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* News / South African Hospital Apologises Over Tsvangirai-Nurse Picture by katty: February 18, 2018, 05:35:14 PM
The South African hospital where MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai died last Wednesday has apologised for a picture that went viral on social media showing one of its nurses posing for the camera as the opposition leader lay on bed, seemingly lifeless.

In response to a complaint from a Zimbabwean healthcare professional Sol Masawi, Wits Gordon Hospital said it had taken disciplinary action against the nurse.

"It is with regret that we note recent posts on social media showing a photograph of Mr Tsvangirai with a nursing staff member," hospital spokesman Tertia Kruger said.

"We have investigated the matter and, according to the nursing staff member, the photograph was taken with the permission of Mr Tsvangirai.

"We strongly condemn the appropriateness of the photograph and its subsequent distribution and confirm that disciplinary action has been taken against the nursing staff member."

Kruger added that the hospital has since apologised to Tsvangirai's family over the issue.

Masawi also raised the matter with the South African Nursing Council (SANC), demanding further action.

South: New Zimbabwe
* Articles / Civil War changed the face of nursing for women by katty: February 18, 2018, 05:28:47 PM
The Civil War came to life Saturday as re-enactors of the 17th Corps Field Hospital shared information on Civil War-era medicine, nursing and dentistry at the Civil War Museum, part of the annual Civil War Medical Weekend.

But if one area had one of the biggest impacts on the war, it was the addition of women willing to act as nurses, said speaker Pamela D. Toler, author of “Heroines of Mercy Street, The Real Nurses of the Civil War,” the companion book to the 2016 PBS TV series.

During the Civil War, “Nursing was not yet a profession,” said Toler, of Chicago, author of two other books on history and children’s history books.

“In a hospital, it was not considered a job for a respectable woman. The Civil War really was a pivotal experience for women.”

Before then, Toler said, most nursing was done at home. In the 19th century, hospitals were considered places only for the poor and desperate.

“Women who were arrested for (drunkenness and) disorderly conduct were sentenced to work at (New York’s) Bellevue Hospital for 30 days,” Toler said. “It was really a job for women who had few options left.”

Nightingale’s influence
The Civil War changed all that, as did the work of Florence Nightingale during the Crimean War.

With the publication of Nightingale’s “Notes on Nursing” in 1859, “thousands of American women read that book and were inspired by her to do nursing as a vocation,” Toler said.

With casualties mounting, rising to more than 620,000 by the Civil War’s end in 1865, the former Army hospital system of convalescent men caring for patients was no longer sufficient.

Activist Dorothea Dix, who had reported on and spearheaded reforms on mental asylums, was one of those who volunteered. In April 1861, she was appointed the first superintendent for Army nurses. Among them was Louisa May Alcott.

Dix became the first woman to serve in a federally appointed role, but that doesn’t mean nurses were any more welcome by Army doctors and surgeons.

“One surgeon said, ‘A lady ceases to be a lady when she becomes a nurse,’” Toler said.

But things changed. The number of nursing schools grew from zero before the Civil War to 16 in the 1880s and to 432 by 1900. Three years after the war’s end, the American Medical Association recommended implementing nursing training.

After the war
What Toler found inspiring was that while some women went home and “stepped back into their old roles, others played a far more important role after the war. They really helped change the world.

“They were reforming prisons, starting hospitals. They became active in the labor movement. Some founded national organizations. It (the war) shaped their lives in important ways.

Women who survived the first few months learned to stand up for themselves and they stood up for their education.”

Susan Chiapete, a nurse from Racine, said she remembered reading about pioneers like Nightingale and reading Nightingale’s book, but was glad to hear even more.

“I learned about their nursing theories, but learning their story this way was very interesting,” she said.

* News / Kenyatta National Hospital unveils antibiotics usage guidelines by katty: February 18, 2018, 05:16:34 PM
Kenyatta National Hospital has unveiled clinical guidelines to curb growing cases of resistance to antibiotics.

The guidelines will provide a standard practice platform for all KNH health workers responsible for the dispensing and application of antibiotics.

They were developed by infectious disease experts at KNH in conjunction with Andrew Seaton - a Scottish-based antimicrobial specialist.

Loice Ombajo said the guidelines will be used by physicians, clinical pharmacists, and nurses.

"With the development of these guidelines, KNH is now well positioned to standardize clinical operations relating to antibiotics administration," Ombajo said on Friday.

"Such standardisation remains a critical component towards improving patients’ outcomes and reducing the incidences of antibiotic resistance."

