Author Topic: How to Get into Nursing School with Bad Grades  (Read 643 times)

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How to Get into Nursing School with Bad Grades
« on: November 30, 2016, 11:45:43 AM »
How to get into nursing school with bad grades

If you genuinely care about people and wish to become a nurse yet you graduated with a bad grade, you don't need to despair as that isn't the end of the world.

Although academic success and test scores are certainly important factors, but be sure admissions committees also look at other part of the application before making admission decisions.  Factors such as life experience, work and professional experience, writing ability, and recommendations are also factored when deciding who to admit or not.  Each application is treated uniquely so if your grades are around the 2.5 level, make sure that your application has other bright spots that highlight what you do best, and apply to schools that are appropriate for you. It is important you highlights your strengths and real life skills that relate with the course you have chosen. Place emphasis on your skills that are relevant to nursing profession. Volunteering in hospitals and health related services can also boast your admission chances.

When applying for admission, choose schools whose nursing program are new as admission into these schools are not competitive.  Also get a strong letter of recommendation from reputable people in the healthcare industry who should take time to highlight your strengths and skills that are related to the profession.

Ultimately, there are good nursing schools all across the country that will give you the knowledge, training and skills you need to become a nurse. And there are some online options too. So, if you genuinely care about others, and want to make their time in the hospital as beneficial and comfortable as possible, find the training you need to join the more than 3,000,000 nurses across the country in this fast-growing field.