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* Articles / Image of Nursing in Nollywood: The Nurses Are Begging For Rescue by katty: July 08, 2018, 08:00:55 AM
The nursing profession is serious business. I wonder why professional nurses are not complaining and helping to train nurses for Nollywood in a collaboration. Hollywood actors spend months getting into character. We may not have their budget but we can try

I am excited as any Nigerian, indeed any African about the strides Nollywood has made. In fact, Nigerians should beat their chests hard because we have the best actors and actresses, some of Africa’s leading Thespians. We are so good that many channels have been birthed off our films. While I am not necessarily jumping for joy for some of the names of the channels which play into the Africa voodoo narrative.

I am completely chuffed that the movies at least have multiple homes. Our long journey from when our first movies hit our home entertainment stations on DVD’S to when they began to appear on television has paid off.

 Regarded as the world’s third largest movie industry, Nollywood has continued to stand tall while investing in collaborations across the West African sub region and internationally.  Most of our leading actors are easily recognizable in any part of the continent and among the African diaspora and that is impressive.

However, as Nollywood continues to grow in leaps and bounds hitting over two decades in existence, we cannot act the ostrich. There are challenges no doubt but there is still so much that needs to be addressed.

Script for one. It is heartwarming to see various bodies including some international organizations like the World Bank take an interest in better screenplay for Nollywood movies. Scriptwriting needs a lot of improvement if the stories must have depth and compete internationally.

Then there is the issue of stock characters. Most Nollywood characters need to break the mound. All we have are the same bad guys, the same grandmothers, the same villains, the same prostitutes. Can we be versatile please and allow a bad guy to be the good guy sometimes? He may even be a better good guy.

There are several others that need intervention in order to make us world class but I would get to them going forward. But for now the one that is about to finally do me in which needs urgent intervention are the nurses. My late mum was a nurse, a very special one at that. I watched Mrs. Amodu dress up, uniform, cap, and stopwatch in place. Always impeccable

A stop watch on her left breast pocket, flat shoes and functional earrings. It was always such a pleasure to watch her at work. I have accompanied her to work many times. I admired all the nurses who worked with her.

They empathized, they were courteous and they spoke soothingly. But for my squeamishness, I may have considered becoming a nurse.

While today’s nurses may not carry the baton as well as my mother’s generation, there are still some stellar nurses to emulate. I know things are shabby everywhere in our customer service delivery but our Nollywood nurses certainly have to take the cake. They honestly depress me continuously. Their uniforms are completely off the mark, too big, too small, not smart, not there.

What about the acting? This has to be the shame of Nollywood, ranking no. 1 ahead of cheesy doctors and shabby policemen. I have asked myself many times where on earth the producers harvest the persons presented as nurses in their movies. They look lost, un-coordinated, unable to pronounce the basic nursing terminologies and totally bereft of the standard nurses outlook. They are the most confused in times of a medical crisis running between pillar and post. Also sometimes I think their role is to stand rooted to a spot, blanked out for a while when spoken to and then suddenly act like they were switched on by a button, then they come alive flailing their hands and driving me completely spare. Is it possible to hire better actors as nurses? Is it possible that one of any of the two nurses in a Nollywood movie can be sent to understudy a proper nurse to get their mannerism right and just get a sense of what it takes to be a nurse? Simple sentences befuddle them and directing instructions leave them rattled. What is it really that makes us deserve badly behaved persons and stupid acting fellows for the role of professional nurses? Every little thing counts. The fact that Mike Ezuronye and Kate Hens haw are in the movie does not make up for a bad nurse.

Please take note Nollywood directors and producers. We can see poorly cast nurses, which can make us switch off your movie. I know what a good nurse should be like, my mother was one. And I am not the only one who notices. Everyone else who has ever seen a proper nurse including ten year olds can see. We deserve better. Don’t use your cousin who came visiting and has no acting chops as a nurse and do not use your neighbor’s daughter just as a favor to your neighbor. The nursing profession is serious business, so are doctors and policemen. I wonder why professional nurses are not complaining and helping to train nurses for Nollywood in a collaboration. Hollywood actors spend months getting into character. We may not have their budget but we can try. One more left legged nurse and I cannot take responsibility for my action.
by Eugenia Abu
Business Day
* News / Canadian Nurse Fined $3,000 For Snooping Into Health Data of Two People by katty: July 07, 2018, 09:23:49 PM
A Fox Creek registered nurse has been fined $3,000 after pleading guilty to accessing health information of two people over three years, says Alberta Health Services.