There are concerns most of disease resistance as most Kenyans buy drugs at pharmacies without a prescription from clinical workers.

Seaton maintained that the overuse of antibiotics is harmful because it causes resistance.

Source : Standard Digital
* News / Government pleased with Monze Mission Hospital School of Nursing’s contribution by katty: February 18, 2018, 08:48:17 AM
Zambia Government has praised the Monze Mission Hospital School of Nursing for its contribution to the pool of highly qualified health personnel in the country.

And Monze Bishop Moses Hamongole says the partnership that exist between government and the Catholic Church would continue to be nourished and strengthened by either party being considerate of each other’s needs.

Speaking during the occasion to mark 50 years of Golden jubilee Celebrations of Monze Nursing School and Midwifery yesterday, Southern Province Permanent Secretary Mwangala Liomba says government acknowledges the huge contribution that Monze School of Nursing has made in the country.

He noted that that the School has continued to churn out well trained nurses of all disciplines adding that the quality health care services offered by graduates from the school was exceptionally in terms of skills.

” Government will continue to appreciates Mission Hospital pool f Nursing for its immerse contribution to a pool of highly qualified health personnel in the country thus help accelerate health care services,” said Mr. Liomba in a speech read on his behalf by his Deputy Permanent Secretary Mr. Kennedy Mubanga.

“I wish to pledge full government support to Monze School of Nursing in order for the institution to continue churning out highly trained health personnel to meet the growing demands in health care services delivery across the country,” he added.

Since its establishment in 1968, the School has trained 1,286 midwives, 1,355 registered nurses and 157 both registered and midwives.

He pointed out that government would continue to fully support the school to meet all its needs to ensure that the school continue to train more health personnel to meet the growing demands for health care services across the country.

Mr. Liomba also noted the challenges the school of Nursing was facing such as lack of accommodation, and lecture rooms for the school to expand and increase enrollments rates.

The PS who pledged K5,000 towards jubilee activities such as expansion of the school, radio programmes, school rehabilitation further advised students to continue to learn values and skills that would help them to deliver exceptionally quality health cares services once employed.

And Bishop Hamungole said the Catholic church would continue to nurture the partnership with government to ensure that the school is sustained adding that it was the Catholic Church’s commitment to train medical personnel that would remain relevant to society despite the changing times.

The Bishop explained that the increase in the number of services offered by Monze Mission Hospital exposed the shortage of qualified Zambian Health professionals and thus the training of local personnel was a priority for the Church in Monze Diocese resulting in the training of Zambia Enrolled midwives(ZEM) started in 1968 while that of Zambia Enrolled Nursed(ZEN) started in 1971.

” Am conscious of the partnership that that exist between the Catholic Church and government in ensuring that this school is sustained. This partnership will continue to be nourished and strengthened by either party being considerate of each other’s’ needs because our commitment as a Church is to train medical personnel that will be relevant to our society despite the changing times,” said Bishop Hamungole.

“The increase in the number of services offered by Monze Mission Hospital exposed the shortage of qualified Zambian Health professionals and thus the training of local personnel was a priority for the Church in Monze Diocese and this resulted in the training of Zambia Enrolled midwives(ZEM) started in 1968 while that of Zambia Enrolled Nursed (ZEN) started in 1971,” added the Bishop.

The Bishop also took time to advise both current and future student to religiously keep the values of the school to shape their character.

Meanwhile, Hospital Superintendent Dr Eugine Kaunda says the student uptake has continued to increase adding that plans are in the pipeline to expand the school infrastructure to meet the training needs.

He also thanked government for completion of the students hostels, dining hall and kitchen at the new school campus.

Source : Lusaka Times
* News / Nigerian Doctors and other Health Workers in Battle over Salary Parity by katty: February 18, 2018, 08:42:46 AM
The end may not be in sight in the rift between doctors and other health workers as the lingering crisis that has bedevilled the health sector over pay parity seems set to drag on. On its part, however, the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) has warned against comparing and equating medical doctors with other health workers, insisting that they are not equal. The NMA president, Prof. Mike Ogirima, who sounded the warning while fielding questions exclusively from LEADERSHIP Sunday, stated that although health workers face hazards in the discharge of their duties, their output could not be compared to doctors who perform the bulk of the medical services.

