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* Exams / Re: Saunders NCLEX RN Questions and Answers 5th Edition Free Download in PDF by AK: March 20, 2017, 09:58:03 PM
None of the links work. Would somebody be so generous and send me the link for Saunders 6th Edition. and good luck studying!!!

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* News / World Health Organization Ranks Ogun Healthcare Best in Nigeria, Ekiti Second by katty: March 20, 2017, 08:06:25 PM
The World Health Organization, WHO, has rated Ogun as the number one state in Nigeria in terms of timely and accurate disease surveillance and reporting.

Ogun State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Babatunde Ipaye, disclosed this, on Monday, while presenting a Microsoft device in recognition of the award to the Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, during the State Executive Council meeting.

Dr. Ipaye revealed that the award was received at a stakeholders' health forum in Enugu organised by the World Health Organisation in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Health.

He added that Ekiti and Kano states came second and third respectively in the nationwide ranking.

Dr. Ipaye further explained that with the Microsoft device, the Governor will now be able to monitor the health dashboard directly from his desk and see how the state is fairing in terms of health indices.

In the course of the weekly EXCO meeting, the Governor also announced the elevation of a Senior Special Assistant, Mrs. Remi Onasanya, to the position of a Special Adviser.

The Governor while presenting her with the letter of elevation, after being sworn-in in accordance with the extant civil service rule, informed that the honour was due to her diligence and hard work.

Governor Amosun added that he hopes the elevation of Mrs. Onasanya would spur her and others to do more and always give their best in the service of the state.

Adejuwon Soyinka
Senior Special Assistant (Media)
Ogun State Governor
March 20, 2017

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* News / Myanmar Public Hospitals Short of 17,000 Nurses as Nurses prefer Private Hospita by katty: March 20, 2017, 07:56:10 PM
More than a thousand public hospitals are running low on nurses, according to the Ministry of Health.

The vacant posts add up to over 17,000 and the ministry has been forced to hire fresh graduates since 2015.

Before starting their training, nursing students have to sign a contract promising to work in public hospitals for three years after finishing the university or pay a fine of Ks400,000 (US$300). Most graduates have chosen to pay the fine and leave public hospitals for high-paying private ones.

Most nurses and midwives have to work part time in private hospitals. However, a licence is required for staff to be recognised as qualified for the higher wages. To fill the vacant posts the Department of Medical Service has decided to only issue nurses and midwives their licences after they have completed their three-year tenure at public hospitals.

Displeased with the directive, more than 500 medical staff took to the street and protested.

Minister for Health and Sports Dr Myint Htwe held talks with the nurses' union at his official residence on March 17 and an agreement was reportedly reached. The two-hour talks brought satisfactory results, according to the union.

Dr Tha Htun Kyaw at the Yangon Region treatment department said: “Starting from 2018 the ministry will no longer accept the fine. Nurses must complete their tenure at public hospitals. So they will have to decide before starting their nursing education.”

The Nurses and Midwives Council will continue issuing nursing licences after graduation.

in total, over 9,000 students are studying nursing and midwifery across the country.

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* News / JUTH Nurses congress endorses boycott of shift duty over allowance by katty: March 20, 2017, 07:53:04 PM
Nurses in the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH), have voted to continue their boycott of shift duty over the non-payment of their allowances for three months.

The nurses commenced the boycott on March 7, 2017 and had since then adjusted their working hours to the regular hours of 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The nurses have also resolved not to be at work at weekends.

Following pleas by the management of the hospital, the nurses held a congress on Monday, to review the situation and consider the appeals, but the workers objected to suggestions to end their action.

“The nurses voted to continue with the boycott until their demands are met,” Mr Mustapha Kabir, Chairman, Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU), said on Monday.

Kabir said that the nurses were yet to receive the N63 million released to JUTH management for the payment of the three months shift duty allowance owed them.

He alleged that management was handling the matter with “levity”, and accused it of failing to retrieve workers’ legitimate entitlements from the government treasury “in spite of our constant reminders”.

“Throughout 2016, we waited for the management to get back the money from the Federal Government coffers, but they failed, hence our resolve to stop further shift duties,” he said.

“No nurse runs afternoon or night shift; all nurses come to work in the morning and close at 3 p.m.,” he said.

He hinted that JOHESU would begin a protest on Friday, March 24, 2017, over various issues such as the non-implementation of the National Industrial Court order, directing JUTH to create a Department of Medical Laboratory Science Services.

“The court gave a 30-day ultimatum which has since elapsed. We want management to act.”

