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* News / Kenya Counties Begin Firing of Striking Nurses, Advertise their positions by Idowu Olabode: September 18, 2017, 12:14:39 PM
County governments have begun advertising positions for the nurses who are on strike even as the caregivers continued their push for better pay and promotions.

At least two counties— Kirinyaga and Kiambu— have put up notices calling on interested candidates to apply for the positions.


The Kirinyaga county government, in a notice in the local dailies, said the positions to be filled competitively will be on renewable contracts.

“Successful candidates will be appointed on contract renewable subject to proven performance,” Kirinyaga County Public Service Board said in the notice.

Last week, Kiambu County Public Service Board announced plans to fill the vacancies left by the striking nurses.

The health workers, whose job boycott has entered the third month, are agitating for improved pay, better working conditions as well as promotions.


Their demands are contained in a Collective Bargain Agreement they signed with the Council of Governors and the national government.

Appeals by President Kenyatta and governors to the nurses to resume work and return to the negotiation table have failed to yield much fruit, with the workers accusing the county chiefs of dishonesty and failing to honour the agreements signed.

The caregivers also say they are frustrated with the government’s lack of commitment to effect the deal reached with both the national and county governments in June.

Governors have, however, termed the ongoing strike illegal since the right procedure was not followed in calling it.

Council of Governors Chairman Josphat Nanok said even as the strike continues, no county government has received any legal notice on it from the Kenya National Union of Nurses.
* News / Uganda: Arrested Health Worker in Government Hospital a Quack - State House by Idowu Olabode: September 17, 2017, 10:40:54 PM
One of the suspects who was arrested at Naguru-China Friendship Hospital after asking the State Minister for Health, Ms Sarah Opendi, for a bribe, has been masquerading as a laboratory technologist for six years without any qualifications.

Andrew Kalule was arrested after he asked Ms Opendi for Shs150,000 to perform tests recommended by the doctor.

On Friday morning, dressed in a hijab and a veil to disguise herself, Ms Opendi visited Naguru-China Friendship Hospital seeking medical services.

"I arrived here and disguised myself as a patient with abdominal complications. I wanted to confirm reports I have been receiving from the public that Naguru health workers ask patients to pay for [the supposedly] free services," she said.

"I went to the doctor who I informed about my sickness. The doctor then recommended that I do some tests including: liver function test, diabetes and Hepatitis B," she added.

It was at the main laboratory where the minister was directed, that Mr Kalule asked for a bribe to perform the tests and was soon after arrested.

After being interrogated by detectives of the State House Monitoring Unit led by Mr Collins Karugaba, it was discovered that he has been masquerading as a laboratory technologist since 2011 yet he has no qualifications."It's true, the suspect we arrested confessed that he is not qualified to work in the laboratory and he has been fleecing patients since 2011. This indicates there is a syndicate so we shall also probe the hospital administration," said Mr Karugaba.

Ms Christine Namanda, a nursing assistant, was the second person to be arrested after allegedly asking for Shs5,000 in order to avail testing strips used to diagnose diabetes.

Ms Namanda who had just returned from maternity leave told journalists that the testing strips were out of stock at hospital but would only be availed at a cost.

The deputy hospital director, Dr Stephen Kyebambe, applauded the minister for helping them expose staff who have been extorting money from patients.

However, several health workers who spoke to this reporter after the arrest of their colleagues indicated that they work under awful conditions which tempt them to ask for money from patients in order to survive.

Ms Opendi said the suspects will be taken to the Anti-Corruption Court over corruption charges.

Source : The Monitor
* News / The New Face Of The Katsina School Of Nursing And Midwifery by Idowu Olabode: September 17, 2017, 07:48:45 PM
Since the establishment of Katsina State Nursing School in 1956, it has never been completely rehabilitated on such a grand scale before, as it is done by the administration of Governor Aminu Bello Masari. The school’s current Director, Aminu Bello Abdullahi, said, “the school has never received attention this much in the past”. According to him, the rehabilitation has touched every aspect of the school ranging from human resources, infrastructure to human development.

