatric hospital, and who had been working there for a minimum period of two years.

“The psychiatric nurses needed experience in an academic psychiatric hospital in order to give a valid account of their experiences and to be familiar with the environment in which they work. They had to be able to speak English or Afrikaans.”

Ndaba said the UJ team found that the psychiatric nurses experienced aggression as subtle, passive and harmful in a verbal and non-verbal manner.

They also reported that different types of aggression were present in their work environment, namely, verbal and non-verbal aggression.

“Professor Marie Poggenpoel and her co-authors also observed that education and socialisation at different levels exhibit different values and perceptions of professional identity.”

UJ said the effect of violence and aggression in day-to-day living should not be underestimated.

“It’s assumed that it could have severely harmful psychological consequences in the long term and that it can thus affect the psychiatric nurses’ self-esteem, social status and happiness,” said Ndaba.

“This shows the importance of nursing staff’s roles and attitudes in their interactions with the psychiatric environment, which should ultimately strive to create a therapeutic milieu.

“This implies that psychiatric nurses’ interpersonal skills play an extremely important role in the creation of such an ideal milieu in the work environment.”

Ndaba said that in general hospital settings, aggression was commonly assumed to be most prevalent in emergency departments, where dealing with aggression was a significant concern.

“The incident reports indicate that events are numerically more common on medical, geriatric and psychiatric wards,” she said.

“It’s clear that attention should be given to create opportunities for psychiatric nurses to master the management of experienced aggression from colleagues,” said Poggenpoel.

UJ said Poggenpoel had been a tenured professor in Psychiatric Nursing Science at the University Of Johannesburg since 1989, and was an expert regarding qualitative as well as quantitative research methodologies.

* News / The Morality of Recruiting Foreign Nurses To UK By Marilyn Eveleigh by Idowu Olabode: Today at 10:56:49 AM
Marilyn Eveleigh is pleased with the efforts to recruit more nurses but thinks poaching from overseas needs to stop

The dire shortage of nurses is the biggest challenge to health services both in and outside the NHS. I’m all for enticing nurses back into practice via return to practice programmes; I support raising the profile of the profession to attract more men; I’m excited by imaginative schemes such as ‘golden hellos’ offering cash incentives to nurses to come work in organisations, repaying student loans in return for taking up a post after qualification and fast-tracking nurses to higher grades where they fill ‘hard to recruit to’ posts. I even consider the new entry routes through nurse apprentices and nursing associates necessary. What I cannot endorse is the aggressive NHS recruitment drive for overseas nurses from countries that have a nursing shortage of their own. It is unethical – we should be growing our own nursing workforce, not poaching from overseas, especially from poorer countries that have invested in training their nurses.

Health secretary Matt Hancock recently announced that we need a ‘new Windrush’ generation to supply us with sufficient nurses and doctors to keep the NHS functioning. Does he not realise there is a global shortage of nurses? Worldwide, there are 20 million of us, but it’s not enough. India and the Philippines are struggling to meet their own needs. The World Health Organization (WHO) has predicted an extra nine million nurses and midwives will be needed by 2030.

It is understandable that many nurses might want to come to the UK, tempted by higher wages and better working conditions. Yet retention rates are not good, especially outside major cities, with some trusts losing well over 50% of recruits over two years. The government is attracting overseas recruits by depressing the English language proficiency standard, lowering visa fees and reducing the earning threshold to just above £20,000 to remain in the UK.

The WHO, World Bank and UN have all encouraged countries to develop their own healthcare services with the skilled staff to be self-sufficient. Indeed, UK overseas aid has been directed specifically towards health and prevention programmes. It is ironic and shameful that the UK has not invested adequately in nurse training and retaining a suitable workforce to meet the needs of our population. It costs around £2,500 to recruit a nurse from overseas. I suggest we direct such money into developing our own workforce and avoid the unethical global dilemma we’re in.
* News / Dog Owner Whose Dog Attacked Nurse Asked To Pay Nurse $1000 Compensation by Idowu Olabode: Today at 10:45:25 AM
New Zealand: The owner of a dog that attacked a nurse making a home visit has been ordered to pay the victim $1000.

'Smokey', a male Mastiff Labrador cross was put down last month after Pounamu Morunga-Cooper pleaded guilty to owning a dog that caused injury.

Morunga-Cooper, 20, was sentenced by Judge Bridget Mackintosh in Hastings District Court on Tuesday.