Prof Ogirima, who was reacting to the 21-day ultimatum issued to the federal government by health workers to meet their demands or face industrial action, insisted that the association was not against moves to enhance the welfare of other health workers, but insisted that relativity should be maintained. He explained that medical doctors are highly skilled and few in the country, noting that the cut-off mark for medical students now is 280 and above. “Everybody wants to accept that title of doctor in the medical set up; we are not against that,” he said. “What we are against is the fact that everybody cannot be equated to be equal. In the animal kingdom, all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

The NMA president stressed the need for government to evaluate different professionals in the health sector and audit their output, adding that doing so would provide more objective data and statistics to buttress their point. Prof Ogirima, however, advised aggrieved health workers to emulate NMA’s diplomatic approach to the issue of emoluments rather than resort to incessant strikes at the least grievance. “We do not believe in incessant strikes but mediate whenever crisis is perceived,” he said, adding that NMA was not part of the strike threat. “The ultimatum was not given by doctors, but whatever their grievances are, I think dialogue and proactive diplomacy shuttle should resolve most of their grievances. “I have never declared a national strike, and I am leaving the office, so that should be a plus for government. NMA does not believe in ceaseless strikes; what we do is go proactive and mediate to halt crisis.” Prof. Ogirima further advised that irrespective of the health workers’ agitation, they should consider the wellbeing of patients whom they are called to serve.

“The patient is central to our call and if you don’t have a divine call to work in the hospital, this is the best time to leave this noble profession. If you fail to acknowledge that patients are central and should be first to all your agitations, then take a bow and disappear from the hospital environment,” he stated. The NMA president blamed the situation on what he described as unworthy rivalry in the health sector and revealed that a recent study by an international expert in the health sector has vindicated doctors’ position, describing them as supreme. “What we have in the hospital is rivalry between professionals; it is uncalled for. If government has instituted job description for professionals in the hospital by training, admission criteria and by qualification, then the doctor is far ahead of others.” He said all over the world, it takes doctors 292 weeks to get the basic medical certificate, as against the 272 weeks it takes to obtain a Ph.D.

This, therefore, justifies the doctor’s take home pay package. He explained that “if government is increasing across board salaries or allowances of all health workers, there is usually relativity. From colonial system up until the Udorgi era, if doctors are paid N1.5 million for example, other bachelor’s degree holders receive N1.3million, then those with diploma or certificate get N1million.” “That relativity is what other health workers want to bridge; they want to erase it. We have told the government that we are not against salary increase for any health workers but that relativity must be maintained because doctors have been cheated for long.” Speaking on the effects of incessant strikes, the president lamented that in a country where the entire system is collapsing, causing more crisis by withdrawing services will obviously have a negative effect on the economy Health workers, including pharmacists, nurses and medical laboratory scientists had, in a communiqué issued at the end of a three-day consultative meeting, which ended on February 8, 2018, in Abuja, decried what they described as delay tactics and deliberate foot-dragging of the federal government in approving the adjustment of Consolidated Health Salary Scale (CONHESS) as was done for medical doctors’

Consolidated Medical Salary Scale (CONMESS) since January 2014. LEADERSHIP Sunday recalls that aggrieved health personnel, under the aegis of Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) and Assembly of Healthcare Professional Associations (AHP), had on September 29, 2017 suspended a 10-day-old strike after a meeting with the minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige. A pharmacist with the Maitama General Hospital, Abuja, who gave his name as Magaji Yusuf, acknowledged that the sector is polarised and that there is mistrust and disharmony, even as he accused government of allowing double standards.

Yusuf said, “There is so much misinformation, impunity, violation of established rules and codes of conduct said the government has allowed itself to become a pawn in the hands of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) and Medical and Dental Consultants Association (MDCAN) which are not legally recognised trade unions. He expressed shock that rather than wake up to its challenge, “the same government that was able to restrain a registered trade union from going on strike has not stopped an unregistered body posturing as a trade union.” The pharmacist wondered why the government has allowed the Constitution of the Federal Republic to be violated by NMA, which he accused of subjugating other workers in the health sector.

A female nurse at the Asokoro hospital who preferred anonymity told LEADERSHIP Sunday that under the then president, Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, the Nigerian government in 2009 approved two different salary structures in the health sector known as Consolidated Medical Salary Scale (CONMESS) and Consolidated Health Salary Scale (CONHESS). She explained that while medical doctors in the service of the Nigerian civil service are on CONMESS, every other person working in the health sector was placed under the CONHESS structure. She added that prior to the emergence of the late president Yar’ Adua, his predecessor, President Olusegun Obasanjo had placed all Nigerian health workers under a unified Salary Scale but that NMA seriously kicked against it.