The school’s landscape has been made exceptionally elegant, among the spectacularly cleanliest places in Katsina State. Beautiful flowers have been planted everywhere in the school, in different shades of colors, which are evidently regularly tended to. As stated by the Director, every strand of the flower was planted by this current administration. More to that, a separate borehole has been put in place to ensure adequate watering of the flowers and other cleaning activities, which are done by six permanent staff solely employed for that purpose. Almost everywhere is interlocked as well.

Central Drainage System

Before the renovation, 2/3 of the school used to be covered with stagnant water during the raining season. But now that a central drainage system has been constructed linking every part of the school, the whole school gets drained within a very short period of time after rainfall.

All the hotels have been renovated, except 1 male hostel that is in progress, the windows of which are currently being expanded. Everything has been changed including the fittings. In the female hostel particularly, there used to be only 1 toilet and no laundry. But now, 10 toilets have been built and 2 laundries; 1 on the upper floor and the other on the ground floor. The hostel contains 70 rooms, distributed in sets of complexes contained under one single structure.
More interesting are the new additional features incorporated in the hostel. These include a sick bay, a common room, and a crèche. The crèche, which has been equipped with toys, is meant for staff’s and students’ kids, to be looked after by 4 nannies. The hostel also has a separate 180, 000 liters reservoir in addition to its surface tank.
Water Supply

Furthermore, there are three other such reservoirs in the school to complement the several surface tanks there are in the school so as to ensure adequate water supply.
Recreational Garden

A garden has been newly constructed for recreational purposes for staff and students. It comprises shades lined with flowers and also linked by walkways. And seats will soon be provided.

Before the renovation, the library could only contain 50 people at a time. But now the library has been expanded to contain 120 students at a time. Such sections that have been expanded include reading area and reference section. More books and journals have been supplied to the library. The library operates 12 hours from 8 am to 9 pm.

Demonstration Room

A demonstration room is also newly constructed by Women for Health, a non-governmental organization that promotes women participation in the health sector. The room entails apparatus for a practical demonstration of procedures and sequences of the theoretical aspects taught in classrooms. Its capacity contains 100 students, 10 students per bed.

All classrooms have been renovated.

Before the renovation, the auditorium could only contain 150 students. But it has now been expanded and remodeled to contain as many students as 250. Everything in the auditorium has been changed, the seats, fans, podium, sound or public addressing system etc.
Computer Labs

Gov. Masari’s administration has also built new computer labs. One of which contains 100 computers for teaching computer application and data processing. It can support 100 students at a time. The purpose of this lab is to the make the students computer literate.
Computer Application Class

The other computer lab is an e-learning center containing 12 computers with a server room. It is aimed at taking teaching and learning to another level of effectiveness and efficiency. The tutors and instructors upload contents in the systems so that the students can access them anytime. Students can also access the lecture contents using their android phones once they are programmed, in case they are not in class during lectures.
e-Learning Class

In addition, the tutors upload assignments for students to do and send them back for marking. After marking, the students will receive their feedback via the computers. The e-learning center has a separate solar panel that provides it with a 24-hour electricity supply. There is also a 24-hour Internet access. This e-learning center is said to be the first of its kind in northern Nigeria with these special features.

All the labs have been renovated, both science and anatomy labs, with adequate apparatus.

The current government has also provided another 38-seater bus, in addition to the existing 14-seater bus.

A cafeteria is also under construction.

In order to maintain the new shape of the school, a Maintenance and sustainability committee has been set up comprising staff and students to monitor the infrastructure and advise the school management on how best to manage the school’s facilities.
Staff and their Qualifications

Before, there were only 13 staff in the school, to the extent that there was a time when the Nurses Council of Nigeria suspended the school’s license because of inadequate staffing. But under this current administration, more staff were employed. Now there are 14 clinical instructors and 38 tutors who are professional teachers certified by Nurses Council of Nigeria to practice in Nigeria and anywhere in the world. They handle the professional aspect of the learning process in the school. This is a handsome number because the Nurses Council of Nigeria demands that the standard ratio of teaching in nursing schools should be 1 teacher to ten 10 students- 1:10. But at the moment, the school’s ratio is 1:8.
Furthermore, according to the Nurses Council of Nigeria, the qualification limit of a tutor in such schools should be Ph.D. Currently, among the staff in the school, there are 11-degree holders in the nursing profession, 5 with Masters degree and 3 doing their Ph.D., including the Director himself. Going by the requirements of the Council, the school can run a degree program with its current capacity.