Jasmine Badger, a nurse at the Fox Creek Healthcare Centre, on June 25 pleaded guilty to accessing health information in contravention of the Health Information Act (HIA) and received a $3,000 fine, plus a victim fine surcharge of 30 per cent of the imposed fine, said AHS in a Friday news release.

In 2016, two people requested audit logs of accesses to their health information in Alberta Netcare, the provincial electronic health record.

Upon review of their audit logs, they alleged unauthorized access to their health information at the Fox Creek Healthcare Centre even though they never received health services there, said AHS.

They then reported the matter to the Alberta Health Services’ Access and Privacy Office. In October 2016, the office of the information and privacy commissioner received a report about the breaches from AHS.

In December 2016, the complainants submitted their cases to the office of the privacy commissioner.

The resulting investigation by the commissioner found that Badger accessed the health information of the individuals 138 times between April 1, 2013 to July 18, 2016.

But due to a two-year limitation period under the act, Badger pleaded guilty to accessing the health information of one of the individuals on 35 occasions between Oct. 7, 2015 and July 18, 2016, and eight unauthorized accesses to the health information of the second individual between Nov. 1, 2015 and July 18, 2016.

The health information accessed included medical profiles, demographic information, consultation details, lab results or analysis including blood work, and diagnostic imaging results such as x-rays and MRIs.

The office of the information and privacy commissioner referred its findings to Crown prosecutors at Alberta Justice and the charges were laid in October 2017.

When it comes to Badger’s career, AHS said in a late Friday statement that it has “addressed the breach in accordance with its collective agreement obligations and established labour law principles.”

The employee, adds the statement, will continue to be monitored for any future inappropriate access of patient information and has completed remedial privacy training.

This case is the ninth conviction since the Health Information Act was enacted in 2001. It is the first case in which a victim fine surcharge, which helps fund victim services, has been issued.
source : Edmonton Journal
* Postgraduates / Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island 2018/2019 Postgraduate Nursing Forms by katty: July 06, 2018, 08:08:18 PM
Available programs

Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing
Masters in Nursing
PhD in Nursing

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission to full-time and part-time Postgraduate Programmes for the 2018/2019 academic session in the following Faculties.
a. Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in:
i. Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing
ii. Maternal and Child Health Nursing
iii. Community Health Nursing
b. Master of Science (M.Sc) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in:
i. Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing
ii. Maternal and Child Health Nursing
iii. Community Health Nursing
iv. Medical and Surgical Nursing
1. Postgraduate Diploma (PGD):
The criteria for admission into the PGD programs will be as follows:
a. All candidates must meet the matriculation requirements including a credit pass in English Language and Mathematics at the O’ level.
b. A candidate with at least third class degree in the relevant field from an approved University.
c. HND holders with a minimum of credit level pass from recognized institutions.
2. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
All candidates must:
a. meet the matriculation requirements including a credit pass in English Language and Mathematics at the 0’level.
b. Possess a Bachelors (Hons) degree from an approved University with a minimum of second class Honours (Lower Division) in the relevant discipline.
c. Possess Masters Degree with a CGPA of at least 3.50/4.00 on a 5.00 point scale/60%.
a. Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) programme
Full-time PGD shall run for a minimum of two semesters and a maximum of four semesters
Part-time PGD shall run for a minimum of four semesters and a maximum of six semesters.
b. Masters programmes shall run for a minimum of four semesters and a maximum of six semesters
c. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
The Duration for the Doctor of Philosophy shall be a minimum of six semesters and a maximum of ten semesters.
Purchase of Application Form shall be at Postgraduate School on payment of Thirty Thousand Naira (N30,000.00) only into:
Account Name: NDU School of Postgraduate Studies Account.
Account Number: 0034501581
Bank: Diamond Bank Plc
The closing date for the submission of form is Friday, August 31, 2018.
This advertisement supersedes the previous one.
Mrs. Effua Berepubo
Ag. Registrar
* News / Ogun State School of Nursing Abeokuta Gets Equipment from FG by katty: July 06, 2018, 08:04:10 PM
The Federal Government of Nigeria donated over 400 equipment of various types to the Ogun State School of Nursing. The Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole, while presenting the items said the gadgets would assist in improving the quality of knowledge, skills and ability of the health care providers.
He explained that the equipment would help to sustain its accreditation and also ensure provision of quality healthcare services to the people. He added that the equipment would also reduce key morbidity/mortality indicators. Adewole said the initiative would provide in-service career advancement incentives for health workers.
‘‘Let me reiterate the objectives of this initiative.
They are to improve the quality of knowledge, skills and ability of the Nigerian health professionals, provide classroom resources and reduce key morbidity and mortality indicators,’’ Adewole said.
In his remarks, the Commissioner for Health, Dr Babatunde Ipaye, represented by the Permanent Secretary, Dr Nafiu Aigoro, commended the Federal Government and Carter Centre Nigeria, for the gesture.
He gave assurance that the equipment would be judiciously used and adequately maintained, to meet the objectives to which they were given. The equipment and materials donated include, students’ desks with chairs, tutor’s chairs with tables, microscopes, stethoscopes, white board and packets of markers.
Others are neo-natal lines and tubes, foetal skull, mucus extractors, desktop computers, printers (HP laser pro M series)  and photocopy machines, among others.
* News / Manchester Arena Bomb Victim, 15, vows To Become A Nurse After NHS Saved Her by katty: July 06, 2018, 02:04:48 PM
A teenage bomb victim has vowed to become a nurse after her life was saved by the NHS.

