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* News / Salary Delays: Patients Suffer After Medics Down Tools, Again by Idowu Olabode: February 22, 2020, 06:05:45 PM
Kisumu County’s troubled health sector has suffered yet another setback after health workers boycotted work for the second day over non-payment of salaries.

This is the fourth time in a span of six months that the workers have downed tools as patients continue to suffer.

Yesterday, the officials of Kenya National Union of Nurses (Knun), Kenya Union of Clinical Officers (Kuco) and Kenya National Union of Medical Laboratory Officers (Kumlo) vowed not to report to work until their pending salaries are paid and statutory deductions remitted. Kuco Secretary Craus Okumu faulted Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o’s administration for failing to pay their January salaries, which he said has left the workers depressed.

The return-to-work formula signed between the county government and the health workers states that payments must be released by the fifth of every month.

“We have been waiting for pay but only to receive circulars and memos, which are not helping us to get our salaries as we require,” said Okumu.

But County Health Executive Judith Attyang said they would introduce payments by cheque to weed out ghost workers from the payroll.

“It is a temporary measure that will help the county streamline the sector and pay those who deserve it,” said Ms Attyang.
Source: Standard Media
* News / Coronavirus: Pregnant Nurse 'Propaganda' Sparks Backlash by Idowu Olabode: February 21, 2020, 08:26:34 PM
A video featuring a pregnant nurse treating patients in a hospital in the virus epicentre of Wuhan has sparked a backlash across China.

The video by state media outlet CCTV was meant to portray nine-month pregnant Zhao Yu as a hero.

But instead social media users criticised the hospital for allowing a heavily pregnant nurse to work in a highly contagious environment.

One user said the woman was being used as a "propaganda tool".

More than 2,200 people have now died from the coronavirus in China, with the majority of deaths coming out Wuhan, capital of Hubei province.

In China alone, there have been more than 75,000 cases of infection. The virus has also spread around the globe with more than 1,000 cases and several deaths worldwide.

A show of 'propaganda'

State media outlet CCTV had last week released a video featuring Zhao Yu, who works in the emergency ward at a military hospital in Wuhan.

The video shows her walking around the hospital in a hazmat suit while heavily pregnant. She's seen making the rounds and testing a patient who is later sent to the fever department. The patient is heard telling her not to work as it is "dangerous".

Zhao Yu acknowledges in the video that her family objects to her continuing to work, but adds that she hopes to do her part in fighting the virus.

But the video - which was meant to be a touching tribute to her self-sacrifice - touched a nerve, with many accusing the broadcaster of using her story as a form of "propaganda".

"Can we stop all this propaganda? Who made the decision that this video was okay? Pregnant women should not be [on the frontlines], that's it," another said.

"What is this, a show for political purposes? Don't send a woman who is nine months pregnant to do this," said one comment.

"I really think that this message... blindly advocating women to fight on the frontlines regardless of their health... it's really sick," one person said.

And it's not the only video that has got netizens angry.

Another video posted this week by state-owned media outlets in Gansu showed several female nurses weeping as they had their heads shaved.

The video explained that the head-shaving exercise took place so it would be easier for women to wear protective head gear while treating patients.

But many doubted the logic of this, asking why women couldn't simply have short hair instead of shaving their heads off entirely. Others asked why there weren't videos of men having their heads shaved.

The hashtag #SeeingFemaleWorkers - calling for people to recognise the contribution of women on their front lines - also started to go viral on Weibo.

"Professionalism. Faith. Loyalty. Strength. These are all qualities worth being proud of. Women aren't capable and great just because they're shaving off their long hair," said one comment.

"Why does the media always use women's sacrifices as a tool for propaganda? Wouldn't it be equally as admirable for these women to go on the front line with their long hair? For women who are not pregnant to be fighting?" said one commentary on WeChat.

"They must be beautiful, a mother, a partner, and then make sacrifices. Only then will they be considered great."

* News / Meet Docia Angelina Naki Kisseih the First Ghanaian Chief Nursing Officer by Idowu Olabode: February 21, 2020, 08:14:44 PM
Docia Angelina Naki Kisseih (Docia Kisseih) became the first Ghanaian Chief Nursing Officer to take over from the British Colonial government in 1961.