Programs and Certification

The school runs General Certificate Nursing Program and Post Basic Certificate Program which takes a period of 18 months. Among the students being trained, there are international students that come from the Niger Republic, Jordan, Sudan etc. for them to obtain a license to practice in Nigeria. Because of its current standard, the school is expecting an accreditation team anytime soon so as to run HND program, which will hopefully commence by October this year. Upon attaining that status, the school will be the only nursing school in Nigeria that runs HND program.
Also, the school is currently training 5 nurses that are sponsored by the state government to undergo skills enhancement.

Before this present administration, the school used to admit only 50 students. But with the enhancement of its capacity, it now admits 150 students annually. The state absorbs the nurses it produces. And with the way things are going, the school can feed other states in two years’ time.
Before, in terms of employment, upon getting admissions, a student automatically became a civil servant. But now, they need to apply to the state Civil Service Commission, take tests and interviews and then get employed if they pass. This is a move to ensure a high-level quality of the health personnel necessary to man the sector. It does not, in any way, limit the recruitment of the school’s graduates. Currently, all the nurses that the school has produced are employed except two, the reason being that they recently graduated.
* News / Ghanaian Nurse’s Post Over Death of 10yr old boy sparks Social Media Outrage by Idowu Olabode: September 17, 2017, 05:50:37 PM
A mean-spirited post about the death of a 10-year-old boy at the Tema General Hospital, by a supposed nurse, has sparked outrage on social media.

The male nurse who is identified on social media platforms as Wilson Etor Dhiggy, sought to defend a nurse at the Tema General Hospital over alleged professional negligence.

The Tema General hospital nurse has been accused by the mother of the 10-year-old boy of failing to respond promptly to her distress calls moments before her son passed away.

The news has triggered discussions over the quality of healthcare and the professionalism of caregivers. But taking to social media to vent his frustration over public backlash, the male nurse Etor Dhiggy suggested the nurse should not be accused of negligence.

“Nurses are NOT God and the fact that ur son is in pain doesn’t mean the nurse should not take his or rest. I’m sure those nurses did all they could. And the fact that u are in the hospital doesn’t mean u MUST recover. This nonsense of negligence must stop or take care of ur sick people at home,” the post read.

Comments on his thread were full of outrage with some calling for immediate sanctions to be meted out to him.
The post drew hordes of attacks on the nurse who has since apologised.

“Hi. Ghana. Its has come to my notice that my HARSH comments didn't go down well. I want to take this time to apologize to the entire public for my unprofessional comments and conduct. It won't happen again. No harm intended just went too emotional.”

Wilson Etor Dhiggy


The Tema General Hospital has begun investigations into the circumstances under which a ten-year-old boy allegedly died from complications of resulting from a drug overdose administered to him at the hospital.

The deceased visited the hospital with his mum after he got injured playing football.

According to his mother, Mabel Senahey, the doctor prescribed 50mg of the drug to be given to her son, but the pharmacist changed it to 75mg.

She told Joy News’ Maxwell Agbagba Wednesday when she notified the doctor about the discrepancy, the doctor directed her to go ahead and administer the drug.

Shortly after her son took the medicine, he started complaining of heart burns and stomach pains which forced the mother to bring the boy back to the hospital.

According to her, her repeated attempts to get the nurses on duty to call in any of the doctors to attend to her son proved futile.

The boy squirmed and yelled in pain but the nurses were not to be bothered, Mabel Senahey alleged.

Her son passed away before the doctor came to attend to him but it was too late. The family is now accusing the hospital of criminal negligence and wants justice.

Source :myjoyonline
* News / How Uganda's Health Minister Busted Corrupt Health Workers By Using Hijab by Idowu Olabode: September 17, 2017, 05:39:58 PM
In what can be best described as an Undercover operation, Uganda's Minister of Health, Sarah Opendi on Friday arrested two health workers at Naguru-China Friendship Hospital for collecting bribes.

