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* News / Kenya: Nurses' Strike Forces Patients to Seek Treatment in Tanzania by Idowu Olabode: September 12, 2017, 11:37:30 AM
People in need of medical services in Taita Taveta and Kwale counties are now trooping to Tanzania seeking for treatment after medical services in most public hospitals at the Coast remain grounded.

The hospitals are not operating due to the ongoing nationwide nurse's strike which has left most health services paralysed.

Dominic Ashili, 72, who is suffering from gangrene diabetic foot was forced to travel to Tanzania where his leg was amputated after the disease took toll on him.

"The amputation was done in Moshi Hospital. He used to go to Mwatate Sub-County Hospital but when nurses boycotted duties his health deteriorated.

"We decided to rush him to Tanzania for treatment. He could have died hadn't we rushed him to Moshi where he is recuperating," said his son, Peter Mwamburi.

Mr Mwamburi, a health worker, said many Kenyans are receiving treatment in Tanzania due to the health crisis.


Health workers at the Coast Provincial General Hospital, the largest referral health hospital in the region, have to attend to an overwhelming number of patients from different counties.

Meanwhile, striking nurses in Mombasa have condemned some of their colleagues who have resumed duties as they demand for their collective bargaining agreement to be implemented.

The Kenya National Union of Nurses Mombasa branch secretary Peter Maroko said the nurses have not received their July and August salaries.

"Don't go back to work, stay put and fight for your rights. We must pressurise those who are working to join us. We will resume if we get a return to work formula," said Mr Maroko.

Mentally ill patient are also suffering after nurses at Port Reitz Mental Hospital boycotted duties.

This comes a few days after Mombasa Catholic Archbishop Martin Kivuva urged striking nurses to resume duties and help hundreds of patients who are suffering due to lack of healthcare services.

Archbishop Kivuva said the ongoing nationwide strike that has paralysed health services in most public hospitals has caused suffering to many families in the country.

Source : The Nation
* News / Israel:University of Haifa Launches Accelerated Nursing Degree for Degree Holder by Idowu Olabode: September 12, 2017, 07:39:14 AM
There is a significant shortage of nurses in Israel.

The University of Haifa is launching a program that allows those with a bachelor’s degree to receive a bachelor of arts degree in nursing in two-and-a-half years instead of four. The university is hoping to meet the growing demand for nurses with advanced training, said program head Prof. Efrat Shadmi.

There is a significant shortage of nurses in Israel. While there are 9.1 nurses per 1,000 people in the average OECD countries, in Israel the average is 5.1 per 1,000. In the North, the rate is even lower – 4.4 nurses per 1,000 people. The new program attempts to respond to that demand and the needs of the health care system. It will also allow bachelor’s degree graduates to enter into the health system and obtain a challenging career with many jobs available.

Tel Aviv University’s nursing school also has a two-year program for BA graduates to become registered nurses.

According to Dagan, who has been named head of the university’s nursing department, this program trains students to cope with the challenges of the health system and meet the complex needs of patients. This includes complex management of situations, economic management, integration in the treatment of patients with multiple diseases and more.

The new program – designed for all BA graduates in all fields – is unique not only in terms of its suitability to the changes and challenges expected in coming decades but also because it incorporates unique learning approaches developed by the department, including computerized simulations and courses.

“Thanks to the unique tools we have developed over the years, the program offers a high academic level alongside the understanding that students are sometimes family members who need flexibility during their study hours,” said Dagan.

Source : Jerusalem Post
* News / Niger Govt Increases Health Workers' Salaries, Renovates Nursing School by Idowu Olabode: September 12, 2017, 07:27:07 AM
Niger State Governor, Sani Bello, has increased the salary of health workers in the state to meet the Federal Government standards.

Niger State Commissioner of health, Dr Mustapha Jibril, who made this revelation while speaking to journalists in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, added that the state has also engaged over 400 workers in the health sector.

Dr Jibril, disclosed that two years into Bello’s administration in the state, the government has increased its service delivery to the people.

In his words; “In health, the administration is revitalizing the Primary health Care System through Niger Health 1.0. We are also upgrading and renovating existing General Hospitals in some local government areas.

“Also, there are renovation ongoing at School of Nursing Bida, School Midwifery, Minna and School of Nursing Kontagora.

“This is to enable the schools meet international standards and attain full accreditation for the first time since the schools were established.

“In the last two years, Governor Sani Bello lead administration has provided free general surgery and free eye surgery for about 4000 Nigerlites.”

The Commissioner reiterated the commitment of appointees to ensuring that Governor Sani Bello, lead administration continued to touch lives of the people .
* News / Kenya Nurses snap at CoG: We’ve been sacked 10 times before by Idowu Olabode: September 11, 2017, 10:00:37 PM
The Kenya National Union of Nurses striking members resorted to witty placards, dance, songs, selfie sticks and wearing theatre caps and masks to communicate their message on Monday.

