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* News / Independent Midwives in UK Face extinction by katty: February 25, 2017, 11:22:24 PM
Midwives, who work independently of the U.K.'s government health system, are being regulated out of existence amid ambiguous and contradictory assertions by the government.

Self-employed midwives who are members of the organization Independent Midwives UK (IMUK) were abruptly informed last month by the government's regulatory arm, Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), that they were uninsured and had to cease working immediately.

When the midwives tried to get details of the so-called investigation, the actuary used by the government to investigate IMUK's malpractice insurance coverage admitted, "I was not able to review in detail simply because such models are highly complex, and it would take a significant amount of time to review in detail."

Dr. Joseph Shaw, professor of philosophy at the University of Oxford and chairman of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales, told Church Militant, "These midwives' practice has, as of January 11, been made illegal by the arbitrary decision of the state regulator, who insists that their insurance cover is 'inadequate' without revealing their reasoning or explaining what would satisfy them. This absolutely baffling decision needs to be exposed to publicity."

Being "blessed to have seven children," Shaw says, "would not have been possible" had he not utilized the professional, personal, qualified and experienced care from the midwives, who were independent of the National Health Service (NHS), the government run hospital system.

"[M]y wife Lucy would have come under intolerable pressure to have a caesarean section," he commented, "for 'failure to progress,' since the birth was slow (72 hours)."

Shaw is not alone in his assessment of the poor health care provided by NHS to women in labor. A recent joint study by the National Childbirth Trust and the National Federation of Women's Institutes surveyed 2,500 women who have given birth since 2014. Many of the women reported feeling unsafe and frightened while in NHS facilities, describing their experience as being treated "like cattle" or being "on a conveyor belt."

NHS has a history of inducing labor and pushing traumatic caesarean sections, rather than accompanying women through natural labor. This dramatically affects the number of mothers who are subsequently unable to breastfeed, who go on to experience postnatal depression and who report a lack of physical well being.

The ruling from the NMC, which immediately suspended the midwives' group in January, referenced U.K. legislation that made it mandatory "since 2014 for all healthcare professionals — including midwives — to have an indemnity arrangement in place."

The midwives attest that two independent assessments had concluded that they do in fact have adequate insurance coverage.

The government informed the midwives last August that they were looking into the group's insurance coverage, but assured them there was nothing to be alarmed about. But the sudden January 11 ruling declared that all midwives associated with IMUK were immediately suspended owing to lack of "sufficient financial resources to meet the costs of a successful claim for damages for a range of situations."

Jackie Smith, chief executive of NMC, was asked repeatedly on air by host Beverly Turner how she had determined that the midwives suffered from a lack of adequate coverage and what adequate coverage they needed to remedy the problem. Smith would not answer. Turner also brought up the fact that the actuary investigating IMUK on behalf of the government said he couldn't finish the insurance study owing to lack of time and the complexity of the issue. Smith was silent on this as well.

Church Militant reached out to Lynn Walcott, a retired midwife and member of IMUK for comment. Walcott thinks the problem runs deeper than the government's allegations of the midwives' unconfirmed lack of insurance coverage. "I believe that for many years the NMC have been trying to 'outlaw' independent midwifery as it challenges mainstream care within the NHS," said Walcott.

She noted the quality of care that IMUK offers birthing mothers: "Many reliable and respected researchers worldwide have concluded that the model of care that IM's in the UK provide is the 'gold standard,' and yet this is not good enough for the NMC."

In contrast, Walcott had little praise for the quality of government-run birthing centers. "I have acted as an expert witness for an IM when the NMC had brought a case, and I have witnessed other NMC cases — the poor standard the officers of the NMC have shown in any understanding of midwifery care has been shocking."

The website, Save Our Midwives, was started on behalf of IMUK for those who wish to support the continuance of independent midwifery in the United Kingdom.

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* Undergraduate / Nursing Camp for High School Students 2017: Passavant Area Hospital Application by katty: February 25, 2017, 11:12:07 PM
Passavant Area Hospital is accepting applications for a free four-day summer camp for high school students interested in a nursing career.

The summer camp, called Teens Experiencing Nursing, will be June 27-30 at the hospital.

The program begins with an orientation at the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation in Springfield, where students will participate in skills training and simulations. They will spend the following three days in Jacksonville, where they will have the opportunity to job shadow and interact with nursing staff on several units throughout Passavant Area Hospital. Campers will also spend a day at MacMurray College in Jacksonville to learn about pursuing a professional nursing degree.