The Minister covered in Hijab and a face veil worn by Muslim women called Niqab, arrived the hospital on a commercial motorcycle called boda boda (okada in Nigeria) and went through the hospital process like any normal patient would. However, she soon confirmed her suspicions that the hospital is full of corrupt health workers.

She explained to the press: “I arrived here and disguised myself as a patient with abdominal complications. I wanted to confirm reports I have been receiving from the public that Naguru health workers ask patients to pay for free services.

“I went to the doctor who I informed me about my sickness. The doctor then recommended that I do some tests including: liver function test, diabetes and Hepatitis B.

“However, I was directed to the laboratory.” she added.

When she got to the main laboratory, Andrew Kalule, a lab technologist asked for Shs150, 000 to perform the recommended tests which are meant to be free.

“I never had all the money but I gave him Shs100, 000 and pleaded with him to allow me bring the balance when I get. He then gave me his number and name as Ssozi" explained the minister who then encountered Christine Namanda, a nursing assistant who allegedly asked for Shs5,000 in order to avail testing stripes used to diagnose diabetes.

Namanda told journalists at the time of her arrest that the testing strips were out of stock at hospital and that she wanted to go and buy them from a private clinic. However, after being searched by the police, she was found with about Shs87, 300 which she had allegedly collected from patients as bribes. The minister could easily identify the shillings she had given the nurse having kept the numbers.

The Minister indicated that the suspects would be charged to the Anti-Corruption Court.
* Literature / Because I'm a Nurse by Nurse Johnpaul N Nnakwe by katty: September 17, 2017, 11:29:03 AM
Because I'm a nurse,every morning I set out to work early on empty stomach just to take over from night shift nurses in continuity of care to your sick parents and relatives,not minding if I develop peptic ulcer disease only for patient relatives(you) to show up later at your leisure(visits) to yell at me and expect me to be calm just because I'm a nurse!

Because I'm a nurse,I only see my own family at odd times,missing family gatherings due to course of duty,even when notified my own parents are sick,I just talk to them scantly on the phone pending my trip home just because I'm caring for strangers I may not meet again in my lifetime all just because I'm a nurse!

Because I'm a nurse,my friends have deserted me because of my unstable lifestyle (I don't always turn up for weekend grooves) and taking up another settlement in the environment (hospital) they abhor to visit due to peculiar hospital smell,gory sights and fear of seeing the dead,I'm left alone to turn to a solitary reaper all because I'm a nurse!

Because I'm a nurse,people look down on me and make unhealthy assumptions, why not a doctor?,for taking up female roles maybe he's gay,crack unhealthy jokes and expect me to laugh along and remain cool because they are pretty sure I won't trow punches on their face due to raves and anger to their rude jokes,just because I have been tamed with ethics and self carriage to uphold my noble profession without loosing my cool and throwing tantrums all because I'm a nurse!

Because I'm a nurse,I don't know they days of the week but only understand rooster languages, waking up sick but had to care for a sick fellow without minding if I die in line of duty,I carry on anyways all because I'm a nurse.

Because I'm a nurse,my patients I cared for and gave my best say nasty things against me at my back or at most stereotype all of us as being same,even looking for ways to implicate and report you to management yearning for your sack!,what happened to the public display of affection and the friendship we shared while around/on duty? and you expect me to come back and act cool like nothing happened all because I'm a nurse!

Because I'm a nurse,I rejoice with families on arrival of their new babies and mourn when they lose dear ones at same time holding back my tears so I don't act unprofessional and drag my profession to the mud as the cry cry nurse all because I'm a nurse!

Because I'm a nurse,every night you gather round your dinning table to have dinner and share happy moments and my own seat is always vacant and has become a norm because of night duty!,you cuddle and enjoy your night rest while I only take a nap with my head bent over the table and distracted intermittently by patients requests and groans loosing sleep and my cycardian rhythm,at the end you have the effrontery to tell me to my face"I have lost weight'' compounding my woes and I just beam with smiles all because I'm a nurse!

Because I'm a nurse,even after years of graduation I keep reading and updating my knowledge to be on my toes because my family and friends do see me as an encyclopedia of diagnosis and treatments guidelines bothering my life with their problems and expect me to solve them impromptu lest I appear incompetent all because I'm a nurse!