While protesting the alleged advertisement by the Council of Governors (COG) for new nurses to be hired, the care givers spoke through their placards that were loud and clear with messages targeting individuals and organisations.

“We are 26,000 nurses asking for 7.3 billion per year only,” read one placard.

“We have been sacked 10 times. Hon Anyang’ Nyong’o sacked us six times in a day. President Moi sacked us three times. The late Ole Ntimama sacked us three times. Hon Ngilu sacked us almost six times,” he announced

“A nurses’ worth can never be sacked,” affirmed another.

“A sacked NURSE is still a nurse but a sacked Governor is a RAIA ask Munya,” read another.

After blowing whistles, praying and singing, the group was joined by the Deputy Secretary General of their union, Opeto Maurice.

While addressing the members who were assembled in front of Afya House in Upper Hill, the striking nurses vowed to continue with their strike which started in June until their needs are met.

“We are very ready to even go for one year,” vowed the Deputy SG.

“Don’t be tempted to go back to work for the fear of being sacked,” he added.

Opeto decried the slow pace with which the CBA has been handled noting that they have been patient for too long.

“We have given them almost seven months but they have not signed,” he added.

The nurses who were visibly angered by a recruitment advertisement in the papers for new nurses simplified their demands into three issues.

“We want risk allowances of Sh15,400 per month, extraneous allowances of Sh5,000 per month and uniform allowance to be increased to Sh50,000 per year from the current Sh10,000 per year. The amount includes all the accessories and their maintenance,” Opeto clarified.

The union leader also dismissed alleged show-cause letters which have been distributed to some of the union members and urged them to stay put and ignore the threats.

“The love letter that has been generated… I hear it’s generic. It is so generic that it cannot stand the test of time and law.”

“We negotiated with the county public service board who are the employers. And remember, we are only seconded to them. We are employees of the public service commission,” he added.

Taking a swipe at the Council of Governors who have issued the union members with threats of dismissal, they walked their members down the memory lane of the many tribulations they have gone through.

“We have been sacked 10 times. Hon Anyang’ Nyong’o sacked us six times in a day. President Moi sacked us three times. The late Ole Ntimama sacked us three times. Hon Ngilu sacked us almost six times,” he announced.

As the group made its way to Delta House where they were to present a petition to the COG, the care givers took time off to pose for photographs from the eager journalists with their cameras. Selfie sticks and sun glasses also took prominence as the nurses made their way to Delta House.

* Free Nursing Books / Re: NANDA Nursing Diagnosis 2015-2017 Free E-Book Download by moriah951: September 11, 2017, 08:44:18 PM
I cant find the link can someone email it to me ! Thank you! :)
* News / NNU to Deploy Additional Nurse Volunteers to Houston Post-Hurricane Harvey by Idowu Olabode: September 11, 2017, 07:59:35 PM
National Nurses United (NNU)’s Registered Nurse Response Network (RNRN), a national network of volunteer nurses, will deploy its second delegation of RN volunteers to Houston, beginning today, Monday, September 11, to provide medical assistance in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, NNU announced today.

“What we know from RNRN’s work in previous disaster-stricken areas, including hurricanes Katrina and Rita, as well as post-earthquake Haiti and super typhoon Haiyan, is that after an initial surge of volunteers, many people have to return to work. That is true in this case, as well as some volunteers being pulled to Florida, to address the impending hurricane Irma,” said RNRN director Bonnie Castillo.

“Yet, the disaster didn’t end for Texans still in the recovery process. So our next round of volunteer nurses will be deploying to help continue ensuring enough medical aid exists on the ground for those impacted by hurricane Harvey.”

The current team of RNRN volunteer nurses will be providing medical assistance at Houston’s NRG Center. They are being deployed on the heels of an initial advance team of RNRN volunteers, who provided care at the George R. Brown Convention Center and the NRG Center in Houston and traveled to the nearby, hard-hit community of Beaumont, where they helped to set up a clinic and also provided care to residents of an assisted living community who were in need of medical aid. The advance team was able to work with local officials to help identify the need for another team of RN volunteers.

“The reason why I became a nurse is that I have always felt compelled to help those in need in the worst moments of their lives,” said Cleveland, Ohio RN Lisa Nguyen, who will deploy with the September 11 delegation. “Disaster relief and humanitarian work is something I’ve always wanted to use my skills for, and when the opportunity arose to go to Texas and help with hurricane Harvey came about, I knew I had to go. This fulfills the calling of why I became a nurse.”

