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* News / London Hospital Drops Chemotherapy Due To Nursing Shortage by katty: November 03, 2018, 06:16:22 PM
One of the biggest NHS trusts is to stop providing chemotherapy at one of its hospitals because it has too few specialist cancer nurses to staff the unit.

The Cedar Centre at King George hospital in Ilford, east London, will cease provision from 12 November because four of its nurses have quit and two others have gone on maternity leave.

It is thought to be the first time the NHS’s widespread staffing problems have led to a specialist cancer unit no longer being able to offer a vital service such as chemotherapy.

More than 500 patients a year received their cancer treatment there, and in future patients will have to go to Queen’s hospital in nearby Romford instead.

Macmillan Cancer Support said the move was “hugely concerning” and a stark example of the “extreme workforce pressure” at NHS cancer services, which are facing rising demand while recruitment and retention of nurses gets harder.

Moira Fraser-Pearce, Macmillan’s director of policy, said: “It is hugely concerning if a hospital is not able to recruit enough cancer nurse specialists to feel it can safely provide patients with the treatment they need.”

Tom Sandford, the Royal College of Nursing’s England director, said: “The loss of the chemotherapy service at the Cedar Centre is a serious blow to patient care at a time when the government’s referral target for urgent cancer treatment has not been met for five years.

“The fact a specialist unit such as this has been forced to close its doors to people needing chemotherapy is the starkest evidence yet that the nurse staffing crisis is jeopardising safe patient care, with almost 42,000 nurse vacancies in England alone.”

Barking, Havering and Redbridge University hospitals NHS trust, which runs both hospitals, said it had been planning to centralise chemotherapy services in Romford, and had accelerated the move when it found it could not replace the four nurses who are leaving. The departures will reduce the number of cancer nurses working across both hospital sites delivering chemotherapy from 19 to 15.

The absence of two nurses on maternity leave will mean 13 will be working at Queen’s, which already has almost 2,000 cancer patients a year.

Chris Bown, the trust’s interim chief executive, said: “Chemotherapy nurses are a specialist group and hard to recruit to.

“Centralising our chemotherapy service at Queen’s hospital is part of our ongoing plans to improve the care and experience of our cancer patients. We’ve brought forward these plans due to staff shortages.”

In January, it emerged that medical chiefs at Churchill hospital in Oxford were considering starting to ration access to chemotherapy for both existing and newly referred cancer patients because it had too few nurses to deliver treatment.

The Cedar Centre has been providing chemotherapy two days a week to what the trust says are patients requiring “less complex treatments” than those who go to Queen’s hospital.

Bown said the centralisation was good for patients because the radiotherapy centre, medical experts in cancer and the pharmacy team were all based at Queens’s.

The Cedar Centre will now be developed as a “living with cancer and beyond health and wellbeing hub, providing a range of support to help patients and their families from their diagnosis through to post-treatment”, Bown said.

Macmillan and Cancer Research UK have warned in recent years about the growing difficulties NHS cancer services are having in recruiting and retaining staff, which has led to patients facing delays in diagnostic testing and treatment.

Macmillan has voiced concern about the number of vacancies for nurses who specialise in treating certain forms of cancer. Sandford said the removal last year of funding for tuition fees and living costs for student nurses was contributing to a worrying outlook.

“Retention rates are also a huge problem as the pressure caused by understaffed workplaces pushes more and more people away from the job they love,” he said.

Shortages of cancer nurses are common, even though more are being employed in the NHS in England. The latest figures from NHS Digital show the total number of nurses and health visitors in England specialising in cancer support rose from 2,869 in June 2016 to 3,096 in June this year.

The number of hospital and community-based doctors working in cancer support fell by 23% over the same two-year period, from 141 to 108.

* News / Liberian Nurses Get Training in Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation by katty: November 02, 2018, 05:09:43 PM
Following the death of Jessica Broderick, 45, at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center early this year, a Liberian based in the US has stressed that nurses in Liberia must focus on learning basic lifesaving skills.

