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* News / Kenya: Lack of Equipment Delays Opening of Major Hospitals in Mandera by katty: January 15, 2019, 08:54:47 PM
Delayed procurement of medical equipment has delayed the start of operations at the new, major health facilities in Mandera County.

Health minister Mohamed Adan Mohamed gave this explanation on Tuesday, noting the accident and emergency centers in Mandera town and Elwak each cost Sh150 million but do not have equipment.


The county will spend Sh75 million on endoscopy machines for both facilities.

"We are in the process of procuring medical equipment before we can officially launch them," he said.

"We are procuring equipment in phases. The first batch will be delivered next month and then we will request for the second batch."

The county will also need to purchase CT scanners and and renal units.


The minster said Mandera is yet to fully benefit from the national government's equipment leasing plan that was launched in 2013.

"We have equipment in the maternity and main theatres at Mandera County Referral Hospital and the Elwak and Takaba facilities but they are not enough [given] the number of patients we are handling," he said.

Mr Mohamed said the national government was yet to provide equipment for the intensive care unit.

Regarding special-skill staff, he said the county was training its own.

"We have been sponsoring our own to study several critical courses for areas in which we have unable to attract staff from other places," he said.


Mandera has been struggling to higher radiographers, ICU nurses and equipment operators.

Trained staff are hired a job group higher for the sake of retention in semi-arid areas prone to attacks by terror group Al-Shabaab.

The minister said, however, "In the next two years we shall be telling a different story on our health sector since we shall have enough equipment and more than enough staff," he said
Source : Nation Newspaper
* News / Pictures of Newly Wedded Nurses Who Drowned While Honeymoon in Maldives by katty: January 15, 2019, 05:15:19 PM
Filipino newlyweds, Leomer and Erika Joyce Lagradilla, who just got married on December 18, drowned and died on Sunday January 13, while honeymooning in the Maldives.

The couple arrived in the Maldives on Jan. 11. The island had been their dream for a long time, Mhapolle, Leomer’s sister, told ABS-CBN News in an interview over a messaging service. The couple took to Instagram few days ago to share their excitement about the honeymoon.

See pictures below

* News / An Irish nurse has gone viral for sharing a picture of her payslip on Twitter by katty: January 15, 2019, 05:04:51 PM
So, there's been a lot of talk about nurses in our country in the last few days and weeks.

On January 30th, Irish nurses will take industrial action.

Over 37,000 will go on strike for increased pay and better working conditions, in the hope of tackling job retention and staff shortage issues.

And we stand with them.

And now, an Irish nurse has gone viral online, for sharing a picture of her payslip on Twitter.

Joanna Hickey posted a snap of her payslip for two weeks of work, amounting to €1,120.80.

When you consider how hard these people work, a figure like that is unacceptable.

"A friendly reminder of what a... nurse's near top of the scale wages looks like for 2 weeks," she wrote.

"And if I work weekends and nights away from my child and partner I might make an extra €100."

She went on to explain all the work she does:

"My role includes ability to mind complex traumatic brain injuries/ severe sepsis and unstable hemodynamic patients/continuous dialysis/know how set up and use multiple ventilators and high flow oxygen delivery systems/assess ABG's and change ventilation settings inc. ARDS patients," she said.

"Respiratory chest physio outside of normal hours/weekend and night time pharmacy access as no pharmacist during these hours/ward clerk/help families and deal with social services/be a clinical nutritionist and start appropriate feeding outside normal hours as no CN at weekends."

"Recognise the deteriorating patient and act rapid and appropriately/inter-hospital transfer and competently use mobile ICU equipment/intra- hospital transfer & accompany patients from different ICU's nationwide/ educate & train new staff/ teach undergraduate nurses/liase with MDT."

"Continuous education, personal development and be up to date with latest research regarding patient management/competent with ECG reading/competent multiple transfusion usage/ability to prone or log roll patient using correct manual handling...

"And the rest... I am tired."

We're tired just reading this, so we can't imagine how exhausted she must be.

Source :
* MCPDP / Bornu State MCPDP Schedule for Nurses in 2019 by katty: January 15, 2019, 08:58:51 AM
Interested participants for the Mandatory Continuos Professional Developement Programme (MCPDP) Workshop for Nurses and Midwives in Maiduguri, Bornu State are advised to call the following numbers to get the schedule for the state:
* News / Tragic: Newlywed Filipino Nurses Drowned While on Maldives Honeymoon by katty: January 15, 2019, 05:22:55 AM
A newly-married Filipino couple who were both nurses drowned on Sunday while on their honeymoon in Maldives.