 The court heard the nurse called the patient on March 24, a relative of Morunga-Cooper's, from outside the property and was told it was safe to enter.

The nurse entered the front gate and went into a yard area, where she saw the dog behind a second gate up the driveway.

 It was barking and acting aggressively, so she avoided walking near the area and crossed the front lawn towards the front door.

When she was about halfway across the lawn, the dog jumped the gate and rushed at her. It bit her feet, causing her to fall forwards onto the ground.

She was nearly at the front steps of the house and had one hand on the step and one over her head protecting herself.

"The dog bit her through her uniform and latched onto her right buttock," the summary of facts stated.

The nurse screamed for help, prompting Morunga-Cooper and another woman to come out of the house. They yelled at the dog and the nurse was able to get away.

The nurse was taken to hospital. She suffered numerous injuries, including deep puncture wounds and scratches. She has been unable to drive and remains in pain.

"The attack has left her feeling traumatised and she has nightmares about the attack," the summary said.

Morunga-Cooper told the animal control officers that Smokey was a guard dog and had been doing its job. She said the nurse was the one who opened the gate, but did express remorse and accepted that the dog had jumped the gate.

Judge Mackintosh said Morunga-Cooper had failed to appreciate the seriousness of the attack. She noted that Morunga-Cooper chose not to take part in restorative justice, which would have been beneficial.

She ordered her to make an emotional harm payment of $1000 and medical costs of $311.

* News / "Only Our Best and Experienced Nurses Will Be Exported" - Ghana Health Minister by Idowu Olabode: July 11, 2019, 03:32:39 PM
The Ministry of Health (MoH) has said that the government would do due diligence in the posting of nurses to work abroad if the agreement with partner countries is officially cemented.

"We would ensure that only the best and most experienced of Ghanaian nurses are sent outside as expatriates for healthcare services," Mr Kwaku Agyemang-Manu, the Health Minister noted.

The government recently announced future plans to export Ghanaian nurses abroad, arguing that the move was in tandem with the vision to create more job opportunities for the health professionals in foreign countries.

Mr Agyemang-Manu, who was addressing staff and students of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Kumasi, hinted that currently, there were about ninety (90) nursing and midwifery training institutions in the country.

The Minister is in the Ashanti Region on a four-day working visit to keep abreast with health development projects and programmes, as well as related challenges.

The first day of the visit saw the Minister touring facilities at the KATH, including the Oncology Directorate, where he inspected the newly installed 'Lican' machine, ultra-modern equipment for the treatment of cancer.

He was accompanied on a tour of the facility by Dr Oheneba Danso, the Chief Executive Officer of KATH, and Dr Emmanuel Tenkorang, the Regional Health Director.

Mr Agyemang-Manu urged health workers to be committed to duty, saying, the government would continue to work assiduously in improving their living conditions.
Source: Ghana Web
* News / UGONSA Knocks FG For Not Recognizing Nurse Who Help Stopped Ebola Outbreak by Idowu Olabode: July 09, 2019, 09:26:34 PM
-Commences process of getting late Justina Ejelonu honoured at the next conference of the International Council of Nurses (ICN)

The University Graduates of Nursing Science Association (UGONSA) has berated the Federal Government for failing to recognize the roles being played by their members in the health sector.

This formed part of the communique issued by the Association after its Conference in Kaduna, on Tuesday.

The communique made available to DAILY POST was signed by the UGONSA National President, Chief (Hon.) S.E.O. Egwuenu, and the National Secretary, Nurse G.I. Nshi.

They specifically knocked the Federal Government for recognizing only medical doctors who played roles in the Ebola fight in the country, while ignoring nurses.

According to the Association, “a case in point was the projection of Late Dr. Stella Ameyo Adadevoh to ECOWAS for posthumous honour with the 2018 ECOWAS Prize of Excellence Award and her induction into the women hall of fame by the National Centre for Women Development for paying the supreme price while curbing Ebola, without reciprocating similar gesture to Late Nurse Justina Obioma Ejelonu, who also paid the supreme price while working to curb the same disease as did late Dr. Adadevoh.

“Honouring Dr. Adadevoh for her contributions towards curbing the spread of Ebola virus in Nigeria by placing the index patient, Patrick Sawyer, in quarantine was a step in the right direction but doing so at the expense of the nurse that implemented the quarantine order and who unfortunately caught the virus in the process of implementing the order and subsequently paid the supreme price like Dr. Adadevoh was a gross injustice.