“I hope to provide some healing to residents of Houston,” said volunteer RN Dotty Nygard, of Tracy, California, who will also deploy September 11. “That’s what we do, as nurses; we go where we’re needed, and we help. I’m proud to be a member of RNRN because we can use our expertise at a crucial time when people are hurting and suffering.”

RNRN will also carefully monitor the dangerous path of Hurricane Irma, to assess whether RNRN volunteers are needed in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

RNRN volunteer nurses have cared for thousands of patients during disaster relief and humanitarian assistance deployments that include the South Asian tsunami (2004); Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (2005); the Haiti earthquake (2010); Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda (2013) and the Continuing Promise 2010 and 2015 humanitarian missions with the Department of Defense. RNRN volunteers have also provided first aid and basic response services to hundreds of community events across the country, as well as rotating teams who assisted the water protectors in Standing Rock in 2016.
* News / Nurses’ Strike in Portugal Cripples Public Health Services by Idowu Olabode: September 11, 2017, 07:56:17 PM
Nurses in Portugal began a five-day strike over status, pay and working hours on Monday, crippling services at public hospitals, union leaders said.

The Portuguese Nurses Union said at least 85 percent of nurses at public hospitals took part in the strike, which led to the cancellation of nearly all health appointments and non-emergency services.

Hospitals guaranteed minimum care in intensive units and emergency rooms, while hundreds of nurses from major public hospitals gathered to protest.

Trade unions are pushing the government to reform their professional status to include a specialist nurse category, and they are also seeking a pay overhaul and a 35-hour working week for all nurses — as is the case for all public employees.

Nearly 16,000 nurses could already qualify to be a specialist nurse, as opposed to a general care nurse, according to the Portuguese Order of Nurses, which represents nursing and midwifery graduates.

The order’s president Ana Rita Cavaco said there is a shortage of nurses in Portugal and that the country needs at least 30,000 extra nurses to fill the gaps.

Nearly 13,000 nurses left Portugal in the five years before 2016 to work abroad, mainly to Britain, Switzerland and Germany, Cavaco previously said.

Source : Guardian
* News / Uganda: Nurses, Midwives Begin Promotional Exams by Idowu Olabode: September 11, 2017, 04:42:06 PM
A total of 13,533 candidates from 79 nursing training schools in Uganda have today begun their week-long promotional examinations.

Of the 13,533 candidates, 1,224 registered for diploma while 12,309 registered for certificates. The students are expected to sit exams in fields of nursing, midwifery, comprehensive nursing, mental health nursing and public health nursing, among others.

Speaking to journalists at their offices in Ntinda today, Helen Mukakarisa Kataratambi the executive secretary of Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examinations Boards (UNMEB), said the ongoing exams mark the ninth series of promotional examinations conducted by the board so far.

“These examinations are meant to keep students updated on the skills they acquire in the classrooms. When we started them (exams) many were failing, but they have gradually improved due to the feedback that is given to them,” she said.

Kataratambi, who was unable to provide statistics of students that fail these exams, said once released, the results are disseminated to respective schools and subsequently to the students.

A student, she said, is given up to three chances to retake a particular exam in the event that they do not perform to their expectation. 

UNMEB was established in 2005 by the Ministry of Education and Sports with the aim of streamlining, regulating and co-ordinating examinations and is also responsible for awarding certificates in the nurses and midwifery profession in Uganda.

Annually, the board conducts four sets of examinations, two of which are promotional and state final exams. Currently, the board has conducted 23 series of state final exams and nine series of promotional exams.

Source :
* News / Declare State of Emergency in health sector – Nurses to Nigeria Government by Idowu Olabode: September 11, 2017, 04:27:23 PM
The National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives, Federal Health Institution Sector (NANNM-FHI), have called on the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency in the health sector.

The association made the call in a statement issued by its National Public Relation Officer, Mr Aliyu Shehu, in Abuja.

It said that an emergency approach was needed to resolve the issues that bother on health administration, practice, headship, representation, benefits and welfare of all stakeholders in the industry.

It noted that the resolution of issues in contention with members of the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD)  would open up a chain of industrial actions by other unions and associations in the health industry.

NANNM said that the issues it presented to government predated those of NARD, which the Federal Ministries of Health and Labour ignored in spite of court judgments.

The association listed some of their demands to include chronic shortage of both general and specialised manpower in the various institutions.

Others included inadequate provision of medical consumables and services, stagnation, re-designation and demotion of our members.

It also called for restoration of payment of teaching allowance to deserving members and payment of arrears owed from 2011 to date in most hospitals.

“Non-payment of uniform allowance owed from 2008 till date in some hospitals, non-payment of arrears of relativity allowance and non-deduction and non-remittance of union dues by some hospital managements are also included,’’ it said.