Eve Senior, 15 – seriously hurt in the Manchester Arena atrocity – was among dozens of patients and celebrities saluting the health service’s 70th birthday today.

She was seen limping, bloodied and bandaged, from the blast at an Ariana Grande gig in May last year.

Eve was left with 18 shrapnel wounds, burns and a severed nerve in her leg when she was caught up in the bombing as she left the concert

She said: "Before Manchester, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grow up, but staying in hospital and seeing what the nurses do and how good they are, when I am older, I want to be a nurse."

The teenager said that the staff who treated her at the Manchester Children's Hospital over the course of nearly a year can "now be classed as friends".

Eve spoke at York Minster tonight – one of several celebration services held around the country to mark the NHS anniversary.

She was given a standing ovation by an audience of health leaders and NHS staff past and present following her speech.

It was one of thousands of Big 7Tea parties held, and buildings including the Houses of Parliament and Blackpool Tower were lit up in NHS blue.

TV stars including Cheryl Tweedy and Katie Piper tweeted their thanks, with both saying they owed the NHS a huge debt of gratitude.

Another Manchester bomb survivor, 15-year-old Freya Lewis – saved by 70 hours of surgery – told a Westminster Abbey reception: “I don’t have the words to express how grateful I am to all the amazing staff. I’m only alive and here today because of the incredible care I received.”

NHS nurse Erika Boulton, 31, had extra cause to celebrate as her daughter was born at 5.44am.

The unnamed 9lb girl was delivered at University College Hospital, London. Erika, with husband James, 33, said: “This is a special day for us, because we have just become parents for the first time. It means a lot to me that my baby’s birth date is also the birth date of the NHS.”

Dr Martin Griffiths, a leading trauma surgeon who ran a team treating victims of the London Bridge terrorist attack, said: “There is a part of me that still finds it amazing to be a part of this fantastic institution that provides top quality medical care to any citizen that needs it, regardless of their income or background.

“I stand with my brothers and sisters who defied the monsters in Manchester and I stand with my friends and colleagues who served London so magnificently at Westminster, London Bridge, Finsbury Park, and of course, Grenfell.”

June Rosen, 78, told how, as a child, she served Nye Bevan his breakfast on the morning the founding father launched the NHS at Manchester’s Trafford Hospital.

He had stayed at her home as her father was a local Labour councillor.