According to her, “In the late 2009, NMA started a campaign of calumny against members of JOHESU, that they were skipping, an allegation viewed as violation of government policy. They alleged that as medical doctors, they were treated unjustly in the health sector.” She stressed that despite the fact that NMA had remained the greatest beneficiary of government approved salary scale, with higher entry point and jumbo pay, it is bent in ensuring that members of JOHESU, who had moved from CONHESS 9 to CONHESS 11, are brought down to 11, thereby heating up the system. She explained that the accusation was faulty because, in the Scheme of Service for JOHESU members, there was nothing like Grade level 11.

“In fact, it is a misnomer to term the movement from Grade Level 10 to Grade Level 12 skipping,” she said. “This is not skipping, because there is no level 11 and what you have in the Scheme of Service is movement from Grade level 10 to 12. The Ministry of Health was seeing through the prism and binoculars of NMA.” She supported the recommendation subscribed by NMA that all JOHESU members who have moved from Grade Level 10 to Grade level 12 should be brought down by one grade level. According to her, in a circular dated January 11, 2010 , with reference number HCSF /EPO/ EIR/RR/B.63755/T1/77 ,the office of the Head of Service of the Federation stopped the movement of JOHESU members from Grade 10 to Grade level 12
About a year later, in a a similar circular dated February 10, 2011, with reference number HCSF/EPO/EIR/63755/ T1/149, called the movement of workers from Grade 10 to Grade Level 12 an unauthorized skipping. By June 2011, the health sector was already heated up with drum beats of war between the workers under the aegis of JOHESU and the Nigerian government represented by the Ministry of Health, she noted. She recalled also that as at June 28, 2010, in a meeting held at JUTH Guest House in Abuja, all chief medical directors and medical directors under the auspices of Committee of Chief Executives, Federal Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria, unanimously agreed and released a memo with the reference number CCEHTH/ SEC/V.1/86 on June 29,2010 addressed to all chief executives of Federal Health Institutions.

LEADERSHIP Sunday learnt that as a result of the crisis in the health sector, on August 9, 2011, the then minister of labour waded into the matter, but the Ministry of Health was not satisfied at the resolution, and the matter was later taken to the National Industrial Court for adjudication. After a legal battle between the Ministry of Health and JOHESU, the court ruled in favour of JOHESU in 2013, saying that government was wrong to have denied JOHESU members their right and that JOHESU members who were appointed consultants were wrongfully stopped as consultants. According to her, NMA hoodwinked the government into taking the wrong decision that was upturned by the court. “Suddenly, they started accusing government of favouring JOHESU members, and that they must skip, even though JOHESU members never skipped.

Now that the government is trying to muster the courage to do what is right, NMA/MDCAN has chosen to fight dirty,” she said. Experts in the sector are however of the view that should the federal government fail to meet the union’s demand, it will herald the 2018 phase of disruption and distraction that has characterised the nation’s health sector, forcing patients to patronise private health institutions. This persistent disruption of healthcare services that has become a tradition in the country’s health sector has been described by them as detrimental to human lives. They urged government to take proactive measures towards resolving the issues bedevilling to the sector rather than waiting for health workers to embark on industrial action before calling for discussion.

Source :
* News / Trump Praises Doctors, Nurses for Responding Promptly to School Slaying by katty: February 17, 2018, 10:01:58 PM
President Donald Trump came face-to-face Friday with hospitalized victims of the horrific school shooting in Florida and offered thanks to the doctors and nurses who helped the wounded, declaring "the job they've done is incredible."

Asked if he'd talked with victims, Trump added: "I did indeed, and it's very sad something like that could happen."

After paying their respects to medical professionals at Broward Health North Hospital, Trump and his wife, Melania, visited with law enforcement officials in Fort Lauderdale, where he told officers that he hoped they were "getting the credit" they deserved for their response to the shooting that left 17 dead and 14 injured.

"I was at the hospital with a lot of parents and they are really thankful for the job you've done," Trump said at the Broward County Sheriff's Office, where he was joined by Gov. Rick Scott, Sen. Marco Rubio and other Florida officials. He added that the young victims were in "really great shape" considering what they have been through.

Trump relished bantering and praising the law enforcement officials, he marveled at the speed with which first responders rushed the wounded to the hospital and he extended hearty thanks to first responders. But the president who has never been a natural at consolation didn't publicly address the grief and sorrow gripping a shocked community and nation, beyond his mention of how sad it was to meet with victims.