He listed other issues to include the non-release of 2016 promotion list.

Reacting, the Chief Medical Director of JUTH, Dr. Edmond Banwat, said that the management was working “very hard” to resolve the issues, and assured the workers that the funds for all payments would soon be made available.

Banwat, however, described the nurses’ “no-shift” stance as “alien and detrimental to healthcare delivery”.

“The hospital is not performing optimally due to the actions of some its workers; I have already appealed to them to resume normal duty,” he said.

He said that medical doctors had been mobilised to work longer hours so as to help the patients.

Source : vanguard newspaper

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* News / Student Nurses of UNTH, Enugu Embark On Indefinite Protest by katty: March 20, 2017, 07:41:04 PM
The student nurses of University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital on Friday 17th March, 2017 embarked on a peaceful protest against what they termed "poor treatment and neglect by both the school and hospital management".
In a letter addressed to the Enugu state government, they listed out a 17-bullet-point reasons surrounding the peaceful protest, including the suspension of their stipend since 2014.

They finally took the protest to the Chief Medical Director of UNTH (Dr. C.C Amah) and the hospital management on Monday 20th March, 2017.
Currently, the issue is yet to be addressed.

Student Nurses of the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital have had their fill of "managing" the facilities and inconsistencies in their school of nursing.
The students stated that they had no other recourse than to let the world know of their plight and to make the management sit up. Below are a few of what they described as part of their daily routine:
- We do not have a steady water supply to the school but we are also expected to keep our white uniforms clean and sparkling!
- There is no means of transportation (ie school bus) to our facility which is quite far from our hostels, yet expected to be there on time.
- No stipend while other federal school of nursing receive theirs.
- Irrational school authority when it comes to punishments meted out to us the students sometimes we have to wonder if we are still in secondary school. Kneel down, raise hands and such...
- We wonder if other healthcare providers while learning in their schools like the pharmacists, med lab scientists and medical doctors are asked to scrub toilets like orderlies.
- Every night we read in darkness with lamps and candles and are expected to pass with good grades.
These and many more we suffer....
We are totally fed up

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* News / I’m not the doctor who jumped into Lagos lagoon, PH nurse cries out by Idowu Olabode: March 20, 2017, 06:51:15 PM
A Port Harourt-based nurse, Oji Allwell, has said he is not the doctor who committed suicide by jumping into the Lagos lagoon from the Third Mainland Bridge on Sunday.

The nurse was forced to speak out after many online news organisations used his picture along with the story of Allwell Orji, the Lagos-based doctor that actually committed suicide.

Oji’s photos along with the suicide report went viral late on Sunday and led many of his friends to believe he had taken his life.

In a video uploaded on his Facebook page, the nurse informed his friends and well-wishers that he was alive and well.

He said, “Good afternoon my beloved friends and well-wishers. My name is Oji Allwell, I am a nurse. I am making this online video in regards to the news that has been trending online about me being a medical doctor who jumped into the lagoon.”

Download the video as an attachment. Here is the direct link to the Facebook profile of the nurse

To follow all our News on Telegram join our channels on

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Source :

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* News / Agony of the Thunderbolt called Suicide-part 1 by Okesola Josiah by Idowu Olabode: March 20, 2017, 05:08:46 PM
"I witnessed the worst thing ever today!! The owner of this particular car jumped into the lagoon right in front of me!!! I saw him get out of his car, then jumped, I was directly behind him, I parked and ran as fast as my legs could carry me but it was too late..... I wish he had waited a little longer, I wish I was able to stop him, I wish I was about to hold his hands, I wish he could tell me what the problem was!!!!! Depression is real...... I couldn't believe my eyes, I'm still in shock, I couldn't control my tears. I ran after him I tried to save him I called for help. Suicide is not the answer!!!!! It's a pity a problem shared isn't a problem solved anymore it's a problem gossiped about...... we now live in a world where negativity is like 90%. I really wish I was able to save him. Loads of people stopped because they saw me acting like a crazy woman, the ambulance was present, the fishermen were trying to help but it was too late!!!!! He left a note on his personalized Dr's notepad with his house address. May God help his family though this difficult time. Please, let's be our brothers keeps. Let's genuinely love and help one another. Life is short. We are here for just a little time. Let's spend that time spreading love and being kind to one another!"
- Eye witness account to the shocking incident of the medical doctor who was reported to have jumped into the Lagoon from the 3rd Mainland Bridge yesterday.

In my 13 years of practicing as a mental health expert, I have had to deal with quite a handful of real suicide incidents (aside the 'everyday' experiences of handling suicidal ideations, tendencies and failed attempts).

