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* News / Foreign Educated Nurses Can Now come to UK Without Any Work Experience by katty: September 25, 2018, 08:11:49 PM
Nurses and midwives trained outside the EU will be allowed to apply to come and work in the UK immediately after qualifying, following changes by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

Until today nurses and midwives from outside the EU must have worked for at least 12 months after qualifying before being able to apply to work in the UK. The change brings applicants from outside the EU into line with their EU counterparts.

All those applying to work in the UK from outside the EU will still be required to pass the NMC’s stringent test to show they’re safe to work. They must also be able to show that they can communicate effectively in English.

The NMC has also introduced improved guidance and supporting materials for applicants so that they can be as well prepared as possible to show that they meet the regulator’s requirements.

These changes are part of a much wider ongoing review looking how the NMC can improve the experience for people applying to work in the UK from overseas.

Emma Broadbent, Director of Registration and Revalidation at the Nursing and Midwifery Council said:

“More than 65,000 nurses and midwives from outside the EU deliver first class care to millions of people across the UK every year and they are a vital part of our health and care workforce.

“This change will remove an unnecessary barrier, making it as simple and straightforward as possible for highly skilled nursing and midwifery staff to join the workforce.”
* News / Young Ghanaian Midwife Delivers Pregnant Woman of Her Baby on a Moving Bus by katty: September 25, 2018, 11:34:15 AM
A young midwife has become an internet sensation after she helped a woman in labour deliver her baby safely while on board a commercial bus on Sunday, Septemeber 23.

The midwife, News gathers, was a passenger on a Bolgatanga bound bus. Midway through their journey, a co-passenger who was pregnant went into labour.

The midwife sprang into action and with the help of two other nurses on board, the baby was safely delivered at about 3:34am after the driver stopped the moving bus somehwere along the Buipe road.

After the delivery, the newly-born baby and her mother were reportedly handed over to the husband who is said to have taken them to the West Hospital in Tamale for further care.

According to a social media user, Mawunyo Bubutor, who shared the story on Facebook, the beautiful midwife is Sophia Safia Sulemana of the Kunkwa Health Centre in the Maprugu District of the Northern Region.

Posting photos of Sophia and the baby, Mawunyo said: "Nursing is said to be a science, skills and an art. At 3:34am of 23rd September, 2018. Whilst travelling to Bolgatanga, a lady was in labour on the bus whilst the bus was still moving. It took the intervention of this spectacular angel and who is a practicing midwife on board to deliver this woman in the bus. The driver has to stop for the midwife and two other female nurses to help deliver this woman on the Buipe Road. I just wanna celebrate staff Midwife by name Sophia safia sulemana of Kunkwa health centre in the Mamprugu moaduri district of the Northern Region. The child and the mother was later handled over to the husband who took the wife to West Hospital in the tamale metropolis.God bless you. Please let us share this good story."

Sophia's extraordinary sense of duty has not gone unnoticed as many Ghanaians have been showering praises and blessing her.

Adisa who noticed Sophia's beauty asked for God's blessings for her

Source :
* News / Invitation to the Induction Ceremony of Dept. Of Nursing Sc Imo State University by katty: September 25, 2018, 11:19:25 AM
The HOD, Staff & Students of the Nursing Science Department, Imo State University Owerri Cordially Invite you to the 2nd Induction/Swearing-in Ceremony of her Graduate Nurses.
Date: Friday 5th October, 2018
Venue: Nursing Department Science Auditorium, Orlu Campus.
Time: 10am primpt
Chief Host:
Prof. (Mrs.) Victoria Adaobi Obasi
Vice Chancellor, IMSU
Dr. (Mrs.) Julia Ibebuike
Dr. (Mrs.) Chinelo C. Vincent
* News / NMC consults on Removing ‘unnecessary barriers’ for nurses returning to Practice by katty: September 24, 2018, 10:25:32 PM
UK : Nursing and midwifery regulator plans more flexible ways to re-join register

The healthcare regulator wants to offer more flexible ways to re-join register

The NMC’s proposals include the possibility of distance learning. Picture: iStock
The Nursing and Midwifery Council is consulting on plans to make it easier for nurses to return to practice after a career break.