Leomer and Erika Joyce Lagradilla tied the not in December 18, 2018 and left Manila for a honeymoon in a resort in Dhiffushi island Kaafu atoll in Maldives when the incident happened.

Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said that on Sunday, January 11 the 29-year-old wife and her 30-year-old husband were snorkeling when they drowned.

Local news agency RaajjeMV reported that the then unidentified man drowned first, then the woman sought help.

“However, by the time someone had reached them on a dinghy, they were both motionless, afloat on the surface of the water,” the report read.

The DFA said it is currently in touch with the two victims’ next of kin and has assured them of its assistance in the repatriation of their remains.

Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary Elmer Cato said the Philippine Embassy in Dhaka, which has jurisdiction over Maldives, has been instructed to coordinate with local authorities there and in making arrangements for the repatriation of their bodies.

Cato said local authorities are investigating the incident.
Source: Info Nurses
* News / KwaZulu-Natal Nurses Told There Are No Posts by katty: January 14, 2019, 12:03:54 PM
South Africa: Recruited nurses in KwaZulu-Natal are frustrated after being told by the KZN College of Nursing that it was unlikely they would be permanently employed after their year of community service.

The KZN Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (Denosa) felt the provincial Department of Health should inform these nurses of its plans for them or face legal action if they do not respond by today.

A 28-year-old nurse from northern KZN, who did not want to be named, felt the department was playing with their emotions as they should have been told at the start of January where they would be placed after completing their community service.

“When we called the college we were told to start looking for jobs in the private sector and, on top of that, there are rumours that we will be released from our contracts,” she said.

She said they are sitting at home with no word from the department, which has left her feeling depressed.

“I feel sorry for the group of nurses that is starting training this month. I’m afraid the same might happen to them,” she said.

A 24-year-old nurse from Durban said some nurses are the breadwinners and she felt shattered by the department’s actions.

“We have commitments,” she said. “They should have told us a long time ago that there were no posts. I also feel angry because they are only talking to us now that we have gone to the media.

“The person we spoke to changed his story and said he did not tell us there were no posts, but that he was busy with placements.”

Denosa provincial secretary Mandla Shabangu said that if the department chose not to employ the nurses, the nurses would be released from their obligation to repay the department for funding their studies and it would forfeit the service of hundreds of nurses.

Shabangu said Denosa was told by the department that it was working on the issue. He said he was hopeful he would receive something by today.

Health spokesperson Ncumisa Mafunda said the department has not employed any of the community service nurses “as it is in the process of identifying vacant and funded posts”.

She said there were still nurses who needed to be regraded after completing a bridging course from staff nurse to professional nurse.

“For this group, too, there is a process under way to find posts. The department is working to identify solutions for both these groups,” she said.

Meanwhile, 300 nurses received their induction and orientation in Pietermaritzburg yesterday, after struggling for years to find permanent employment. They officially reported for duty on Monday.

Source: Daily News
* Articles / Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana Needs System Review By Douglas Ofori by katty: January 13, 2019, 07:06:37 PM
The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana is the regulatory body that monitors and regulates the activities of nurses and midwives in Ghana.
The Council is also responsible for the examination of student nurses and midwives that leads to the award of their professional license.

For over 42 years now, the council has successfully organized licensing examination for nurses and midwives in the country and remains one of the most credible and focused regulatory bodies in the country. Its fairness and firmness cannot be over emphasized.

Just recently, the council rolled out its online examination, beginning with the Registered Mental Nursing programs in the 2018 basic program licensing exams. It is expected that other programs would also have their turn during this year’s licensing examination sitting.

The initiative has been lauded by all and is regarded as an innovative approach to reducing the time involved in manual marking and tallying.

However, one critical area the council has not paid much attention to over the years, is the making available the results of licensing examinations online for candidates to check and possibly proceed to do their registration online as well.

After every release of examination results by the N&MC, candidates are expected to move from wherever they are, to their various institutions of training before they can have access to their results; this undoubtedly involves some risk taking, monetary issues and a total time and energy wastage.

Ghana is currently among the countries within the sub-Saharan Africa which is growing quickly in terms of technology. I therefore do not think that this would be a difficult thing to do at all.

On Friday, 11th January 2019, for instance, two young qualified midwives (names withheld) met their untimely death after going for their results at their training institution (name of college withheld).

I strongly believe that, this situation could have been different if they had had the opportunity to check their results online without moving an inch from their homes or communities.

N&MC should therefore look into this issue more critically and give it the necessary consideration as it would even make their work of dealing with so many paper documents easier.