She was Born on August 13, 1919, in Odumase. She had her high school education at Krobo Girls Senior High School.

Docia Kisseih spent three years at Achimota School where she obtained her Cambridge Higher

School Certificate in 1938, and in 1940 she enrolled at the Korle Bu maternity hospital for three years of nursing training with an emphasis on midwifery.

She was Ghana’s first nurse with a doctorate degree which she earned from the University

of Boston in 1981 while lecturing at the Department of Nursing University of Ghana (between 1975 and 1981).

According to Kisseih(1962), before 1899, the sick was only cared for by family and friends who had no scientific knowledge, and Nobody took up Nursing as a career.

However, in 1899, the first British Colonial Nursing sister arrived in Accra and that marked the beginning of training of professional nurse.


In 1961, Docia Kisseih was made the first Ghanaian Chief Nursing Officer of the newly independent Ghana, her job title inherited from the earlier British system.

In December 1961, there were 2692 nurses in Ghana, made up of 1700 female nurses and 992 male nurses and distributed under the following categories:- S.R.N , Q.R.N, Mental Nurses and Public Nurses (Kisseih, 1962).

Docia Angelina Naki Kisseih is the founder and first president of the Ghana Registered Nurses Association (GRNA).

She also served on the National Health Planning Committee and the Nurses and Midwives Board.

Dr Kisseih was earlier honored by the state in 1984 and her portrait was put on the 100 cedi note in 1986.

University of Ghana conferred a Doctor of Laws (Honoris Causa) degree on Dr Docia Angelina Naki Kisseih for her contribution to public service at a special congregation at her North Labone residence in Accra.

She died later that year in 2008.

In 2015, the Ghana Registered Nurses Association (GRNA) instituted a series of lectures to be called the Dr Docia Kisseih Memorial Lectures.

Source:  Ghanaweb
* News / Kano Nurse Distributes Wheel Chairs to Patients to Mark 40th Birthday by Idowu Olabode: February 19, 2020, 11:03:39 AM
A Senior Nursing Officer at Dala Orthopedic Hospital Izuchukwu Uchechukwu Chioma celebrated her 40th birthday in a unique way by giving out free wheelchairs and other medical accessories to some of the patients under her care in the hospital.

The nurse said her decision to celebrate her birthday in such a way was because she had observed that many patients were suffering due financial constraints adding that with a little assistance, the patients could have a manageable life style after their discharge.

She further revealed that, her upbringing had influenced her perception of life encouraged her to see rendering assistance to the less privileged as her life style.

“People have been asking me why I have spent a fortune on people I don’t know; but they never knew that I am a beneficiary of such gesture in life. My upbringing has really influenced my quest to put smile on other people’s faces. Therefore, instead of throwing a lavish party I asked my well-wishers to contribute what they wanted to give me as birthday present to what I have planned to do to my patients and that was how I did it without much stress,” she said.

Source: Daily Post
* News / Chinese Nurses Forced to Shave Their Head Before Being Sent to Wuhan by Idowu Olabode: February 19, 2020, 10:26:42 AM
FEMALE NURSES at a Chinese hospital are being forced to shave their heads - to prove their determination in helping to fight Coronavirus.

Footage released online shows around 15 nurses from the Gansu Provincial Women's and Children's Hospital having their heads shaved at a ceremony.

The nurses were preparing to leave the city of Lanzhou, the provincial capital of Gansu, before being sent to the virus epicentre, Wuhan, to treat coronavirus patients.

It comes as some 20,000 medics from across China have been sent to Wuhan to help stop the spread of the virus.

Local newspaper Gansu Daily uploaded the footage in question to its social media account on Saturday.

It caused uproar among social media users, who criticised the hospital's requirement.

Heartbreaking footage showing the nurses welling up with emotion, with some even crying as their heads were shaved completely bald.

The hospital later claimed that all of the workers had volunteered to go completely bald as a way to prevent infection.

The facility also said the shaving of heads was a 'common practice' among medics.

One person commented: “Is this necessary? They could have bound [their hair] or had short hair.'   

A spokesperson from the hospital told Red Star News on Monday: “Many web users don't know the situation, but for medical workers this is a common thing and can be observed in many places in the country. 

