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Celban Tips, Advise and Resources from a Nurse Who had been there-Ka Ris by katty : January 05, 2017, 02:01:07 PM
I just want to share how I prepared for my CELBAN.
My CELBAN experience was very challenging. In my time there is no FB group to help me. Sariling sikap kumbaga! ( Working hard on my own!)

I took a leap of faith to try CELBAN for the first time and was the expectation if to fail... Indeed, I failed!!!  Hahaha

If you are still weighing if you are wanting to take CELBAN or IELTS... I want to share my thoughts why I end up taking CELBAN... Simply because it was designed for NURSES - from the name itself! Do I need to say more?

But my very purpose is to check what the exam looks like and feels like! (downside: magastos! {pricey!}) I reviewed their online and offline reviewers ( same contents but the offline was more realistic, you will get the feel of the test papers and answer sheet, try to borrow that from any public library!).

So I'm sharing my experience hoping that you could find a bit of inspiration and motivation!



Since LISTENING is the most challenging part for me ( and due to the fact that you need to get a 10 out 10 --that's 7 mistakes in the actual exam!! ) I concentrated more on improving my listening skills.

Download the Podcast Republic ( I believe this available for both Android and Apple store)

Search the  NURSING, all channels related to nursing will show up!
I particularly used F.A. Davis's Fundamental of Nursing.

Those podcasts have helped me to refresh my nursing concepts!

And maybe you would ask me how these helped me in improving my listening skills...

I recite whatever I hear from the podcast by making sure I repeat the same information. In that way, my brain is stimulated to capture nursing concepts and improve my listening ability... At the same time, my tongue is twisted and force itself to speak English!! ;)
Plus you can't deny the fact that you are reviewing your nursing concepts as well!! So that's 3 birds with one stone,  listening, speaking and comprehension skills!!

I would also take notes while listening! The faster, the better! But make sure you are still listening-- means you can still grasp the message of the speaker!!

I listened everywhere, on my way to work, in the bathroom, during my down time and before I sleep. Take all the chance to listen!

The goal here to train your ears, to listen, comprehend and analyze!!

The scenarios are all nursing concepts... Your brain is already exposed to nursing concepts and it's easier for you to pick up the whole scenario at a first glance-- because you already know it! These are either nurse to patient, sometimes with family members, conversations or nurse to nurse conversations or with another health professional.

On the actual exam, make sure you browse all the questions and answers- this will give you a bird's eye view of the scenario (by knowing that-- your mind is set to capture the essential info). You are given a chance to read the questions and answers! Take that opportunity!!! Start drawing pictures in your mind. Imagine the scenario before it is shown, so your brain cells are starting to warm up!

Also, do no watch the video! I meant, don't stare too long!! Glance in the beginning of the video just to visualize what is happening! Just glance once in a while but your focus should be on the questions! The hardest part of the exam is you are not allowed to write anything on the questionnaire. You should write directly on the answer sheet! Don't forget that!

Remember to capture in the beginning what the video is all about! Is it about the patient, family, a nursing procedure, etc. So you can focus more on what's being asked. That is why it is important to assume what's the story is all about by just reading the questions and answers!!

You could also practice the listening part of the IELTS, it is widely available in any public library, yeah--it's time to get your membership! it is generally free across Canada! You are still improving you listening skills here but make sure to balance it with your podcasts for the nursing content part!

(useful for speaking too!)
(useful for speaking too!)


This is a giveaway part of the exam!

Read anything every day! I don't read on my phone or computer. I have read newspapers and magazines ( if you could find nursing magazines, that is great---search online then print it or read directly from your computer. I was just being kind to my eyes, so I do not want to strain it too much that's why I don't read from my computer!).
Or read any printed materials!

This part of the exam is actually a giveaway. Reading is the last part that you could worry about because the answer is already there, just find it! it is written somewhere there! But don't take this part for need to refresh your vocabularies too. Comprehension is vital!!! So stretch your minds and read more...everyday!! That is the only way to boost your reading skills-- to read! Simple! hehe

This is nursing content too, so try hard to find nursing articles and journals! That is a good exercise!

When I answered my reading exam, I have used the techniques I have learned in answering IELTS! I find it effective! But sometimes, you really have to read the whole texts. Don't be scared, it's shorter than IELTS ACAD Reading exam!!



If you are not confident in speaking English (like me) speak in front of the mirror! And say anything.. Introduce yourself, how long have you been here in Canada, what do you do before you came here etc. The usual IELTS questions, yes USE that here! The goal is to build confidence!  We, Filipinos, know usually know what we want to say but do not have the confidence to say it! We are afraid to be judged!
So build it up, buttercup!!! Or just simply read aloud...from the newspaper, bible, whatever you have at hand.!
That is 2 in 1 practice- Speaking and Reading!!

On the exam itself, general questions would be asked... Anything under the sun and nurse-patient interaction! But if you are relaxed and if you feel confident- you could answer anything! Do best in the role play, you will act as if you are a nurse and the examiners as your patients. You will be asked to do a full patient history and discharge instruction! Remember to acknowledge your patient's responses. (like OK, Thank you, Nodding etc). Do not be afraid to clarify, if you do not understand what your patient is telling, you can ask to clarify! Make your introduction and closing statements. Do not assume that your patient knows right away what is going to happen, just like in real life situations!

Also, if you are already living in Canada. Talk to any Canadians! The more you speak, the more confidence you will gain. They are not critical about the grammar etc...they are usually pleasant and nice. Or you could start in your home, establish a rule to speak English all the time and correct each other for grammatical errors! There are tons of videos on youtube....feel free to search anything. Like prepositions, verbs, etc. Also, try to find videos depicting nurse-patient interactions! You will learn a lot and you could apply those in your actual exam! :)

Search on youtube, nursing-patient interactions, a LOT of videos will show up! So start watching that now, practice with your friends or your family. Try to be spontaneous!

I want to say that speaking exam is always 80% confidence and 20% content!! Because if get nervous and anxious, that will screw you up! If you are composed and relaxed, it is easier to focus and talk! So calm your nerves! Do not drink coffee!! If you need to be awake or alert, take a 2 bites (regular bites ok?, don't cheat!!) of 70% dark chocolates-- this trick has NEVER failed me and a sip of cold water in between!!



What you see is what you get!
Make sure to include all the given info in your answers! Read the direction carefully-- and FOLLOW! Adding more info which is not given could stress you out and will make it harder to formulate sentences... The trap there is you could go out of context. Just write straight to the point. The simple wording is more! Make sure to add some nursing terminologies... That will give an impact!!...Same goes in speaking!!

Make sure that you will manage your time properly! Make a room to proofread your work. Allow at least 5 minutes. If you could read your work and correct yourself with the grammar, punctuations and prepositions that are really great! Be aware of the sequence of your story. Make sure to incorporate all the given words in your work! Write in third person! and remember ADPIE, assessment, diagnosis, plan, intervention and EVALUATION.  Make it legible, please! Don't give them a hard time!


Ultimately, if you are an IEN and aspiring to be a nurse in Canada.... remember, you have been a nurse once. It must be hard for you to start over again but alway tell to your self.. . "I CAN GET THROUGH THIS, GOD IS OM MY SIDE!"

Jeremiah 29:11New International Version (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Re: Celban Tips, Advise and Resources from a Nurse Who had been there-Ka Ris by nix : April 26, 2017, 06:43:59 AM
thanks for your help. needed this. not just the tips but the encouragement. ;)

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