“Both Dr. Adadevoh and Nurse Ejelonu, were members of the same health team that curbed the spread of Ebola to Nigerians from the First Consultant Hospital Lagos where the index case was admitted and quarantined and both paid the supreme price in the process of quarantining the index case.

“Nurse Ejelonu, a Registered Nurse, who graduated from Ebonyi State University in the year 2010 with Bachelor of Nursing Science (B.N.Sc) degree, was a professional nurse par excellence. She was full of life, energetic and agile with decent dreams and aspirations before she was swept away while in action, saving Nigeria from the Ebola scourge.

“She was the shining light that beckoned hope for her poor parents and siblings and was two months pregnant, with her wedding to her Fiancé planned for October, 2014 (two months before the sudden twist of fate made her pay the ultimate price for humanity). Today, the Nigerian government has written her off simply because she was a nurse.

“As the Nigerian Government continues to dishonour her, we in the nursing community shall continue to honour and adore her with reverential awe because she is the face of the sacrifices that nurses make on a daily basis to keep Nigerians alive and healthy. We have honoured her with the highest UGONSA honour of Grand Ambassador of Nightingalic Virtues (GANV) and accordingly inducted her into the prestigious UGONSA hall of fame.

“We have also commenced the process of getting her honoured by the International Nursing Community at the next conference of the International Council of Nurses (ICN).

“The Nigerian Government should bury its head in shame for portraying its self as a citadel of injustice through its age-long penchant of making two equal things appear as unequal especially in affairs that involve and concern nurses.

“The same stark injustice of the Nigerian government against Nigerian Nurses maybe also what informed the deliberate under placement of graduates of Bachelor of Nursing Science (B.N.Sc) degree to the tune of one grade level below their par in our health system.

“Despite that the Nigerian Government gazetted the industrial Arbitration Panel award of the year 1981 which unequivocally granted that in the healthcare system of Nigeria, the profession of Nursing is on parity with that of Pharmacy as is the case in Great Britain, what we witness in Nigeria today is the injustice of deliberate subjugation of fresh graduates of B.N.Sc degree on CONHESS 07 during internship and on CONHESS 08 post-NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) whereas their counterparts from other core healthcare disciplines (such as Pharmacy, Med Lab, Physiotherapy, etc.) with similar entry requirements and course duration for the first degree are placed on CONHESS 08 during internship and on CONHESS 09 post-NYSC.

“With subjugation of fresh graduates of nursing to a tune of one grade level below their par, the Nigerian Government whimsically portrayed nurses as subservient to other core healthcare disciplines as it did in the case of Late Nurse Ejelonu.

“Mounting evidence shows that under placement and consequent poor remuneration of Nigerian nurses psychologically traumatizes them and is the single most responsible factor for their mass exodus to foreign countries where they are well placed, remunerated, recognized and appreciated for their great contributions in care delivery. Since the care of mankind has been entrusted unto nurses, they must be motivated and not traumatized to carry out this task effectively and efficiently.

“Nurses are to the healthcare system what mothers are to families. Any family in which the mother is empowered is eternally progressive but families where mothers are subjugated and trampled upon (as done to nurses in the Nigeria health system) never make any inch of progress. This explains why Nigeria health system is almost the ‘first from behind’ in the ranking of the world’s performing and responsive health systems.

“Proper placement will motivate nurses and oil their latitude to meeting the increasing complexity of health needs, which nurses are in the frontline to drive. We dare say that medical tourism by

government officials and affluent Nigerians to other countries shall surely abate with adequate motivation of nurses through proper placement and enhanced remuneration.

“This is because with a motivated nursing workforce, we stand to get in Nigeria hospitals what is obtainable in high-ranking hospitals in other countries.

“We therefore verily call on well meaning Nigerians and the media to prevail on the powers-that-be to recognize and honour Late Nurse Justina Obioma Ejelonu for her selfless and great sacrifice in curtailing Ebola scourge in Nigeria as has been done for Late Dr Stella Ameyo Adadevoh and to give nurses their due and eligible right of placement at par with their counterparts in other core healthcare professions in the spirit of equity and fairness.