Though I’ve never lost a friend or family member to suicide, I have lost quite a few clients and patients, and had to undergo the harrowing experience of managing the devastated state of the loved ones they left behind.
Granted, I experienced some level of psychological distress over these incidences I have had to manage. I can not confidently say however, that I truly have an inkling about the traumatizing feelings and emotional torment their close family members inevitably suffer after such disaster.

I call suicide the SILENT THUNDERBOLT. Why? The family of the victims are most times taken by utmost surprise. And the truth is, this suddenness of the occurrence of suicide only ends up accentuating and aggravating the survivor’s guilt and other terrible feelings for failing to see it coming.

Is it pain mixed with regret; anger combined with frustration; or despair complicated by intense feelings of guilt?

Whatever it is these loved ones always feel, it will take several months or years for some to fully recover.

Unfortunately for others, they may never truly recover from the bitter taste of agony left in the mouth.

Every time a victim of suicide emerges, there is only one question on the lips of their loved ones: WHY? And this why question is one that is repeatedly dissected with unquenchable hunger and thirst for a logical answer.
Why did their spouse, adolescent, friend, parent or sibling take their own life? This question usually lingers on, even when a note explaining the reasons is left behind.

Like I usually say, must we wait till suicide claims a victim before we ask all the WHY questions?

Why do people care less about people at risk of suicide?
Why do they ignore the red flags even when it's boldly written there?

Why do people commit suicide despite the array of help available to them?

How much distressing or 'depressing' can a situation be that a person resorts to suicide as the only option?
What significant relationship exist between preventing or managing DEPRESSION and averting SUICIDAL cases in the society?

Sadly, recent statistics from the World Health Organization, WHO, shows that no fewer than a million people die annually from suicide, which represents a global mortality rate of one death every 40 seconds.
As for Nigeria, the increasing wave of suicide cases in the country is taking a fearsome proportion and to say the least worryingly disturbing.

If you add to the gruesome pictures of cases of suicide which are being 'under reported to the prevailing deteriorating harsh realities of our economy; what do we have? The future state of the mental health of Nigerians is deeply worrisome!

As a mental health clinician and psychotherapist with ready made answers to most of these questions raised, I feel compelled and obligated to devote a chunk of my entire career to empowering and supporting people undergoing intense emotional feelings and distressing experiences, and help avert more of these ugly scenes about to unfold.

Must we wait on the government to do for us the things we can do for ourselves?

I am throwing out a challenge to all my colleagues in the mental health field. What are you going to do to help?
Isn't it high time we started going out of our way and begin to use our skills and expertise to touch the lives of the few we can?

I will be embarking on a 30-day mental health campaign during the upcoming World Health Day to educate, empower and help members of public who are potential victims of emotional/psychological breakdown, depression or suicide.

On this International Day of Happiness, I am inviting all my Facebook friends to join me and lets make a difference in the lives of fellow citizens who currently suffer in silence.

If you are equally passionate about saving emotionally burdened souls, inbox me please on or contact me via WhatsApp 09093774463, and let's do something worthwhile for humanity.

Together, we can help save another family, the agony of avoidable incidences of depression and the silent thunderbolt called suicide!
I write with a heavy heart,
Josiah Okesola-Jackson,
Mental Health Clinician and Neuro- Linguistic Psychotherapist.

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* News / Kilburn nurse wins £10,000 on the Health Lottery by Idowu Olabode: March 20, 2017, 03:44:00 PM
A Kilburn woman who has spent most of her career working as a nurse in the NHS is celebrating after winning £10,000 on the Health Lottery.

Amanda Claxton, 37, could not believe her luck when she found out the good news. She initially thought she had won just £50 on her ticket.

Amanda said: “I went into Sainsbury’s to check the lines and they said they couldn’t pay out my prize. I thought ‘it’s obviously just over £50’ so I tried the Post Office as they can pay out up to £250.”

After being told that her prize was too big to pay out there too she called up the Health Lottery, and discovered she’d won more than she’d ever dreamed of.

She said: “I kept telling myself it must be some kind of joke, but it became clear that it wasn’t. I think I deafened them with my screeching.”

Amanda has worked in the NHS for nearly 20 years, and this is not the first time the stars have aligned for her.

She married husband Lee in 2011 after meeting him while he was in hospital for a kidney transplant.

Lee’s health means that Amanda is the sole breadwinner, and so the extra cash is even more welcome.