Late Friday, he tweeted about the school shooting: "Our entire Nation, w/one heavy heart, continues to pray for the victims & their families in Parkland, FL. To teachers, law enforcement, first responders & medical professionals who responded so bravely in the face of danger: We THANK YOU for your courage!" He included pictures of an injured young girl and her family that he and the first lady visited.

Source : Associated Press
* News / Uzbekistan Community Health Nurses Provided with Bicycles for Efficiency by katty: February 17, 2018, 09:28:37 PM
Nurses and firefighters in Uzbekistan are being issued with bicycles to provide "more efficient" services, it's reported.

A health authority in the capital city Tashkent has established a service called Vellopatronaj, which it says will enable community nurses to provide "high-quality and fast" medical services in local villages.

The Uzbek National News Agency says the service involves 22 bicycles being given to community nurses to "increase the productivity of their work and make their work easier".

While there may be some cost efficiency benefits behind the move, the agency says the main motivation is "promoting healthy ways of living in the community".

Meanwhile, in western Uzbekistan, firefighters at the giant Uz-Kor chemical plant in Kyrkkyz have come up with a bike to patrol the 105 hectare (260 acre) complex.
The government-run Khalq Sozi news website shows a bike weighed down with two fire extinguishers, a loudspeaker, a coil of rope and other equipment including a first aid kit.

Its inventor, Lieutenant Sultanbek Tangirberganov, says that firefighting is an area that is ripe for innovation, and he notes the two-wheeler helps people get around the industrial complex quickly.

Lt Tangirberganov's colleagues still have conventional fire trucks in case of major emergencies, but the bike replaces foot patrols, Postda news portal says.
Social media unimpressed

Uzbek social media users aren't hugely impressed with either of the bike schemes, particularly the one targeting healthcare workers.

"Poor nurses," one Facebook user says. "Suppose they cycle to a patient's place [with their supplies], what next? What are they going to do with the bicycle? Will they carry it to the fourth or ninth floor?"

Another user notes that "Local government officials have been given Nexia cars and neighbourhood police officers Matiz cars, while the medical workers are getting bicycles!"

"The teachers are going to be given a pair of cheap rubber shoes so they can walk more," he quips.

Chevrolet Nexia and Matiz cars are built in General Motors' GM Uzbekistan plant in the country's far east.
GM cars bearing the Chevrolet and Ravon badges are a common sight on Uzbekistan's roads, and drivers given the chance to buy one in 2013 were filmed stampeding through the gates of a sales centre in Tashkent.

Source : BBC News
* News / Gang Leader Kidnapped 2 Nurses to Vaccinate the Poor in Brazil by katty: February 17, 2018, 04:11:11 PM
A Brazilian drug trafficker has been praised on social media as a modern-day Robin Hood after he kidnapped two nurses, stole vaccines and syringes and ordered the medical staff to inoculate residents in one of the poorest areas in the country’s southeast.

Thomaz Viera Gomez has made headlines in the local press for acts of charity over the past year even as authorities have issued successive warrants for his arrest. His most recent gesture of generosity, to combat yellow fever, which has swept poverty-stricken areas of Brazil, has seen him lauded primarily as a hero rather than a villain.

The drug gang leader, known on the street as 2N, held hostage two nurses from a vaccination center before transporting them and their equipment to one of the poorest favelas in Rio de Janeiro.

The Latin American television station Telesur reported that Gomez’s gang oversaw the nurses as they administered vaccinations over a two-hour period in the Salgueiro favela. Once they had finished administering the injections they were returned to their workplace.

In a report on the incident, the health workers said their kidnappers had treated them well and without any aggression. They said they had complied with the hostage takers because many Salgueiro residents hadn’t been given access to immunization centers.

Despite the illegality of Gomez and his gang’s actions, officials have praised the hostage taking. Carlos Minc, a state deputy and a former minister of the environment, wrote on Twitter that the immunizations had been done as an act of “public service.”

At the same time Rio’s municipal health body has said it will open an investigation into the incident.

In March last year, local press reported Gomez had inadvertently caused a riot in Salgueiro after throwing bundles of cash to local residents.

At the same time, law enforcement increased the reward for information leading to Gomez’s arrest to the equivalent of $3,000. He is estimated to have roughly 100 men at his disposal, according to the local press. He rose to power following the arrest of trafficker Marcelo da Silva Leitão, in June of 2016. Gomez reportedly received orders from Antônio Hilário Ferreira, who is in federal prison.