“Keeping quiet in the face of injustice is not golden. Silence in such a situation portrays acceptance of the injustice and, at worst, complicity in perpetuating it.”
Source: DailyPost
* News / Liberia: ‘Nursing Is Not for Money Making’ by Idowu Olabode: July 09, 2019, 12:26:26 PM
An alumna of the Winifred J. Harley College of Health Sciences of the United Methodist University, has called on nurses across the country to take the Nursing profession not as a money-making area but as a field to serve humanity.

Mr. Andrew A. Z. Manbu said the goal and mission of nurses the world over is to serve others and be willing to listen and learn.

According to him, nurses are people who should have empathy for patients seeking medical treatment.

Manbu said if nurses create love and care for patients, the sick will feel at home, thereby leading to them getting well sooner and returning to their homes healthily.

He made the statement over the weekend during the homecoming ceremony of the Winifred J. Harley College of Health Sciences of the United Methodist University in Ganta, Nimba County.

The homecoming, according to the Dean of the college, Mr. G. Clinton Zeantoe, was aimed at bringing together alumnae and the current students in order to move the college ahead.

During the ceremony, the attendees joined an American Missionary to dedicate a modern conference hall. The hall was named in honor of Missionary Suzanne E. Porter, who taught at the college for several years and also trained many of the hospital’s staff.

Dean Zeantoe described Missionary Porter as one of the best missionaries, whose presence helped to improve the lives of Liberians.

He further said the Suzanne E. Porter Hall will be used by the students to conduct most of their activities.

For her part, Missionary Porter expressed thanks to the administration of the hospital and the University for the recognition bestowed on her and the transformation that has taken place at the facilities over the years.

She pledged her continued support toward any project that they will be undertaken to boost the “Methodist dream.”

Missionary Porter told our Nimba Correspondent that the dream of American Missionary Dr. George Harley, in whose honor the hospital and college are named, is still alive.

She gave US$1000 to the administration and students of the College and formerly dedicated the hall, which was named in her honor.
* News / Kenya: Laikipia County Nurses Demand Pay, Paralyzing Health Services by Idowu Olabode: July 09, 2019, 12:18:28 PM
Laikipia County nurses have downed their tools demanding for their delayed pay, a move that has paralyzed services in the hospitals.

The nurses who congregated at Laikipia West Sub County offices in Nyahururu Monday, urged the County’s administration to pay promptly for them to resume work.

“It is unfortunate that our June salaries have delayed and we are forced to walk to work and go without food,” noted Purity Matu, chair of the Kenya National Union of Nurses, Laikipia Branch.

She decried penalties being imposed on their loans that were deducted at source but not remitted as a result of the delays, adding that no meaningful services will be delivered by a distressed workforce.

“Statutory deductions like those to the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) were not forwarded and our families cannot access medical care as a result,” said Matu.

The May salary was also delayed to June 15, with the county citing system errors. The county doctors too, have for almost a month now, downed their tools demanding honouring of the Collective Bargain Agreement (CBA) of 2017.

“I love my patients but I can’t work on an empty stomach, my own employees need to be paid and my farm attended to but I can’t afford,” cried Eunice Nyaguthii, agitated from the heavy workload that had previously caused her a stroke.

Nurses on contract, were in dilemma too, on whether to continue serving as their contracts had expired in December, 2018.

“We are forced to work as equally hard as our salaried counterparts with meagre pay that cannot sustain us. The county administration has not made it clear whether we are their employees, neither do we have any appointment letters to show our presence in these hospitals,” added Lucy Ithenya.

The few patients turning up at Nyahururu County referral hospital found empty service desks as the workers shunned their places of work, while others donned casual wear to avert being assigned duties.

“We will continue holding parades as we need our salaries paid on time as promised,” cried George Koro, the Kenya County Workers Union, Laikipia Branch Secretary.

While noting that the delays had disorganized their lives, Kenya County Workers Union Treasurer James Gitonga, demanded that the payments should be made every 30th of the month to allow the workers ample time to do their work.

The county administration through a communique last month notified the workers that their “May and June salaries will be paid by 15th of June and July I5th respectively,” while urging them to be patient.

By Anne Sabuni
* News / Man Accidentally Gifts Nurses Cake Laced With Marijuana As "Thank You" Gift by Idowu Olabode: July 08, 2019, 05:59:04 PM
A grandfather trying to say thanks to a group of nurses accidentally took the term “baking a cake” the wrong way.

The man reportedly unknowingly gifted the nurses a cake laced with marijuana. The dessert was allegedly left over from his grandson’s 18th birthday party.

