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Title: Cambridge International Scholarships, UK
Post by: akinyanju on September 10, 2016, 02:53:08 PM
The University of Cambridge will offer, via the Cambridge Trusts, the Cambridge International Scholarships to highest ranked international students undertaking PhD studies at the University. For UK and EU students, the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards is similarly offered.

Scholarship Level: Postgraduate

Application deadline: 7 Dec 2016

Course start date: October 2017

Host institution: University of Cambridge in United Kingdom

Scholarship degree target: Research programmes leading to a PhD offered at the University

Number of award(s): N/A

Scholarship benefit(s): The scholarships pay the University Composition Fee and a maintenance allowance sufficient for a single person

Target group: International students from countries outside the EU (classified as ‘overseas’ for fees purposes)

Eligibility: The University Committee draws up one ranked list of all PhD candidates across all disciplines.  The only factors taken into consideration in agreeing this list are academic qualifications, references and research potential.  The financial situation of applicants does not affect the selection of scholarship winners

Application instruction

Applicants should submit the Graduate Application Form, ticking the box to apply to the Cambridge Trust and completing Sections B3 (Cambridge Trust Personal Statement) and B4 (Financial Details for the Cambridge Trust).

Applicants from countries outside the EU (classified as ‘overseas’ for fees purposes) who wish to start their PhDs in 2017-18 must apply by 7 December 2016

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