Amanda said: “I like to play the Health Lottery when I have a bit of spare cash as I’m the only one in the household who works. My husband is medically retired due to illness.

“I come across a lot of elderly people with dementia and other illnesses, all of that is close to my heart which is another reason why I play the Health Lottery.”

She added: “My boys Jack and Ashley thought I was joking. Then they just screamed. When I told my husband I had tears in my eyes and he too thought it was a joke.

“I’m sure everyone says it but nothing like this ever happens to us as a family. It means the absolute world.”

Amanda said she plans to spend the money on a new driveway, a family holiday, and then give some away to her parents and brother.

The Health Lottery is a nationwide initiative which aims to address inequalities in healthcare funding.

For more details, visit

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* News / Namibia: Nurses arrested for refusing to take blood sample by Idowu Olabode: March 20, 2017, 03:39:42 PM
TWO nurses at the Katutura Intermediate Hospital emergency department were arrested for refusing a demand by the Windhoek City Police to take a blood sample from a drunk driving suspect yesterday.
The nurses, whose names cannot be disclosed, yesterday said three City Police officers arrived at the hospital at around 07h00 and asked them to draw blood from a suspect.

Since the suspect's form stated that only a doctor was authorised to take a blood sample, the nurses said, they asked the officers to wait.

One of the nurses claimed that the officers insisted that they should draw the blood.

“I told them I was unable to do so,” the nurse said, while the other nurse said the officers insisted even when they were busy attending to a boy who had had a convulsion.

“One of the police officers kept knocking on the emergency door, demanding that we give him our names after we refused to take the blood sample.

“I asked the officer what he wanted to do with my name. I refused to give it to him. We were then told that we are under arrest for refusing to follow police instructions and refusing to give our names,” she said.

The nurses were taken to the Katutura Police Station where they were to be charged but were freed when Windhoek City Police chief Abraham Kanime ordered their release.

Kanime said yesterday that he had ordered that the officers who arrested the nurses be investigated.

“I want to understand how officers can arrest nurses who are on duty, who were attending to an emergency for that matter. They need to explain to me what warranted such an action,” Kanime said, adding that he was very concerned by what happened.

Kanime said civilians can be charged for refusing to assist or provide relevant information to an officer of the law, but admitted that officers can only arrest a nurse on duty if they were posing a risk to a patient.

“What risk were the nurses posing in this case? Even if they had to be removed from their duty stations, it should be done with the instructions of the hospital superintendent,” he said.

The ministry of health's spokesperson did not answer questions sent to her yesterday.

One of the nurses said she was deeply disturbed by the disruption caused by the police officers while she was attending to an emergency patient.

“Was I supposed to abandon the emergency patient and attend to a drunk driving suspect? Drawing a blood sample is not an emergency,” she said, adding that after their release, they were sent home because they could not concentrate on their work.

“I am so traumatised. I am not in the right state of mind right now. It is very disturbing,” said the nurse.

According to the amended Criminal Procedure Act of 1997, a medical officer of any prison or district surgeon and any other registered medical practitioner or registered nurse, if requested by a member of the police acting in the execution of his or her duties, must take such steps, including taking a blood or other bodily fluid sample, as may be necessary.

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* News / Doctor misled medics over Ebola nurse's temperature by Idowu Olabode: March 20, 2017, 03:36:11 PM
A doctor has admitted misleading other medics after the warning sign of a raised temperature for nurse Pauline Cafferkey was concealed hours before she fell seriously ill with the Ebola virus.

Dr Hannah Ryan took the temperature of the nurse, from Cambuslang in South Lanarkshire, as they waited to go through screening at Heathrow Airport, medical watchdogs heard.

They had been working in Sierra Leone with other "selfless" UK medics who had volunteered to help treat victims of the deadly virus which killed thousands in West Africa in 2014, a Medical Practitioners Tribunal was told.

But after flying home "keen" to be back for Christmas, Dr Ryan took Ms Cafferkey's temperature which was 38.2 centigrade - above the 37.5 centigrade threshold which is a warning sign for Ebola.

Dr Ryan was in a state of "disbelief, fear and panic" at the raised reading and instead of alerting Public Health England medics at Heathrow screening groups returning from West Africa, a lower temperature was recorded of 37.2 - and Ms Cafferkey was eventually allowed to catch her connecting flight to Glasgow to go home.

She fell seriously ill the next day and tested positive for the Ebola virus.

Dr Ryan has admitted misleading others and "acquiesced" in the wrong temperature being given, but denies misconduct by her actions at the airport and during a subsequent investigation by Public Health England.

Source :

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