The pensioner took the cake into Warrington Hospital in Cheshire as a gift after it was leftover from his grandson’s 18th birthday.

But what the well-meaning man did not realise was that the homemade treat, known as a “space cake”, was full of the class B drug.

It was apparently only after one nurse had tucked into the treat, reported to be a red velvet cake, that the alarm was raised.

In a statement on the Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Facebook page, chief nurse Kimberley Salmon-Jamieson said: “Only one member of staff ate a small piece of cake, did not suffer any ill effects, did not care for any patients afterwards and finished their shift.

“On noticing a strange odour from the cake senior staff notified Cheshire Police who removed and subsequently destroyed the cake.”

However, one member of staff at the hospital claimed at least “three or four” nurses had consumed the cake.

“They were eating the cake and then the next minute the staff were all off their faces,” they told the Manchester Evening News under the condition of anonymity.

“It was brought in by a nice old man as a thank you, but it was full of funny stuff and had them all relaxed.”

Cheshire Police said no action was taken against the man who took the cake into the hospital, but “strong words of advice” were given to his grandson.

A spokesman said: “Officers received a report on 27 May that a cake which was suspected to contain drugs had been brought into Warrington Hospital by a member of the public and given to staff.

“Following an investigation officers determined that the member of the public who had brought in the cake was unaware of the content of the cake as it had been left over from their grandson’s birthday party.

“Officers have now spoken to all parties involved... The case has now been closed and the cake has been destroyed.”

The hospital said there were no issues compromising patient care as a result.

Source:UK Independent Newspaper
* News / Australia Nursing Board Successfully Prosecutes Fake Nurse by Idowu Olabode: July 08, 2019, 05:45:03 PM
A Victorian woman who pretended to be a nurse has been fined $15,000 plus costs.

Brittany Fairthorne was convicted in the Frankston Magistrates’ Court of charges laid by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). She was found guilty of holding herself out as a registered nurse and two counts of providing false information to an AHPRA inspector. She pleaded guilty to these offences under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law.

The charges were laid after an AHPRA investigation into allegations that Fairthorne held herself out as a registered nurse and injected a patient with substances which purported to be cosmetic injectables. AHPRA also alleged that, during its investigation, Fairthorne provided false or misleading information and documents to an AHPRA inspector. Fairthorne has never held registration as a nurse under the National Law with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA).

She was fined a total of $15,000 and ordered to pay AHPRA’s costs in the amount of $13,495.85.

Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia Chair Associate Professor Lynette Cusack said Fairthorne’s conviction highlights the importance of protecting the trust that people place in registered health professionals.

“Registration demonstrates to employers and the public that nurses have met the high standard set by the NMBA to treat the Australian community,” Assoc Prof Cusack said. “This outcome shows that, in partnership with AHPRA, we take the responsibility of protecting the public’s trust in the profession very seriously.”

Anyone with concerns about whether an individual is registered with a national health profession board can check the register of practitioners maintained by AHPRA or contact AHPRA on 1300 419 495.

* News / "They Seized My Passport and Turned Me to Slave" —Nurse In Oman Cries Out by Idowu Olabode: July 06, 2019, 10:08:56 AM
A yet to be identified Nigerian Nurse who emptied her savings for an agent to facilitate her migration journey to Oman has been turned to a slave and sexually assaulted has learnt.

In a video shared on Instagram by a blogger which had since gone viral, the Nurse narrated how her international passport was seized from her, work non-stop as a slave and frequently sexually harassed. Below is an excerpt of her speech:

I beg you in the name of Almighty God, help me and bring me out of here. The people that brought me into this country didn’t tell me I’m coming here as a slave. I was told I would get a Nursing job here, I would be well paid and I would be fine….. Me getting here I end up as an housemaid, not even an housemaid but as a slave. No stopping work, I don’t sleep, I don’t go out, My international passport is with them. They seize it from me and I have been sexually harassed again. Please help me get out of here, I beg you in the name of God. They told me they paid to the agent in Nigeria that they have overall control of my life for good 2 years………….

To Watch the full video go to

Nigerian Nurses with the dream of getting better job abroad are daily exploited by greedy business men and women who see Nurses as their ATM machine. has various social media platforms it uses in educating nurses on the right path to take in migration to any country of their choice (Free of charge) and advice every Nurses to use these platforms to ask questions and seek clarification before dolling out their hard earned money to greedy and wicked agents. Share this post and warn other Nurses

Below are some of the comments on the IG page

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