Surely is only a nurse who can actually relate to the plights of a colleague, let's just unite and make our profession work as I promise to carry on just because I'm a nurse!
* News / Sierra Leone: No Healthcare Without Nurses, Midwives Says Dr. Sesay by Idowu Olabode: September 17, 2017, 11:22:47 AM
Member of Parliament representing Constituency 063, Hon. Dr. Abdulai B. Daniel Sesay at Yele Town in Gbonkolenken Chiefdom Tonkolili District, Northern Province has said that without midwives and nurses, there is no good healthcare service delivery. 

Hon. Dr. A B D Sesay made this statement at the launching ceremony of four strategic draft policy documents for the improvement of quality Nursing and Midwifery education practice and regulations organized by the Directorate of Nursing and Midwifery services in collaboration with the Nurses and Midwives Board of Sierra Leone health development partners on the Theme “ Nursing and Midwifery making a difference in achieving universal health coverage for improved health outcome” at the Miatta Conference Hall, Brookfield’s, in Freetown.

Speaking on the relevance of the launching, Hon. Dr. A B D Sesay noted that; over the years there have been huge extent challenges with regards reports from various communities against nurses blaming unnecessary malpractices especially at PCMH and the Chinese Hospital.

One of the leading hospital doctors based in Makeni city who also doubles as Chairman on Parliamentary Oversight Committee in the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS), Hon. Sesay furthered that; Parliament will continue to provide support leadership to the medical midwives service delivery adding that the field of nursing has been undertaken positive impacts and drastic change towards improving the health sector.

He added that; the ceremony is a step in the right direction and commended the directorate of nursing for a job well done in ensuring firm strategies are put in place with regulations in the new existing curriculum to improve and ensure the nursing profession practice change positively

Hon. Dr. A B D Sesay also emphasized on the need to pay greater attention in elevating the field of nursing to provide the much needed supports. He also emphasized on the important of the theme.

The MP also in supportive of the strategic policy document gears towards regulating nursing training, midwifery policy, student clerical policy framework for nursing and midwifery programs in Sierra Leone.

By: Mohamed Y. Turay
* News / Saudi Health Commission to Ban Health practitioners with Fake Degrees by Idowu Olabode: September 16, 2017, 10:27:40 PM
The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties has warned that medical practitioners who produce fake certificates and documents for registration and classification purposes will be banned from practicing in the Kingdom’s health service sector.

The classification of health practitioners will be based on educational qualification and experience in the field, Al-Watan Arabic daily reported on Wednesday quoting a statement from the commission.

It said that electronic and written tests and interviews will be conducted on the basis of genuine documents.

Candidates appearing for classification exams should produce genuine documents.

“All health practitioners in the Kingdom’s public and private sectors must complete registration and classification procedures,” the statement said.

In a related development, health authorities have instructed hospitals, health centers and the National Unified Procurement Company to conduct a program to reduce chances of fetal abnormalities due to the use of Isotretinoin by women during pregnancy.

The Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) has emphasized the need to conduct this risk management program to prevent negative effects of medicine containing Isotretinoin, which is a medication primarily used to treat severe acne as well as skin cancers.

SFDA has urged medical companies to supply guidelines for use of such medicines.

“The document of instructions to be distributed along with packets of medicine should contain information to be followed before and after use,” SFDA said.

Health practitioners should also obtain the permission of patient or his/her relative before giving such medicines, the ministry pointed out. Patients should be informed about possible side effects of the medicine.

Doctors should also inform the National Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety Center if they observe any side effects of the medicine.

Source : Saudi Gazette
* News / Demand for maternity nurses growing in the UAE by Idowu Olabode: September 16, 2017, 09:17:03 PM
In a quick-paced life that requires new mums to work, there has been an increasing trend of relying on maternity nurses in the country.

As people are becoming more aware of postnatal services available in the country, it has become a norm among families to employ a childcare expert to support them at home.

Lily Kandalaft, who established Malaak Mama & Baby Care, the UAE's first maternity nursing agency, said maternity nurses are professionals who can assist through the whole parenting journey from pregnancy, birth preparations, breastfeeding and sleep.

The trained professionals have a degree in nursing and hands-on experience in hospitals caring for newborn babies and handling emergency situations.