Tawah Fenner says the incident of Broderick’s death prompted her to conduct training for nurses at the country’s premiere heath care center.

Broderick, a nurse who has been working for the last 15 years, went to seek treatment for a severe heart pain but was told to go through the formalities of registration before receiving treatment.

Eyewitnesses recalled that she collapsed while walking to the registration center – about a 15-minute walk from the main facility located on the compound of the hospital.

And Fenner says chest pain is a medical emergency that should be treated as such.

She was speaking at a 2-day training for 26 nurses and is expected to begin another in Bong County. She also brought into the country several materials for nurses, which she said were donated by the American heart association.

She said the death of Jessica encouraged her to return to Liberia in order to educate nurses on how they can swiftly resuscitate patients.

Fenner practiced for 13 years both in America and Liberia. Upon her recent return to Liberia, she designed a program to benefit Liberian nurses. She also suggests that health should be a priority for the government, urging that more budgetary support should be provided to public health centers.

“They have learned it but they need equipment and materials, if these are not provided, the chances of patients surviving is a slim chance when equipment is not affordable,” she said.

Gloria Stevens, president of Liberia’s Nursing Association, lauded the initiative and said the training is was a refresher for health practitioners and lessons learn must be shared with colleagues.

Two participants of the program, J. Habakkuk Gaye of Good Will medical Center in Fiamah and Patience Konneh, nurse at JFK’s Chronic Care Unit, said the Cardiac Pulmonary training was their first and will be applied both in and out of the hospital.

Source: Frontpage Africa
* News / Kenya: KNH Nurses Resume Work After Assurances on Complaints by katty: November 02, 2018, 04:33:27 PM
Normalcy has returned at the Kenyatta National Hospital after the Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN) asked striking nurses to resume duty.

This is after the Ministry of Health agreed to address their grievances, which include insecurity and leeway to join KNUN from a rival union.

The union’s Secretary General Seth Panyako who addressed the nurses says the management of KNH has also been directed to sign a recognition agreement paving way for the nurses to join KNUN.

“The ministry was very clear that they do not want to hear anything like going to court. If we get any hitch, we shall come back to you,” he asserted.

Panyako had earlier been arrested and charged in court for allegedly inciting the nurses, majority of whom are not members of KNUN.

The nurses had cited insecurity as well as frustration by the KNH management, which was against their move to join Panyako led union from the Kenya Union of Domestic, Hotels, Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Allied Workers (KUDHEIHA).

“All the forms which you have signed to leave KUDHEIHA which you never joined shall be handed over to the Deputy Director nursing services. Once he verifies those forms, he will write a letter and forward them to the Chief Executive Officer,” he said amid cheers from the nurses.

After this, the KNH management will be tasked to start deducting union dues which will be directed to KNUN coffers.

“After that, we shall do a recognition agreement and then start a Collective Bargaining Agreement…that is a directive from the ministry which is the main employer,” he said.

* News / At Last Kenyatta National Hospital Bows to Pressure, Allows Nurses to Join Union by katty: November 01, 2018, 07:56:02 PM
Striking nurses at Kenyatta National Hospital had their way after the management yesterday allowed them to join the Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN).

The medical workers went on strike on Monday demanding to be allowed to join the union, which is the largest nurses’ representative in the country.

KNUN secretary-general Seth Panyako, who stormed the hospital on Monday, was arrested and charged with incitement the next day.

Previously, nurses at the country’s largest referral facility were members of the Kenya Union of Domestic, Hotels, Educational and Hospital Workers (Kudheiha).


Acting chief executive, Dr Thomas Mutie, clarified that the hospital’s management is not opposed to nurses joining a union of their choice.

“The management has no intention to stop the nurses from joining a union of their choice or refusing to recognise any union, including KNUN since this is a constitutional right. However, parties must follow due process as stipulated in the law,” he said.

He, however, insisted that nurses wishing to join KNUN must first renounce their membership of any other union by formally resigning.

Dr Mutie said the hospital could not deduct the membership dues of more than one union for a nurse, adding that anyone wishing to join KNUN must follow the right channel.