The regulator says its proposals aim to ‘increase options [and] remove unnecessary barriers’ for returning nurses, as well as ‘recognise that changes in workforce and working patterns increase demand for more flexible ways to re-join the register’.

Alternative methods of entry

Under the plans, the requirement for a nurse to undergo a ‘return to practice’ programme if they have not completed at least 450 practice hours over three years would no longer be the only option.

Instead, applicants could take the same test of competence given to UK applicants who trained outside non-European Economic Area or European Union countries.

The test, based on the NMC’s standards of proficiency and education, includes a computer-based section and a clinical exam relevant to the field of practice they wish to join.

The consultation is also seeking views on another alternative –self-declaration – which may include accepting a portfolio submission demonstrating a blend of continuing professional development and some supervised practice.

Technological approach

The regulator says it also wants to improve flexibility through innovation and technology, which would include ‘the use of simulation and distance learning, while ensuring appropriate supervision and assessment’.

NMC interim chief executive Sue Killen said: ‘Whether it’s a career break, to have children or to travel abroad, there are many reasons why nurses and midwives choose to take a break from their profession.

‘We recognise that making everyone take a course may not be proportionate, and that’s why we’re exploring alternative ways for people to show they’re safe to practise.’

The consultation runs until 16 November, with the final standards for applicants and educators due to be published in May 2019.

Source :RCNI
* News / Ebola detected near Uganda border, Health Ministry says ‘No Ebola in Uganda’ by katty: September 24, 2018, 04:08:30 PM
Health officials reported one new confirmed case of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in a village at the shores of Lake Albert at the border to Uganda.

This new confirmed case has been in contact with EVD in the city of Béni. Avoiding medical follow-up including vaccination in Béni, the person fled to Kasenye village in the Tshomia health zone close to Bunia city in Ituri province.

With this new EVD case, there are now eight health districts in the DRC that are affected by the current Ebola outbreak in North Kivu and Ituri provinces. This latest confirmed case is almost 200 km away from the nearest other case.

Today, the Uganda Ministry of Health informed their public that there is no confirmed case in the country.

The latest numbers from the Democratic Republic of the Congo Ministry of Health shows a total of 147 cases of hemorrhagic fever were reported in the region, of which 116 were confirmed and 31 were probable.

Of the 116 confirmed, 68 died and 39 were cured.
Source : Outbreak news
* News / New Zealand: July Nurses' strike cost hundreds of thousands of dollars by katty: September 24, 2018, 11:20:47 AM
Hospitals spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the nationwide nurses' strike in July.

Documents released to RNZ under the Official Information Act also reveal that there was just one incident report concerning harm to a patient because of the strike nationwide.

The papers do not say where it happened but say it was a drug error, attributed directly to the strike, but the patient did not suffer ongoing harm. A second drug error also occurred on the same day, 12 July, but was not directly attributed to the strike. That patient did not suffer ongoing harm.

Fifteen of the 20 district health boards responded to the request for information about the strike, which is understood to be the first involving all public hospital nurses - senior and others - in this country.

Responses covered payments to staff for strike-related duties; payments to locums or other contractors; the number of people involved in contingency planning for the strike and the hours spent on this; and the effect on elective or non-urgent surgery.

The DHBs that did not respond were Auckland, Canterbury, Southern, West Coast and Tairawhiti.

Of those that did respond, Wellington's Capital and Coast DHB spent the most of payments to staff, at $87,775. It said the payments were for "strike cover".

Bay of Plenty was next on $68,312, Wairarapa $24,515 dollars, Mid-Central in Palmerston North $15,320, and Nelson Marlborough $3227.

Nurses who went on strike were not paid, but those who did not strike were paid at the normal rates. Other staff were paid in accordance with their employment agreement.

The DHBs which responded estimated a total of about 18,000 hours were spent on planning for the strike.

The documents show intensive planning over six to eight weeks before the strike, and signs of nervousness by health boards about how it would go. They listed 33 patient or business-related risks posed by the strike.

Fifteen DHBs responded that just 49 elective or non-urgent operations were done nationwide on 12 July, compared to 800 the same day the previous year. However, the data shows 49 is similar to such operations done on other weekend days this year.

