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Title: #2016NursesWeek #NursesWeek: Who Cares For The Nurse? By Damilare Ogunnoiki
Post by: Idowu Olabode on May 10, 2016, 07:20:31 AM
Nursing profession is known to be the most noble and caring profession and patients wellbeing has been the most important priority for every professional nurse which extends to the relatives and significant orders.
“Nursing Science is a domain of knowledge concerned with the adaptation of individuals and groups to actual or potential health problems, the environments that influence health in humans, and the therapeutic interventions that promote health and affect the consequences of illness”
A  well trained professional nurse put all his/her attention on the patients with the purpose of allay on fears, reduce/remove sufferings, prevent illness among others.  This definitely put nurses on their toes, yet it seems no one cares for the Nurses.

How often do we appreciate the emotional stability/empathy that nurses expresses to their clients? Taking patients as their immediate family and ensuring that their needs are met.
Who values nurses for their flexibility in carrying out different procedures on a daily basis?
Who appreciates the nurses for staying long hours at patients besides?
Who cares about the nurses assuming temporary roles of other medical and health personals when they are no where to be found?
Who cares about about the Nurse for been overworked, overnights duties, underpaid etc?
Who compensates the nurses for the frequent attacks, injuries, humiliation and the likes received from angry patients and significant orders?
Who appreciates the Nurse for being the first of contact in the hospital and for attending to patients at critical and emergency periods?
Yes,  we are trained for these but not to be overstretched and underpaid compared to others. Nurses are also human beings not machines yet  we take all the blames of medical errors and NURSE HAVE NEVER BEEN APPRECIATED, CELEBRATED, COMPENSATED, AND RECOGNISED by health consumers, government, media, public and relevant stakeholders.
Always appreciate and value the nurses as they celebrate the #2016NursesWeek #NursesWeek.
Happy 2016 international Nurses Week to all profesional Nurses all over the world..... Long live Nursing profession.
By Nurse Damilare Ogunnoiki RN, RPN, BNSc