“The most important thing is that [going bald] could prevent infection. Also, it is easy [for them] to clean.”

But a columnist from news outlet argued it was 'unnecessary' for them to shave their heads completely.

The comment piece read: “Considering those going [to Wuhan] are front-line medical staff, [they] should have enough knowledge to protect themselves [against the virus], therefore they should have the right to choose their hairstyle and be responsible for it.

“If medical workers can do their jobs well with combed hair. Why must they have their hair cut?”

In Februray, a new hospital in Wuhan kitted out with 1000 beds was completed in just under two weeks, according to reports.

* News / NUC Approves Nursing, Three Other New Courses for Trinity Varsity by Idowu Olabode: February 19, 2020, 08:52:45 AM
The National Universities Commission (NUC) has approved four new courses at degree level for Trinity University, Yaba, Lagos. The courses are Nursing Science, Medical Laboratory Science, International Relations and Diplomacy and Physics with Electronics. Subsequently, the institution has commenced admission of students to these new programmes for the current academic session of 2019/2020.

According to the university’s management, the development was made possible due to the institution’s excellent facilities for effective teaching, learning and practicals, which were inspected by the NUC before the approval.

The institution’s vice chancellor, Professor Charles Korede Ayo, expressed delight at the development, describing it as a vital contribution to the tertiary education sector in the country.

“This will make a significant contribution and a welcome relief to many students who were not able to gain admission for these highly-competitive courses in the universities. It will also be good news to parents and guardians and potential students that the fees are moderate,” he said.

In a chat with newsmen on Friday, the Vice Chancellor assured existing and prospective students of a stimulating, dynamic and fulfilling environment for learning.

Source: Guardian Newspaper
* News / Man Lands In Court for Satbbing a Nurse in Delta State Nigeria by Idowu Olabode: February 17, 2020, 11:21:41 AM
An aggrieved father has attacked medical workers at the Sapele Central Hospital, Delta State, over the death of his child at the medical facility.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the man went berserk minutes after medical workers broke the news of the death of his one-year-six-month-old child to him.

The man, whose identity could not be ascertained as of the time of filing this report, was alleged to have accused the doctors and nurses on duty of complicity in the child’s death and vowed that “one of them must die with his son.”

The incident happened on Wednesday around 4pm.

According to a source, the bereaved father attempted to stab a nurse in the throat, but missed.

The suspect was also alleged to have chased one of the doctors in an attempt to stab him, but the latter escaped.

The source said, “The baby was brought in with a bad health condition. The accident and emergency unit resuscitated and admitted him to the children ward.

“The doctors there reviewed the case and commenced medication. Being that the condition was already very bad, maybe the father expected a miraculous recovery, but the condition deteriorated further and the baby died.

“The child’s father was angry that the doctors and nurses could not save him. He threatened that anybody he saw would die with the child. He saw one of the nurses inside the ward and attacked her.

“He first gave the nurse a headbutt and the lady fell. He beat her up and brought out an object. He attempted to stab her in the neck, but the lady dodged it and the object landed on her ear and almost cut it off.

“When people raised the alarm, he rushed back to the children ward and fled with the baby’s corpse. The management of the hospital reported to the police.”

The Police Public Relation Officer, DSP Onome Onowakpoyeya, confirmed the arrest of the suspect, saying she could not tell the gravity of the injury sustained by the nurse.

The Medical Director of the Central Hospital, Sapele, Dr Benedict Ogbimi, noted that the case had been charged to court.

Credit: Punch Newspaper
* News / Ghanaian Nurses, Midwives Set Up Educational Fund for Murdered Nurse’s Children by Idowu Olabode: February 16, 2020, 03:31:40 PM
The Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association has set up an educational fund to cater for the three children of a 37-year old nurse who was allegedly murdered by unknown assailants at Ayoum in the Ashanti Region.

The nurse was murdered while returning from work.

Mourners, sympathizers, and stakeholders within the nursing profession say they are united in the grief with a single voice calling for finality to the heinous crime.

She was laid to rest on Saturday.

But, President of the Ghana Nurses and Midwives Association, Perpetual Ofori Ampofo says plans to have the education fund is to ensure that the children of the deceased do not have their access to education interrupted following their mother’s demise.