“Participants receive a hands-on opportunity to experience nursing education and nursing practice,” said Leanna Wynn, affiliate vice president of nursing and quality and chief nursing officer of Passavant Area Hospital. “We’re looking for the best and brightest high school students interested in pursuing a nursing career.”

The camp will be limited to 15 students. Students will need to complete an application, which includes a school counselor reference, written permission from parents and a multiple-essay questionnaire explaining why they want to become a nurse. Applications are available online at

The deadline to apply is March 24.

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* Exams / Re: Saunders NCLEX RN Questions and Answers 5th Edition Free Download in PDF by Lida: February 25, 2017, 04:27:49 PM
can somebody send me the link for  Saunders NCLEX RN Questions and Answers 6th Edition. thank you and I would appreciate.

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* News / HIV Cure Finally Found as 5 HIV Families are Cured During Clinical Trials by K by Idowu Olabode: February 25, 2017, 12:53:51 PM
A new vaccine-based treatment for HIV has succeeded in suppressing the virus in five patients, raising hopes further research could help prevent Aids without the need for daily drugs.

Researchers combined two innovative HIV vaccines with a drug usually used to treat cancer in the trial, conducted over three years at the IrsiCaixa Aids Research Institute in Barcelona.

After receiving the treatment, the virus was undetectable in five out of 24 participants and its spread was stopped by their immune systems, reported the New Scientist. One of them has been drug-free for seven months.

Lead scientist Beatriz Mothe said her team was “on the right path” to developing a treatment which could offer an alternative to daily antiretroviral medication (ART).

Around 18 million people – half of all those living with HIV around the world – take ART to slow the progression of the infection, according to the UN.

But these drugs are expensive and can cause unpleasant side effects. Patients have to remember to take them every day, sometimes over their entire lives.

Mitchell Warren, executive director of the Aids Vaccine Advocacy Coalition (Avac), said the study had been carried out on a small scale but its findings were “interesting and important”.

“Long-term systems that don’t require daily pill taking could really help accelerate getting 37 million people with HIV undetectable and not infectious – that would be a great opportunity to turn the tide on the epidemic,” he told The Independent.

Mr Warren said this was an example of a therapeutic vaccine, for people already infected with the disease, as opposed to preventative immunisation for diseases such as polio or mumps and measles.

“The idea of a therapeutic vaccine that could provide ongoing control of the virus without having to take a pill every day would be a huge advance,” he said.

Dr Mothe and her team gave the patients, all recently diagnosed with HIV, two vaccines designed to stimulate the production of white blood cells which can recognise and destroy cells that have been infected by the virus.

The trial participants continued to take ART for three years, while the researchers monitored their immune responses.

Then 15 of the participants received a booster dose of one of the vaccines and a cancer drug called romidepsin, which has been shown to ‘flush out’ the HIV virus from tissues where it can lie dormant.

The virus quickly returned and began to spread again in 10 of these patients, who resumed taking ART, but five of them have been free of the virus with no need to take daily drugs for a number of weeks, and in one case for seven months.

In 2015, providing ART to patients in low to middle-income countries cost $19 billion (£15 billion), according to the New Scientist, meaning huge savings could be possible if further research is successful.

More than 100,000 people are living with HIV in the UK, according to the Terrence Higgins Trust.

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* Travel Nursing / Re: Help with disapproved haad dataflow application by Datini: February 25, 2017, 11:22:20 AM
Hi I have the same case, I did the same thing, nung nakareceived ako ng confirmatory email for cash payment, dun lang din ako nagreply tas inattached ko yung y previous dataflow report ko.. sa tama po ba?

Hi. Same situation tayo. Nagreply na ba sayo ang haadsupport? Thanks.

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* Travel Nursing / Re: Help with disapproved haad dataflow application by Datini: February 25, 2017, 11:18:44 AM
Hi everyone. I was disapproved with my pre licensing. I didn't click old transfer report when I submitted again my data flow. I just clicked cash on the payment part. Should I redo it again? Cause until now I am still not receiving any reply from Thank you.

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* News / World’s most expensive hospitals patronised by rich Nigerians by Idowu Olabode: February 25, 2017, 08:18:41 AM
WHEN it comes to medical tourism, Nigerians rate amongst the most enthusiastic in the world. Tens of thousands troop to foreign hospitals every year, expending in excess of $1,000,000,000. At least 50 per cent of these patients travelling abroad are headed for destinations in Europe, Asia, America and other parts of the world.