Mrs Rosen, who went on to be an NHS physiotherapist, said: “I remember him sitting up in bed in striped pyjamas with a shock of grey hair. Then off he went. A little cameo of history.”
Source: UK Mirror
* Nursing Jobs / Federal University of Petroleum Resources Vacancies for Registered Nurses by katty: July 06, 2018, 01:51:30 PM
The Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun (FUPRE), Delta State, Nigeria was established in March 2007 under a Federal Government of Nigeria initiative to build a specialized University to produce unique high level manpower and relevant expertise for the Oil & Gas sector in Nigeria and worldwide.
Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates to fill the position below:
Position: Nursing Officer II
Location: Delta
Directorate: Health Services
* Candidate must possess relevant qualifications.
CONHESS 9: N1,316,488.
Conditions of Service
* The condition attached to this post is as applicable in Nigerian University System.
Application Closing Date
17th August, 2018.
Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates are requested to forward Twenty (20) copies of word processed Applications together with detailed Curriculum Vitae and copies of their credentials. The Curriculum Vitae should, among other information, follow the order below:
* Full name;
* Place and Date of Birth;
* Permanent Home Address;
* Contact Address;
* State of Origin;
* Local Government Area;
* Nationality;
* Marital Status;
* Names and Ages of Children (If any);
* Educational Institute Attended with dates;
* Academic Qualifications with dates;
* Publications, Teaching and Professional Experience,
* Professional activities
* Employment Records;
* Extra Curricular Activities;
* Names and Addresses of three (3) Referees (candidates should request their Referees to forward confidential reports on them direct to the Registrar).
* Evidence of completion of National Service/Exemption Certificate as well as computer literacy will be an added advantage.
All Applications must be addressed to:
The Registrar and Secretary to Council,
Federal University of Petroleum Resources,
P.M.B. 1221,
Delta State.
* Only shortlisted candidate would be invited for interview.
* The successful candidates should be prepared to reside within the immediate environment of the university.
* Travel Nursing / Re: US Nurse Registration Step-by-Step Guide for Foreign Educated Nurses by walex: July 06, 2018, 12:12:42 AM
Hello walex,pls how long does it take for the finger print card to get delivered after requesting for it.
Thank you.
Hope you have gotten your fingerprint form
* Travel Nursing / Re: US Nurse Registration Step-by-Step Guide for Foreign Educated Nurses by walex: July 06, 2018, 12:10:43 AM
it depends on how you want to go about it @nursejay. It takes between 4-12months for cgfns results to be ready while application and other things with nursing board can be completed within 1 month
* News / Report: New Zealand Nurses Under Attack Aren't Reporting Incidents by katty: July 05, 2018, 03:16:46 PM
Nurses in an Auckland hospital are arming themselves with safety alarms as attacks against hospital staff are on the rise.

At the Counties Manukau District Health Board meeting last week, a Middlemore Hospital nurse said only about one in 50 nurses was very confident in dealing with aggressive patients.

New Zealand Nursing Organisation professional nursing adviser Suzanne Rolls said while it was not a new problem, it was getting worse.

"The nature of the aggression and violence is escalating, and the frequency of this violence is escalating."

Despite this, Middlemore emergency department nurse Elyse Oh said at the meeting staff found complaints "are not being made".

"There's about three incidents per day, which equates to 1000 a year."

The number of violent incidents reported by Middlemore staff rose to 85 in 2017 from 30 in 2016, a report on violence presented to the board last week showed.

The most common incidents were insults, swearing and personal threats against female staff, and multiple accounts of physical aggression.

As a result, nurses were being given personal alarms to use if their safety was at risk.

In the report Counties Manukau Health said it was in the process of implementing de-escalation education as part of a national roll-out.

Staff also had access to a new app created by police which warned them of incoming patients under the Mental Health Act who could have an increased risk of aggression.

Rolls said it was not just emergency department nurses at risk of violence, but those in the community and in mental health sectors.

Some community workers were now using locators as a step to keep themselves safe, she said.

But being able to keep people safe went beyond an individual or an individual report – it was about looking at the whole system, Rolls said.

"While there is a chronic unsafe staffing situation, this is a risk factor for violence and aggression."

Why Nurses Aren't Speaking Up

At the board meeting, Middlemore's acting chief medical officer Vanessa Thornton said a lot of people had not had practical experience in dealing with violence and de-escalation.

It's very hard for junior staff to have an approach. Generally in the ED we try get a charge nurse involved early so a junior nurse can learn from them.

What Elyse and ED staff have done here is consistent with what's known across the region. Staff accept aggression and we need more awareness that maybe it isn't acceptable," she said.

Counties Manukau Health acting chief executive Gloria Johnson said the incident reporting system the board relied on "is actually not a very good way of measuring it.
* News / Creative Chinese Nurse Uses Cartoons To Heal Her Patients by katty: July 05, 2018, 03:07:07 PM
A nurse in southeast China’s Jiangxi province has been using cartoons to improve her patients’ standard of care.
Wen Tingting, a nurse working in the intensive care unit, takes care of patients who are often elderly, illiterate, or unable to move.

Many of her patients have trouble expressing their needs.

So the creative nurse took it upon herself to draw pictures that facilitate communication with her patients.
“The patients can't talk freely with a tube in their trachea… and sometimes we can’t guess what the patients want,” said Wen. “If we don’t understand each other after multiple guesses, we both get very anxious.”

“As a family member of the patient, I feel really touched by such caring acts,” said Hu Ying, a local resident.

Wen has drawn some 20 pictures to pinpoint common discomforts felt by patients. She adds that the bright colors of the cartoons bring a bit of color into their lives.
The nurse plans to keep drawing cartoons to help her patients.
Source: Ink Stone
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