She said, GHS 10,000 has already been allocated as the initial amount and called on the union members to contribute as expected.

“We as a union in collaboration with all the nurses and midwives institutions in Ghana, we are instituting an education fund for Ruth’s children. This is to ensure that their education is not curtailed in any way so they can go to the university level and beyond. So we are putting in seed money of GHS 10,000 and we are looking forward to the other institutions to add on so that, once invested, the money will grow over time so the children can also benefit from it.”

Family still demands justice after burial

Meanwhile, the bereaved relatives of the deceased say they still stand by their calls for justice even after her burial.

Brother of deceased’s husband, Joseph Kobinah says they are contemplating relocating the family from the area.

“In fact, we are still calling for justice. The police have been updating us so we hope the law will take its course. We are also pleading with the general public to give whatever information they have to the police. Whoever knows anything about the murder should inform the police. We are so surprised at how this thing happened. We are also thinking about relocating children.”
* News / I Want To Be A Nurse – Six-year-old Schoolgirl Reading by ATM Light by Idowu Olabode: February 16, 2020, 07:57:39 AM
Dele Rasheed is a primary one pupil of the Hope of Glory Academy, Ondo town, who was recently photographed doing her homework by the light of the Automated Teller Machine gallery of a bank branch at Yaba area of Ondo around 10pm because there was a blackout in her house. The picture went viral and the bank is believed to have taken interest in her. She tells PETER DADA of Punch Newspaper about herself

How old are you?

I am six years old. I am in primary one. I live with my grandmother.

You were recently photographed doing your homework by the light of an ATM gallery…

I went there to do my homework because there was no electricity in our house.

Did your parent not have a generator at home?

No, we don’t have.

Is that what you normally do when there is a blackout at home?

Yes, when there is no power supply.

Who asked you to be going there?

Nobody did.

Did you see anybody there the last time you went there?

Yes, I saw a man there.

What did man tell you?

He asked for my name and I told him.

Are you not afraid of going there in the night to read?

I am not afraid.

What do you want to become in the future?

I will like to become a nurse because of their white uniform. I like them because they take care of people that are sick.

So you like treating people…


I trusted God to protect Dele by ATM gallery at night – Grandmother

Forty-seven-year-old Mrs Samuel Veronica is Dele’ s grandmother. She tells PETER DADA about her grandchild

What do you do for a living?

I am a housewife. Dele is my granddaughter.

Where is her mother?

She is in Lagos.

Why is she not staying with her mother?

When our aunt died sometime ago and she (her mother) came to Ondo with her (Dele). So when they wanted to leave for Lagos, Dele said she was not going with them again, that she would stay with me. Since then, she has been staying with me. I enrolled her in a private school and have been taking care of her. She has been staying with me for about four years.

Where is her father?

He is also in Lagos State with her mother.

How would describe Dele?

She is very committed to her studies; whenever she is given an assignment in school, she will not rest until she finishes it. Even when you ask her to come and eat, she will not eat until she finishes her homework. She would say her teacher would beat her if she does not do her homework and if anybody offers to assist her in doing the homework, she would refuse.

Did you tell her to be going to the ATM gallery to work?

No, I was not the one. Oftentimes I discourage her from going there but she insists on going there to do her homework, especially when there is a blackout. On the night she was seen there, I didn’t want her to go but she insisted on going.

How far is the bank’s ATM gallery to your house?

It is beside our house; it is the building beside our house.

Don’t you think it’s dangerous for a child of that age to be outside at that time?

Initially, I didn’t want her to be going there. The first time she went, there was a blackout and she told me she wanted to go there, and I said no. I told her to use the torchlight on my phone, but she refused. She said she would not see the homework clearly. And we don’t have a generator.

How long has she been going there to do her homework?

That was her third time. When there is a blackout, she would go and do her home work there.

Were you not afraid that she could be attacked?

Well, I handed her over to God and I believed nothing would happen to her.

There are reports that the bank promised to give her N1m and a scholarship; has the bank contacted you or any member of the family yet?

Yes, even the manager (at Ondo branch) asked me to come to the bank and I have gone there. They gave me a form to fill; they also asked for my BVN and I have given it to them.