“Those wishing to join another union must present acknowledged and approved resignation letters. We have held meetings with the nursing representatives and they have promised to follow the due process to facilitate recognition within the shortest time possible,” he said.

Among the grievances the striking nurses listed was the casual manner in which the hospital had handled the case of Mildred Akinyi, who was attacked by enraged relatives of a patient who died while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

He said the hospital had agreed to pay the full medical bill of Ms Akinyi. “Mildred Akinyi has been paid all her dues. The management has also taken full responsibility of all medical expenses amounting to Sh598,000 incurred by Ms Akinyi during her hospitalisation and will further meet the cost of post-discharge follow-up visits at the clinics,” said Dr Mutie.


He further said the management had provided and facilitated for the prosecution of the assailants. He reassured staff and visitors that security had been beefed up through the addition of police officers and guards.

While Dr Mutie was quick to state that nurses involved in picketing at the facility would not be victimised, he was emphatic that those arrested on Wednesday were picketing “outside the hospital in defiance of instructions by the police”.

The victory has not been secured without a fight. On Wednesday, Kudheiha's secretary-general Albert Njeru accused Mr Panyako of “playing politics” with the KNH nurses in a bid to destabilise the union.

“We wish to remind the KNUN secretary-general that he was once a member and also the chief shop steward in this union, which he now refers to as a domestic workers’ union. We, therefore wonder, is it now that he has realised the union does not represent nurses?” he posed.

Mr Njeru said the KNUN official’s attempt to get the nurses’ membership to the union recognised “had flopped at the courts” following a decision by Lady Justice Maureen Onyango in 2016 that ordered the union to desist from inciting nurses and interfering with essential services at the facility”.

* News / Danny's Diary: Nurses Deserve More Than Just Our Respect by katty: November 01, 2018, 02:04:31 PM
I started to feel unwell on Friday. I spent the entire Saturday in bed. By Sunday I knew I had to see a doctor. A friend of mine, Andrea, and her husband drove me to Groote Schuur Hospital.
The place was filled with people. The ER was hot and busy. Getting my file was a breeze.

It turns out my blood pressure was incredibly low.

They did an EPG and I had to wait for the doctor to see me. I became annoyed at how some patients treated the nurses.

I later discovered she was pulling a double shift. Honestly, I am not sure whether or not I would be able to handle such a bunch of ungrateful people. And let’s be honest here: Do they really receive a wage they deserve?

Up early, working double shifts, getting home after dark compromised family life. These nurses are a godsend. A little bit of understanding and support could put a smile on their faces. They should never become victims of our emotions or an outlet for our frustrations.

Speaking of health, the South African Drug Policy week was held in Woodstock recently. Policy-makers from around the world gathered here to discuss critical issues such as harm reduction, human rights and the ongoing war on drugs.

As we know the global drug market is larger and more robust than ever, despite the millions of dollars ploughed into supply reduction and harsh law enforcement. In parallel, the harms of repressive approaches have reached epic proportions.

Under the Reagan administration, the US escalated its global military and police efforts in the war against drugs. But in doing so, violence caused collateral damage, and resulted in mass incarceration in the US.

The carnage that the “war on drugs” caused over the past decade is demonstrated by these harrowing figures: At least 3940 people executed for a drug offence with 33 jurisdictions retaining the death penalty for drug offences in violation of international standards. A report also outlines new indicators for assessing drug policy progress and impacts, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and the protection of human rights.

The UN drug policy recognises the failure and harms of prohibition, and some jurisdictions have moved to legally regulate cannabis for adult recreational use. Yet at the same time, destructive approaches like those taken by President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines have led to some 27000 alleged extra-judicial killings in just two years.

The difference is that while Canada’s policy does go beyond the limits of the UN drug control treaties, it does not violate basic human rights, while repressive approaches - ranging from the denial of harm reduction services and the use of forced rehabilitation, forced eradication of crops, the death penalty and unlawful killings - are serious violations of international human rights law.