Nigerians are travelling abroad to obtain value for money in healthcare. They want quality and affordability. Common ailments for which they travel abroad include those related to cardiology (heart disorders), orthopaedic (bone and skeletal), renal (kidney issues) and cancer. While Nigeria has enormous potential in the medical field, the facilities needed to get value, quality and affordability are unavailable.

Not even the Ibom Specialist Hospital, Uyo, fashioned after the famous RAK Hospital, Dubai, is enough to stop Nigerians from seeking medical treatment abroad. The beauty, allure and luxury of those foreign hospital rooms are simply irresistible.

In Asia, particularly India where high brow health facilities such as Primus International Super Speciality Hospital, Fortis Hospital and Apollo Hospital, among others are okay for the lowly, the well-heeled Nigerians prefer to rub shoulders with their peers from all over the world by patronising the best-of-the-best.

While thousands of the patients beg and scrape through their last savings to raise the minimal basic funds with which they can pay for their treatments in the least affordable hospitals, there are several well-heeled Nigerians who only the most luxurious and most expensive hospitals are good enough.

These “high end” hospitals offer the ultimate in healthcare— at a price—only to those able to pay. Many of these hospitals are more or less like 7-star hotels and are often described as “wellness centres.”

One of the most expensive and luxurious hospitals that exceptionally rich Nigerians patronise is the glamorous Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles, California. It is one of the favourites of Hollywood celebrities and was the personal choice of the stars. Madonna, Joan Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor pick the Cedars-Sinai as their favourite.

A number of celebrity babies of Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz and Pink were delivered there in recent times.

A world leader in the research and treatment of cancer and cancer management, diabetes, and other serious diseases including cardiac surgery, nursing care, stroke care, etc., the Cedars-Sinai is a first class-rated acute care hospital handling thousands of complicated cases with near perfect rate of patient satisfaction.

The widely revered top favourite of Hollywood stars, boast luxury and ambience of the rooms that put many 5-star hotels to shame with its remarkable services and facilities.

No poor or average Nigerian will think of patronising this hospital because the cheapest private rooms start at around $1,000 each.

There are four deluxe maternity suites costing around $3,000 daily. Several Hollywood celebrities opt to give birth at the hospital. Average total payments could range between $7,000 and $26,000 depending on diagnosis and treatment.

It would be impossible to talk about luxury foreign hospitals patronised by Nigerians without mentioning the Mount Sinai Medical Centre in New York.

Although one of the oldest, largest and most respected hospitals in the world, Mount Sinai is probably the best ever. Because the rooms in this hospital are so luxurious, featuring hotel-like comfort and custom gourmet meals, it is rated as arguably the most expensive hospital in the world.

With about 1,200 beds, it is ranked as one of America’s best hospitals by U.S. News & World Report in at least 12 specialities from cancer to vascular surgery. It is acclaimed internationally for excellence in clinical care.

At the Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore, the expertise is in gastroenterology, liver transplants, cardiology and gynaecology. The famous hospital is a private facility offering top-notch medical and surgical services. It is considered one of the best hospitals in the world, but is beyond the poor because it costs a fortune to patronise.

Among the most expensive and luxurious Hospitals Nigerians patronise abroad is the RAK Hosptial in Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai. Established in 2007, RAK Hospital is a flagship brand of Arabian Healthcare, a joint venture company between the government of Ras Al Khaimah, and ETA Star Healthcare of Dubai.  The multi-speciality hospital is managed by Sonnenhof Swiss Health Ltd, a Switzerland based healthcare company.

RAK Hospital, with international accreditation standards, established the RAK Hospital as a quality healthcare destination in the region and beyond. It was simultaneously accredited by Joint Commission International and Swiss Leading Hospitals within the first year of its operations.

The hospital is specially designed as a premium healthcare and hospitality complex by the US based architecture firm Ellerbe Becket.

Not to be left out is the Fortis La Femme Hospital in New Delhi, India. It specialises in a women medical issues from obstetrics and gynaecology, fertility treatment, cosmetic surgery, and general surgery. Another hospital is the Asklepios Klinik Barmbek Hospital in Germany and considered one of the best hospitals of the country. The standard of n its services and qualities puts it among the list of most expensive and luxurious hospitals of the world.

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* News / Nigeria: Lassa Fever Hits Bauchi, Kills Four by Idowu Olabode: February 25, 2017, 07:55:14 AM
The Bauchi State Ministry of Health has confirmed the death of four patients out of the five cases of Lassa fever in Bauchi, Alkaleri and Ganjuwa Local Government Areas of the state.