"Parents are looking for a professional to discuss their parenting questions with the ideal routine, co-sleeping pros and cons, breastfeeding techniques, baby proofing, weaning tips etc. So having an expert at home to share her experience can give parents the confidence to make the right decisions that work for their family throughout their parenting journey," said Kandalaft.

Kandalaft said the main benefits of having an expert at home is the support and education they provide and the peace of mind so new mothers can have time for themselves and the family.

"Having the right amount of sleep and peace of mind that your child is being looked after by an expert helps you gain confidence in parenting and you become present in the moment and actually enjoy every milestone," said Kandalaft.

The phenomenon is especially helpful for working mothers as the 45-day maternity leave in the UAE can be challenging for mums returning back to work and leaving their little baby. She said that parents are looking for expert quality care for their children and to have that peace of mind as they return to work.

With the majority of parents being expats, they do not have the support of their family when having a newborn child. She estimates that approximately 50 per cent of her clients are families with both parents in demanding, high profile jobs. For them hiring a maternity nurse enables the mother to return to work as soon as she chooses.

As a new mother herself, Kandalaft said she had plenty of questions when she received her first son Ryan.
"I had read every parenting book possible and joined parenting forums, but I still wasn't confident that I could keep this little person alive," she said.

Mothers report positive experiences

Hala Khallouf hired a maternity nurse for four months to help care for her newborn as she has an older child with special needs. Spending a lot of time taking the older child to doctor's appointments, she needed her new baby to have expert care at home.

"The maternity nurse helped me settle the baby into the right feeding and sleeping routine...I was a happy mother as I could finally get some sleep and could spend time with my eldest son and still get time for myself," said Khallouf. She added while most mothers rely on domestic helpers in this part of the world, having a maternity nurse is a completely different.

"These nurses have a bachelors in nursing and experience in hospitals with young newborn babies. I felt more comfortable relying on someone who would know what to do in an emergency," said Khallouf.

Echoing similar thoughts, was a mother, refused to be named, who hired a maternity nurse for a few months of 12 hours shift as she returned to work soon after having her first child.

She noted the presence of prenatal classes in Dubai, but felt the need to have a professional maternity nurse that would give practical advice on the spot. "The maternity nurse did just that. She provided a holistic service showing me various bathing, feeding, lactation, winding and even pumping techniques, until we achieved a routine that was comfortable for both my baby and myself.

"Above all, she let me have an extra few hours of rest, with the knowledge that my baby was in safe hands," said the mother.

She added that the professional was particularly helpful as she was informed in child development and thus, kept the mother updated with latest studies in maternity.
"It is an invaluable support for new mums and existing parents who have the added stress of juggling older kids. The experience empowers mothers and leaves children in safe hands."

Source :Khaleej Times
* Nursing Jobs / Nurse Deployment Program 2018: DOH to Hire 25,000 Health Workers by Idowu Olabode: September 16, 2017, 08:59:30 PM
Philippines: The department of health has finalized plans to hire 25,000 health workers to be deployed for the 2018 financial year out of which 22,000 will be nurses 

In an interview, Health Secretary Paulyn Jean Ubial said they are currently in need of nurses, doctors, and midwives, among others.

“In our 2018 proposal, we included around P9 billion in the budget, hiring around 25,000 new health providers…. Because the recommendation of WHO, you have to have a team at the primary level to address the health care needs of the public. And you need around 24 varied healthcare providers for every 10,000 population. Currently, we only have 14 for every 10,000 population at the frontline,” Ubial disclosed during the “MB Hot Seat” at the Manila Bulletin.

“We’re hiring varied professionals, doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, pharmacists, med-techs, iba-iba ho. But the majority are nurses. Around 22,000 are allocated. Currently we have 15,000 nurse deployment program applicants and hires but in 2018, that will increase to 22,000. About 7,000 increase,” she added.

The agency also increased the slots for doctors.

“For doctors, we are currently hiring around 300, and we will increase that to around 500 by 2018,” she said.

Those who are interested may go to the nearest regional offices of the DOH and apply for their desired position.

“They can apply in our regional offices across the countries… The hiring period is now up to December. The deployment is January to December next year,” the DOH chief stated.

Source :MB
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