Source: Radio New Zealand
* News / Intending to Move to UK as a Nurse? Here is How to Go About it by katty: September 24, 2018, 06:10:07 AM
A step-by-step guide by Nurse Emeka Nwosu (Nurse Membrane.)

Strictly for our Nurses in intending to work in the United Kingdom.

Just before you Board a flight to the UK. (Dear Registered Nurse.)

Calvary greetings to you in jesus name. my dearly beloved collegues i am excited that you have finally taken a decision to relocate to the UK,i want to specially congratulate you for passing your ielts with ofcourse the required band score of 7 in each of the sections (reading,writing,listening and speaking),i also want to rejoice with you on sucessfully writing and passing your CBT exam which am sure you know is computer based exam that most have costed you a little above 75thousand naira,if you have your collegues who may just be getting started with their Nursing dreams please share with them the materials you used or refer them to my wall were they are expected to get ielts e-texbooks and CBT exam preparatory materials for free,please support others dreams.

What is next for you.

Now that your ielts and CBT is cleared,i am sure that you have prayerfully choosen an agency from your numerous available options seeking to assist you with your relocation process,please note that you are in high demand,if you must make a choice then it has to be at your terms

A good agency should be able to give you options to choose from,like working with the NHS,Nursing homes if thats what you want but ensure that in the contract you are signing that their is an agreement that you will be given training for OSCE,that your visa,flight fee,pick up from the airport and accomodation for your first few months are covered to ensure your smooth soft adaptation especially if you are coming during this cold season. A good agency will have a good track record with keeping their promise so please check them up online,ask questions and above all be prayerful,were as your sucess in the UK is largely dependent on you,these agencies have a way of giving you a good start and help you to quickly integrate into the system.Please try to avoid offers located in cities with high cost of living as you will not be able to save a dime,people aay that northern ireland and the midlands withing England have low cost of living,prayerfully make your choice but remember that if i live close to london i will pay a lot on rents and will not save like my friend living in Birmingham.


Please note that you can travel with your spouse,your agency will not be responsible for their relocation cost,you need to have about 630 pounds for each of your dependants like your spouse and each of your children,this amount must be in either your account or that of your husband for at least 3 months before visa application is made,so as soon as you have passed your exams,even before you connect with an agency please find a way of getting this amount and having it in your account or spouse account,your visa and travelling expenses is free but you need about 260 thousand for each of your dependants kept in the bank for 3 months before visa can be applied,failure to do this means you can move with family membera immediately,you will have to fill for them after you must have settled in the UK which usually takes 6 to 8 months.


Now i want to believe that you applied for tier 2 general were your recruiting body raised a certificate of sponsorship for you,they will pay for your health insurance,visa fee and all you need to provide is the following
1, UKVI test result as you need this ielts result with a band score of atleast 4
2, you need to do a test to check for tuberculosis to ensure you are medically sound,this will cost 50k and above please ensure you do this with IOM (British designated center).
3,Your employment details and prove of communication with your recruiting agency so keep your communications with them intact.
4,your certificate of sponsorship and of course your international passport.
Your marriage certificate if you are relocating with your hubby and children.

Visa application usually takes 21 days for you to have your passport returned to you so congratulations in advance as i am persuaded that nothing can truncate your dreams at this point when you prayerfully follow these few steps.