It added that the union had engaged the two federal ministries of health and labour as well as other relevant agencies severally on the above issues.

NANNM therefore called on the government to do the needful within the window period to avoid industrial disharmony as the patience of its members was already over-taxed.

The association urged the Presidency and National Assembly to beam its searchlight on the administration of health in this country.

It however cautioned that the association should not be held responsible for any breakdown in services.

Source : Vanguard Newspaper
* Upcoming Conference / Meet the 2017 American Psychiatric Nurses Association Annual Awards Recipients by Idowu Olabode: September 11, 2017, 04:17:45 PM
Each year, the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) highlights the achievements of psychiatric-mental health nurses with the APNA Annual Awards. This year, nine psychiatric-mental health nurses were nominated by their colleagues and chosen by a committee of their peers to receive these awards. They will be honored in person at the APNA 31st Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona October 18-21.

"Every one of these nurses has made great strides in establishing mental health as the foundation of whole health and wellness," said APNA President Kris McLoughlin, DNP, APRN, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN. "Their commitment to the psychiatric-mental health nursing profession and those we serve is truly extraordinary."

Jaclene A. Zauszniewski, PhD, RN-BC, FAAN is the 2017 APNA Psychiatric Nurse of the Year. This award recognizes a nurse who demonstrates vision, perseverance, and dedication in the delivery of mental health nursing care to the community. Zauszniewski currently works as Professor of Nursing and Director of the PhD in Nursing Program at Case Western Reserve University. She is also a nurse researcher, whose current research examines the ways in which family caretakers of individuals with bipolar disorder can maintain and improve their health. This study received a $2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health and is one of the first of its kind. "Dr. Zauszniewski's meaningful program of research has added knowledge that has improved clinical practice and reduced depressive symptoms in older adults, those with chronic illness, and caregivers, especially those caring for individuals with severe mental illness, broadening traditional perspectives and methods of intervention," says Joyce Fitzpatrick, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN of Zauszniewski's work.

Cheryl Puntil, MN, APRN, PMHCNS-BC is the recipient of the 2017 APNA Award for Distinguished Service in recognition of her exceptional and meritorious service to APNA. A member since 1983, Puntil played an integral role in the creation of the first suicide assessment competencies specifically for inpatient psychiatric nurses, the APNA Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Essential Competencies for Assessment and Management of Individuals at Risk for Suicide. Through her work with the APNA Education Council Suicide Competencies Workgroup she also helped to develop an 8 hour suicide prevention course for nurses based on these competencies. "Through her vision, determination, and perseverance, the APNA competencies initiative became a reality and an exemplar, continues to expand, and addresses both a major national public health problem and gap in nursing education," says Janet York. Since their inception, this training has reached more than 500 providers across 9 states. Puntil currently teaches several courses on psychiatric-mental health nursing at Hawaii Community College.

In addition to Zauszniewski and Puntil, seven psychiatric-mental health nurses are being honored with APNA Annual Awards for their commitment to excellence in specific aspects of psychiatric-mental health nursing. Each name links to the full profile of the recipient.

Sattaria "Tari" Dilks, DNP, APRN, PMHNP-BC, FAANP, Lake Charles, LA: Award for Excellence in Education

Richard Ray, MS, RN, PMH-BC, Skokie, IL: Award for Excellence in Innovation – Individual

Lora Peppard, PhD, DNP, PMHNP-BC, Springfield, VA: Award for Excellence in Leadership – APRN

Marybeth McManus, MPA, BSN, RN-BC, Port Washington, NY: Award for Excellence in Leadership – RN

Julie Worley, PhD, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC, Chicago, IL: Award for Excellence in Practice – APRN

Aimee-Lynn Sheltry, BSN, RN-BC, Belmont, NH: Award for Excellence in Practice – RN

Jill Bormann, PhD, RN, APRN-BC, CNS, San Diego, CA: Award for Excellence in Research

The APNA 31st Annual Conference will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona, October 18-21. In addition to honoring this year's awards recipients, the APNA Annual Conference will feature more than 80 continuing education sessions in 34 tracks and daily face-to-face time with 1600+ psychiatric-mental health nurses, including RNs and advanced practice nurses.

The American Psychiatric Nurses Association is a national professional membership organization of more than 11,000 members committed to the specialty practice of psychiatric-mental health nursing and wellness promotion, prevention of mental health problems, and the care and treatment of persons with psychiatric disorders. APNA's membership is inclusive of all psychiatric-mental health registered nurses, including associate degree, baccalaureate, advanced practice (comprised of clinical nurse specialists and psychiatric nurse practitioners), and nurse scientists and academicians (PhD). APNA serves as a resource for psychiatric-mental health nurses to engage in networking, education, and the dissemination of research.

The American Psychiatric Nurses Association is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

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