* Danny Oosthuizen is the #TheDignityProject ambassador. In his weekly daily column for the Cape Argus, he tackles the struggles homeless people face. Connect with Danny on Facebook and on Twitter @masekind3213
* News / Ghana Government To Recruit 40,000 Nurses in 2019 by katty: November 01, 2018, 01:59:44 PM
Mr Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, Minister for Health, has announced government, will in February next year, recruit 40,000 nurses to help deliver quality health care to all.

 He said this year the government did not recruit even a single nurse because of constraints and budgetary concerns, adding, it was working to ensure that financial clearance was given for such number of nurses to be recruited in February, next year.

 Mr Agyeman-Manu made the announcement during the opening of the 12th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Conference of Heads of Health Training Institutions (COHHETI) in Tamale on Monday.

The week-long AGM affords members of COHHETI to amongst others, discuss issues of the health sector such as achieving universal health coverage, pre-service training: the critical success factor to improving the quality of care.

It is on the theme: “Contemporary Health Care Delivery: The Role of Health Training Institutions and other Stakeholders”.  Mr Agyeman-Manu, therefore, urged unemployed nurses to be patient as government put in place measures to employ them.

 The Minister was also hopeful that by the end of this year, about 20,000 nurses would be recruited under the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) to augment the staff strength of the various hospital facilities across the country.

 He advised nurses to register for NABCO recruitment as it was an important government intervention, whose remuneration was even better than what some public sector workers received, adding, working under NABCO would ensure that they did not forget what they learnt in school.

He said nurses working under NABCO would be absorbed under the health sector as permanent staff when the opportunity was available. Mr Agyeman-Manu reiterating the need for health training institutions to teach students an additional international language such that trained nurses could easily seek employment in other countries.

He also urged health training institutions to incorporate customer care training in their curriculum to imbibe in nurses some discipline to attend to clients in a satisfactory manner.

 Madam Monica Nkrumah, President of COHHETI, appealed to the government to release the second batch of financial clearance such that the 400 temporary workers at the health training institutions would be absorbed under the payroll to relieve the training institutions of added financial burden.

Madam Nkrumah appealed to all to support health training institutions with the needed teaching and learning materials and current text books to enhance the training of effective and efficient nurses and midwives for quality health care delivery.

Mr Salifu Saaed, Northern Regional Minister, commended the Principals and Heads of Health Training Institutions for their immense contributions to the health sector to ensure quality health care delivery.

Sagnari Naa Yakubu Abdulai, Paramount Chief of Sagnarigu Traditional Area, who chaired the event, appealed to the government to adequately resource hospitals to provide quality health care to all, such that people did not have to travel abroad for medical treatment.
Source: GNA
* News / Kenya Nurses issue strike notice, demand state honour accord by katty: November 01, 2018, 12:33:55 PM
The Kenya National Union of Nurses has asked the government to honour the November 2017 return-to-work formula to avoid another strike.

 Among the issues they want addressed is harmonisation of grading structure.

 They say it degrades them compared to other health workers as it does not allow them to hold any position in hospital administration, among others.

They also want Kenyatta National Hospital management to address issues of poor working conditions, lack of security, harassment and detention by police.

 Speaking to the press in Nairobi yesterday, Kenya National Union of Nurses deputy general secretary Maurice Opetu said the government is reluctant to implement the accord as agreed.

 He said one reason is that the Salaries and Remuneration Commission now has a new boss. He accused the KNH board of ignoring the plight of nurses who want to join the nurses union.

 “With the new SRC boss in place, now we put the government on a seven-day strike notice that it should immediately give occurrence letter on the implementation of the return-to-work agreement signed on November 2, 2017, in full term,” Opetu said.

 He called for the harmonisation of grading structure and completion and signing of the collective bargaining agreement. Opetu said this should be done as fast as possible.

Otherwise, they will convene a meeting with the union’s national advisory committee, “and the results are well known,” he said. Opetu accused Health Cabinet secretary Sicily Kariuki for being silent on the KNH problems.

 He urged her to compel the KNH board to allow the nurses to join the union as they havedemanded. “We are a well-registered union and our mandate is to fight for the rights of workers.