Congratulations my dear collegue,i join other God fearing Nurses from Africa to wellcome you to the UK,the journey to your destiny has just begun,as you celebrate please be reminded of the following;
1, Be reminded that the cold is real and on time and you need to make adequate preparation to cover properly and please take a flu vaccine as soon as you can.
2,Please pursue your NMC registration with all you have,dont be distracted or carried away by money or friends,dont let family back home distract you with calls and sending money,face your OSCE and pass it as soon as you can,just like ielts osce is all about practice,once your skills are perfected,your confidence level will appreciate and you will go and crush this exam,if you have any confusions please do not fail to ask questions from people that have gone through this process.
3, As soon as you pass your OSCE please focus on perfecting your professional skills and confidence,learn more about the culture and people,they are different from what we have back home,dignity, confidentiality,handling of patient,relating with your collegues is a bit different as they are on another level professionally,cleaners and potters are no less members of the medical team.
4, Ensure you save money as much as you can,if you left your spouse behind please save,use more of your credit facility but be frugal,do not shop down all the cloths on sales as their may be time for that in the furture.
5, please identify with children of God,look for a church were your soul can be kept ablaze for God,the church also helps to give you more information and guidiance about were you live.
6, please note that their are bills to be paidyour ability to suceed financially is dependent on spending less, just like Naira,Pounds can grow wings,people live somuch on credit so manage your spending and take more overtime duty early enough to be able to bring in your spouse.
7,A lot of people are carried away by vacation,please keep it aside at the moment,this will eat deep into your savings,their will be time for that in the furture,he that laughs last has it all,please take more shifts and have your family join you as their is reward in joining forces with your spouse.


Start your journey with a dream that is bigger than you and making money,have a plan,10 years from now will you still be relevant?,will you give back to Nigeria?,when will you come home to change things and make an impact in our local nursing,will you help other collegues back home,willl you organise seminars just like the ones our metrons attend in America wasting money for nothing,will you help bring foreign but flexible and adaptable new ideas and approach to patients nursing care to improve Nigerian nurses who maybe stuck by marriage,age or calling.Do you want to leave a legacy in nursing before you die,whats your nursing dreams?,sorry to ask you please were will you be buried?,i have made my own decision,i will give my best to support Nursing in nigeria thats why i spent time this midnight cooking this message and when i die i want to be remembered for my faith in jesus and my passion for a new face of nursing in Africa.
Once again i welcome you to the UK as i look forward to recieving you when you land in Hethrow or Gatwick Airport.
From your brother in the struggle Nurse Emeka Nwosu (Nurse Membrane.)
* News / 11,600 Candidates Sat for FCT School of Nursing Exams, School to Admit Only 100 by katty: September 23, 2018, 09:49:05 PM
The School of Nursing, Gwagwalada, FCT-Abuja, has registered 11,600 candidates digitally for examination compared to the previous ones they have conducted manually.

The Principal of the school, Mr Lakereks James, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Abuja.

James noted that the digital registration was the first of its kind since the inception of the school.

The principal said that the school was formerly conducting manual written examinations, adding that the computer based examinations has helped in the area of registering and marking of scripts.

He explained that this was the 43rd set of FCT School of Nursing since its inception and the computer based exams is a success with the support of the management.

“I will give kudos to the honourable Secretary, Health and Human Services, Mrs Amanda Pam, for the wonderful thing that she has done. She has really shown us a distinguished exemplary leadership.

“It is only in 2018, that we have really seen and observed a very significant change in the issue of planning and implementation of the ongoing admission processes.

“We have a total number of 11,600 students that registered for this exams and it was something we could not do before but with the help of the digital, we are able to do so.

“If you can observe it from the look of things as if we have 10 years experience in conducting this kind of examination even with the challenges, but it is not,’’ he said.

James, therefore, applauded the secretary for repositioning the school for greater achievements.

Mr Mohammed Suleiman, Head of Education Unit of the school, said that the digital examination had its various challenges in the area of funding and having to rent computers for the exercise.

Suleiman said that they also had so many errors and stress while trying to rent computers and making them to function so as to meet up to standards of what the school expects.

He said that the use of computers simplified the process of registration down to the screening as every data they needed about a student was registered there.

“It has saved us a lot of stress from when we were doing it on paper. So many errors here and there; stress here and there but the innovation had simplified the whole thing.

“We have been able to accommodate more students; we have 600 students sitting for the exams in a day.

“The challenges we have are more of technical and the funding of the software but with the help of the secretary measures are put in place to avert the challenges,’’ Suleiman said.

On her part, the Director of Nursing, FCTA, Mrs Onukwe Oyinye, expressed optimism that the system would overcome the challenges over time.

She said that the school admitted only 50 students per academic session before but 100 was approved by the Laws and Nursing Council of Nigeria with the help of Pam.

“It was when Pam came and saw the facilities we have here she said that we are supposed to have much more than this.