Also, the council should consider the organization of induction ceremonies universal. That is, individuals must be able to involve in the induction ceremony at the region in which the nurse or midwife would find him or herself during the process. It should not be necessarily in the region where the person trained. This would totally reduce the risk involve in long distance travelling.

I have no doubt that when these above suggestions are given the necessary consideration by the N&MC, it would go a long way to strengthen their work, add more credibility to the council and help maintain its integrity.

Finally, I would call on government and all stakeholders within the nursing and midwifery domain to help equip the N&MC of Ghana with the necessary logistics to be able to migrate to an online generation of examination results.
May the souls of the departed ones rest in peace.

By: Douglas Ofori

* News / Kenya: Tharaka Nithi nurses threaten to go on strike over unpaid allowances by katty: January 13, 2019, 06:53:58 PM
Nurses in Tharaka Nithi county have threatened to go on strike if they are not paid leave and uniform allowances within 21 days.

Kenya National Union of Nurses branch chairman Fabian Marigu said the government had taken too long to pay their 2017 nursing service and 2018 uniform allowance and salary arrears.

He said nurses were also yet to be promoted.

The union also wants Governor Muthomi Njuki's administration to pay nurses hired on contract.

In early December 2018, the Tharaka Nithi county government moved in to avert a looming strike by holding a meeting with union officials.

After the meeting, nurses dropped their bid to join their colleagues in a nationwide strike in order to give their employer more time to implement the 2017 return-to-work formula.

But the nurses say no changes have been made yet.

Source : Kenya Star Newspaper
* Nursing Jobs / Germany is Hiring 400 Filipino Nurses; POEA Opens Applications Details Here by katty: January 13, 2019, 06:50:27 PM
The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has announced that they are accepting applications for nurses to work in Germany.

Under the Triple Win Project of Germany, the POEA are looking for some 400 nurses to work in the said country.

The agency said that the deadline of application at the POEA central and regional offices would be on February 28, 2019.

“Qualified applicants must be Filipino citizen, male or female, and permanent resident of the Philippines with Bachelor of Science in Nursing, active Philippine Nursing License and at least two years related professional experience (bedside) in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and/or care institutions,” the POEA said in a statement.

Applicants, according to the agency, must be proficient in the German language or are willing to undergo a German language training in the Philippines, to be paid for by the employer, to attain Level B1 and must be able to attend the language class in April and May 2019 or with Bl or B2 Language Proficiency Level in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The POEA said that successful applicants would have a starting salary of €1,900 (gross) or around P113,696 that would increase to €2,300 (P137,632) after recognition as a qualified nurse.

The expenses of the processing of visa and airfare from the Philippines to Germany will be carried by the employer, the agency said.

The employer will also assist the employee find a suitable accommodation.

However, the selected nurse will bear the expenses in full or in part of the board and lodging.

Qualified applicants, the POEA said, should register online at and personally submit the required documents (fastened in a folder) under the heading “German Federal Employment Agency RSF No. 180028.”

Documents should be submitted at the Manpower Registry Division, Ground Floor, Blas F. Ople Bldg. (formerly POEA Bldg.), Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City:

Applicants are advised to bring their cover letter and curriculum vitae with colored passport size picture, a notarized copy of their high school diploma and nursing diploma, board certificate and a copy of license from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

The applicants should also submit notarized copies of their certificate of employment in a related field, either previously or currently.

If available, interested candidates are also advised to submit proof of attendance and/or level certificate for German language, a copy of their valid passport and their certificate of POEA online Pre-employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS) which applicants can take by logging on

“Applicants are required to present their original documents for authentication of written information before forwarding the resume to the employer,” the POEA said.

Interview by employers is scheduled at the end of March this year. /cbb
* Postgraduates / ICN Global Nursing Leadership Institute 2019 leadership Programme Applications by katty: January 13, 2019, 06:45:43 PM
Applications are now open for the ICN’s Global Nursing Leadership Institute (GNLI TM) 2019 leadership programme.
The programme aims to prepare top nurses from around the world to drive policy that improves the health of people, health care and the nursing profession.
30 top nurses and midwives will be selected for this year’s programme and it is open to nurses and midwives who work in:
*Government and civil service (government chief nurse);
*National nursing regulatory bodies (registrar);
*International, national or large regional health organizations, including health service providers and nongovernmental organizations (chief executive, director of nursing, senior head of departments and programmes);
*Senior nurse practitioners (leading advanced practice development);
*Professional nursing associations (president, vice-president, chief executive);
*Trade unions with significant nursing membership (president, vice-president, chief executive, head of nursing department);
*Education, research and development (dean, senior professor, director of research department or large programme).
For more information and details on how to apply, check
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