 I wonder why KNH is reluctant to allow our nurses to join the union. We don’t want to strike but they are forcing us to it by avoiding dialogue and using the police to disperse us.

 Why does KNH operate like Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital? We shall fight for the rightsof our workers’ safety,” he said.

 Opetu called upon Central Organisation of Trade Union secretary general Francis Atwoli to intervene.

 He called on him to institute necessary measures with the International Labour Tribunal against the management of KNH.

 The nurses went on strike for five months last year affecting the health care system.

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* Articles / Healthcare Professional Rivalry isn't caused by Politicians. By OMOLOLA Adams by Idowu Olabode: October 31, 2018, 08:04:19 PM
Healthcare sector is a pivotal and fulcrum of any national development and growth. It's a complex system engulfed with subsystem. It's unique identity from other sectors is its multi-sectoral approach and not a one-man affair.

According to Wikipedia,  a system is a regularly interacting or interdependent group of units forming an integrated whole. Every system is delineated by its spatial and temporal boundaries,  surrounded and influenced by its environment,  described by its structure and purpose and expressed in its functioning.

Every nation had its challenges and crises in health sector as national crisis over a period of time. Some countries developed viable and formidable  health system from the outcome of the crisis,  while others are still battling and wallowing the aftermath of the crisis. At a point in time (before civil war) Nigeria among other nations had very good health care sector. There were foreigners working in Nigeria. Brain drain was never known.

The major crisis in Nigeria healthcare system is professional rivalry,  which negates the "system model". Over past decades there had been serious attack and counter-attack among the professionals in the health sector,  reflecting divergent views on professional autonomy among others. If Nigeria healthcare sector fully institutionalised system model,  as practised in the developed world,  the crises shall be abated.
Prof. Chris Bode,  Chief Medical Director,  LUTH,  Lagos State,  blamed politicians for professional rivalry in the health sector. This statement is far from truth,  hence misinforming and misguiding the public. If members of the team collaborate with one another,  no intruder can invade the house talk less of promoting crisis.

Politicians make use of the best situation,  since the house stands against itself,  Politicians use divides and rules hence gaining through corruption. Some of these so-called politicians belong to a group of Health care professionals. The crisis reflects the national health index where Nigeria is rated among the very poor nation with health index.

In as much as a subsystem wants to dominate other subsystem,  crisis will continue to loom. Society should not be misinformed about the reality deepening on wages, educational system,  professional boundaries,  the headship,  the administrative sections,  professional autonomy etc. The system has been bastardised,  manipulated and corrupted, hence complete overhaul is needed through a roundtable dialogue where all professionals shall be represented and chaired by a seasoned manager and administrator (Health). Every professionals should work together as a team for national development.

Public Healthcare Expert and Strategist.
* News / OAUTHC Debunks Rumor of Sacking Nurses for Wearing Trousers on Duty by katty: October 31, 2018, 07:16:55 PM
It is a disgusting that the nurses entangled in the uniform issue have chosen to put it in the court of public opinion rather than seek appropriate local dialogue means as advised by the Muslims community. OAUTHC as a pubic institution is regulated by laws and her employee must seek what laws guide their conducts on one issue or the other.

For the avoidance of doubt, the institution has a statutory uniform committee for nurses as well as other health workers using uniforms. If any member of staff desires by any reason to put on any uniform different from the ones approved by the appropriate committee, s/he is expected to write a formal application to the committee stating the reason(s) for his/her request.

The said members of staff flouted this basic public service procedure. In order to prevent them from misleading other nurses, the management requested that they should stop putting on the unapproved uniforms until they do the needful.

It is however a surprise to read the various allegations made against the hospital, the chief medical director and the head of nursing services by the concerned nurses and their blogger.

The general public is hereby enjoined to disregard the information as appropriate administrative step is being taken to properly address the issue. The department of nursing services and in extension, the hospital administration whishes to state categorically that non of her employee will be deprived of his/her human right as long as they seek those right through appropriate means.
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