“She helped us get the approval of 100 students. Before we were admitting 50 students per session, then she worked with councils and brought it up,’’ she said.

Also, Mr Rimamtsab Jerry, who was screening the candidates, said that the process was to confirm the real applicants so as to avoid impersonation, adding that the exams is based on merit.

He explained that the screening was hitch free as the computers have software that contained each candidate’s details.
* News / Karnataka Nursing Council Introduces Licensure Exams, CPD for License Renewal by katty: September 23, 2018, 09:33:12 PM
India: Nurses in Karnataka may soon have to mandatorily update themselves with the latest developments in the field by taking up a continuous education programme. Those graduating out of colleges may have to appear for a licentiate exam to become eligible to join the profession.

The Karnataka State Nursing Council (KSNC) is mulling conducting a licentiate exam for nurses graduating out of colleges and has already initiated talks to mandate continuous nursing education (CNE) and make renewal of registration every five years a must. This means nurses will have to prove their skills once every five years to continue working in the state and produce credit points raised by attending the continuous education programme, like doctors.

Attributing the changes being planned to the guidelines laid out by the Medical Council of India, Srikanth G Phulari, registrar, academics, KSNC, said there is an urgent need for a paradigm shift in nursing education in both classrooms and clinical areas. “Discussions are on to mandate 150 hours of CNE for nurses to enable them to renew their registration once in five years. The aim is to standardise the quality of nursing and get them to update their skills,” said Srikanth.

BS Bhairamma, president, Karnataka State Government Nurses’ Association, however, said the council has to first ensure that nurses are allowed to attend upgrading sessions. “We support the registration proposal as it can weed out unqualified nurses from the system.

Mandatory CNE will help nurses get updated with recent technology. But this must be done in coordination with hospital managements. Several zones have to be created to make sure that nurses attend CNE programmes, especially those working in rural hospitals,” she said.

Source: Times of India
* News / "There are 18,000 Illegal Nurses and Midwives in Uganda" - Nursing Council by katty: September 22, 2018, 07:47:13 AM
More than 18,000 nurses and midwives in both public and private health facilities are either fake or illegal as some are practicing without valid licenses and others lack the necessary qualifications, authorities have revealed.

The revelation was made on Thursday by Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council (UNMC), a professional regulatory and supervisory body committed to the provision of quality nursing and midwifery services in the country.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Uganda nurses and midwives board, the acting UNMC registrar, Ms Rebecca Nassuna, said the demand for nurses is high and many people want to join the profession yet some nurses and midwives have not renewed their licences .

“They are more than 18,000 nurses and midwives [without valid licences]. Some are still working in public facilities,” Ms Nassuna said.

She said there are 4,180 enrolled midwives and 5,760 nurses without valid practising licenses.

Ms Nassuna asked the chief administrative officers (CAOs) in various districts to work with UNMC to weed out the culprits.

“We wrote to the CAOs, they accepted to help us but they have not,” she said.

According to Ms Nassuna, the council has set up satellite centres at the various regional referral hospitals to enable the health professionals to renewal their practising licences. Dr Ruth Jane Aceng, the Health minister, tasked the new council to improve the image of nurses and midwives in the country.

“Our population has complained that nurses are rude, have bad attitude and also neglect patients. The nurses and midwives practice needs to improve,” Dr Aceng said.
The outgoing UNMC boss, Ms Stella Namatovu, urged the new council leadership to ensure that nurses and midwives uphold standards in health facilities.

Ms Matovu asked the team to handle the issue of the lack of qualified teaching staff, especially in new nursing schools.

Ms Elizabeth Namukombe, the new board chairperson, said the Health ministry needs to work with the council in order to deal with illegal nurses and midwives.

New leaders
Other new board members include Olobo Petua Kiboko, Rebecca Nassuna, Hellen Christine Alura, Margaret Irebu, Deborah Kibicho, Patience Muwanguzi, Dr Fred Nyankori, Norah Ekata, Gertrude Kasujja, Richard Tumwesigye, Mary Gorret Musoke, Antoinette Biira and Mary Wasike.
Source: Uganda Monitor Newspaper
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