What was in the form you filled?

I don’t know, I don’t understand it but I believe our lawyer will understand it. I also believe it is about the promises they made.

Aside from the bank, has any other organisation offered to assist her?

Yes, MTN officials also came and they promised to install solar panels here that will give us electricity. Also, a solar company presented her with a solar lamp in her school. They also gave some pupils in the school small solar lamps. Some other people have been promising to assist her.

What is your reaction to the offers?

I am very happy, I don’t know what to say other than to continue to say thank you to the bank and other benefactors.

How is her performance in school?

She is doing well.

Dele is generous, always shares food with classmates – School proprietor

Mr Oladele Alaba is the Proprietor of Hope of Glory Academy, Ondo, which Dele Rasheed attends. He speaks about the little girl and the incident

One of your pupils, Dele Rasheed, was photographed by the ATM gallery of a bank at night, doing her homework and since then, some companies and people have been offering her assistance, what is your reaction to this development?

She is really determined. It was the determination she had for her education that made her go to that ATM gallery to do her homework because she knew if she didn’t do the assignment, her teacher would flog her the following day. That was why she went to do the assignment there. And in their home, they didn’t have power. Even her grandmother said she tried to give her a phone to use but Dele said the light at the ATM gallery was brighter.

How is her performance in school?

She is doing well academically. The only challenge she has is that her parents don’t have much money, so they struggle to take care of her. She is not staying with her mother. She stays with her grandmother. Her father and mother are in Lagos. They realised that they could not take care of her so they left her with her grandmother.

What kind of person is she?

She is accommodating and friendly. She is also generous; I could see that in her too.

How does she relate with her fellow pupils in school?

She is very good to them; they play together and do many things together. But I have discovered that she is very generous. Whatever she has, particularly things to eat, she shares with her classmates. For instance, if she has biscuits, she will ensure her classmates eat from it.

I thank God for her life and I also thank God for our school. What happened to her is to the glory of our school because if the school did not put pressure on her to always do her homework, I think she would not be thinking of going to that ATM gallery to do the work. She knows that in the school, if a pupil fails to do their assignment, the teacher will deal with them the following day. Failure to do an assignment attracts punishment and no pupil will want to be punished for not doing their assignment. That was what propelled her. We have created that culture in them that they must do their assignment.

A bank has shown interest in Dele and has reached out to the family, has it contacted the school too?

They did not contact us but we learnt that when the incident happened, they opened an account (for her) at the bank. But as I am talking to you now, the bank has not done anything. It could be that they are working on it. But some individuals have contacted us in a bid to assist her.

A company called Dlight Solar Company presented her with a solar lamp. There are other people that have been sending money to the account they opened for her at the bank but the mother and their lawyer receive the alerts.

The lawyer said about N120,000 had been put in the account by some people. Another solar company has just informed us that they are coming to Dele. They were able to locate our school after reading the story about her on the Internet.

Credit: Punch Newspaper
* MCPDP / Un. of Alabama Quality Improvement in Nursing and Midwifery Education Free Cours by Idowu Olabode: February 14, 2020, 10:15:01 PM
University of Alabama  Free Online Course for Nurses on Quality Improvement in Nursing and Midwifery Education

Education is constantly evolving, affected by globalization, information technology advances, and renewed attention to quality improvement in outcomes. Nurses’ education is critical for health system transformation and for promoting health as a human right. In light of this, expert nurse educators from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing collaborated with experts at the University of the West Indies-Mona and the University of Miami to develop an online course titled “Quality Improvement in Nursing and Midwifery Educational Programs-a three module online course for lifelong learning”. The course consists of 3 sequential modules:
1) Principles of learning: foundations for quality nursing and midwifery education;
2) Instructional strategies for quality education; and
3) Strategies to evaluate students and courses.

This course is currently in the pilot test phase in both English and Spanish. To participate in the pilot, please click on the following link and then choose your preferred language:

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you!



Lisa Theus, MPH | Program Coordinator II

School of Nursing – Office of Clinical and Global Partnerships

PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center for International Nursing

UAB | The University of Alabama at Birmingham

NB 308 | 1720 2nd Avenue South | Birmingham, AL 35294

P: 205.996.7621 |
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