Source :
* News / Patients, Nurses flee Hospital as police declare doctor wanted for robbery by katty: February 17, 2018, 04:03:11 PM
VITALCARE Hospital became a shadow of itself in three days. The health centre which was arguably one of the thriving private hospitals serving people in the suburbs of Abuja, became a ghost of its self soon after its founder and medical director, Dr. Ola Solomon Jimade, was declared wanted for alleged armed robbery.

On Tuesday, police declared Jimade, a medical doctor, wanted over alleged involvement in armed robbery.

According to the police, Dr. Jimade who hails from Ife-Olukotun in Kogi State, is the leader of a dangerous gang that has robbed numerous citizens and snatched vehicles at gunpoint in Abuja.

The police said four pistols with eight rounds of live ammunition and a face mask, which was carefully hidden in a bag in the office of the doctor were recovered during execution of a search warrant in the suspect’s hospital.

The Nation gathered that patients and workers had fled from the hospital even before stern-looking policemen arrived to seek information from residents of the Kubwa Phase 3 neighbourhood, where the hospital is located.

When The Nation visited the hospital around 10:30am on Friday, some of the residents wore a quizzical look that betrayed anxiety and suspicion over ongoing police investigations of the suspect’s activities.

The hospital’s white gate was left ajar, after the its staff reportedly took to their heels for fear of being implicated in their director’s scandal.

When our correspondent made her way into the reception building which also houses the observation room, laboratory and pharmacy, it looked like a place that had just been raided or deserted in a hurry. There was no activity there neither was there any member of staff in the once busy hospital that supposedly offered paediatric, trauma, gynecology, optical, dental and emergency medical services.

The hospital’s number, 08091280370, found to be registered in Dr. Ola Jimade’s name, remained switched off.

When The Nation contacted the President of the Nigerian Medical Association  (NMA), Dr. Mike Ogirima, for information about the suspect, he said: “We are still trying to confirm if he is one of us and when we do, we will take holistic measures. If he is found culpable, he would be rusticated from the association and that means that he won’t be able to practice again; if he is found wanting, he would be delisted.

“When we confirm that he is one of us, there is a tribunal: The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) which is the equivalent of a High Court. He would be tried by the Council and also tried in the other court which will make it a multiple trial.”

In an exclusive chat with the spokesman, FCT Police Command, DSP Anjuguri Manzah, he said: “We are still investigating the matter and we are reaching out to necessary authorities to help track him down.”

He also said some victims of the gang have been coming to the Command  to talk about their traumatic experiences.

Source :
* Nursing Jobs / National Orthopaedic Hospital Igbobi Lagos Recruitment of Nurses 2018 by katty: February 17, 2018, 03:53:37 PM
The National Orthopaedic Hospital Igbobi Lagos is now accepting applications for Nursing Staff Vacancies for 2018 as follows:
NURSE TUTOR (Ref: NT/010/17) Salary - CONHESS 8
Qualification: Candidates must possess B.Sc. degree in Nursing, Post-Graduate Diploma in Nursing Education and registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria with NYSC Discharge Certificate. Candidates must be licenced as a Nurse Tutor.
Qualification: Candidates must possess B.Sc. Nursing with NYSC Discharge Certificate or Registered Nursing (RN) and Registered Midwifery (RM) Certificate. Candidates must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and have the current practicing licence. Possession of Post-Basic Certificate in Accident and Emergency, Orthopaedic Nursing, Burns & Plastic Nursing, Peri-Op. Nursing, ICU, Paediatric Nursing or Rehabilitative Nursing from approved institution will be an added advantage.
The conditions of service including the fringe benefits are as applicable in the Federal Public Service.
Interested candidates should forward eight (8) copies of their letter of application attaching to each, photocopy of certificate and detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) as follows:
Name in full
Place and date of birth.
Current address and Telephone Number.
Marital Status.
State of Origin (attach evidence)
Local Government of Origin.
Secondary and Post-Secondary Education including dates.
Post applied for:
Names, addresses and telephone numbers of two (2) Referees (who should either be a Solicitor, Clergy or Top Civil Servant).
N.B. All candidates for clinical posts must have Current Practicing License.
Candidates are to please address their applications directly to:
The Medical Director,
National Orthopaedic Hospital,
Igbobi, Lagos.
All applications should be submitted in the New Administrative Building not later than four (4) weeks from the date of this publication i.e. 15th March,2018 with the reference number written on the top left hand corner of the envelope.
Please note that only short-listed candidates will be invited for interview.
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