The Commissioner for Health, Dr Halima Muqaddas, made the confirmation on Friday while addressing journalists in Bauchi.

“We have confirmed five cases of Lassa fever from Jan. 24 to date. Three cases from Bauchi Local Government and the three are dead.

“In Alkaleri, we had one case and the patient died while in Ganjuwa, it was only one case and the person is alive and is being treated.

“The cases were found in different local governments that we have never had a single case in previous years.

“This disease is due to the non adherence to maintaining personal and environmental hygiene,” she said.

Muqaddas said that all suspected cases would be quarantined at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Teaching Hospital (ATBU), Bauchi.

The commissioner directed all health facilities in the state to treat all cases with outmost caution to fast-track diagnosis of the disease.

She advised health personnel to adhere strictly to medical guidelines of using disposable hand gloves as well as hand washing after every examination and contacts with all patients.

Muqaddas appealed to members of the public to cultivate the culture of hand washing to reduce intake of bacteria and other micro organisms.

“All health personnel, including cleaners, should observe the medical guidelines of using protections such as hand gloves and proper hand washing to safeguard them.

“Members of the public should cover all foods and leftovers and also maintain proper personal and environmental hygiene to ensure that rats don’t get into foods,” she advised.

Lassa fever is an acute viral haemorrhagic illness of 2-21 days duration, caused by lassa virus.

Discovered in Lassa village, Borno, in 1969, the disease is transmitted to humans via contact with food or household items contaminated with rodent urine or faeces.

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Source : Vanguard Newspaper

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* News / 2 Chinese Nurses Detained for Locking Up Public Bicycles with Private Locks by Idowu Olabode: February 25, 2017, 07:44:08 AM
Two nurses in Beijing are under administrative detention for putting their own locks on two publicly shared bikes.
"The two nurses who put private locks on public-use bikes disturbed the public order," said Liu Lin, a lawyer at Beijing Shuangli Law Firm, because it prevented other people from using the bikes.

Those who intentionally damage property may face a five- to 10-day administrative detention, according to the Law on Public Security Administration Punishments.
Tang Ke from the publicity office of OFO, the company that owns the bikes, confirmed the news and said further investigation was underway.

The market for public-use bikes - which are stored along sidewalks and can be accessed through an app - has boomed in China since the middle of last year. The new mode of transportation has brought a greener and more convenient mode of urban transportation, but the model has also caused many problems including illegal parking, theft and vandalism. Parking violations are also a common problem, followed by violation of traffic rules.
"Once users scan the app and click 'accept' when they rent the bike, they have signed an agreement with the service provider and should follow the rules," Liu said.
OFO has introduced a blacklist banning users who break its rules.

Many cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are proposing draft regulations to manage the market for public bikes. The Shenzhen traffic police department has also announced fines for the illegal parking of bikes.

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* News / Nurse Tells Iain Of Racism Received By NHS Staff Following Brexit Vote by Idowu Olabode: February 24, 2017, 06:14:48 PM
Here a nurse tells Iain Dale that she and some of her NHS colleagues are considering leaving Britain because of racism after the Brexit vote.

The British Medical Association (BMA) has warned that four in 10 European doctors are considering leaving the UK following the Brexit vote, leaving the NHS at risk.

A survey carried out by the BMA of EEA (European Economic Area) doctors working across the UK found that many feel "substantially less appreciated" and "committed" after the EU referendum.

One nurse, Freda, phoned Iain Dale on his drive-time LBC show during a discussion about the survey.

She said: "What is happening is true, to what extent I do not know, but I can tell you a very good friend of mine who is a GP and is not from Eastern Europe, but has an accent, is white, was told after a home visit, by a patient, because the patient didn't like the outcome of the consultation, told her that 'we are going to deport you very soon, you're going to be out of this country'.

"She has worked in this country for 17 years. It is just appalling.

"I have received similar. People ask me where I'm from, and I consider myself a dual-citizen of the United Kingdom and my home country. At the moment we are actively considering relocating to the United States because nurses like me are sought after very, very much.

"I actually forgot to say as well, I know one doctor who is leaving today actually, flying out to move to a different part of the world because she can't take it anymore.

"She wears a hijab, and she's been attacked personally for that. So it's true, it's happening, but I don't know how bad it is."

Iain asked: "Are you thinking of moving to America because of Brexit?"

Freda responded: "Not directly because of Brexit, because I think some of the facts within that are quite justified, but what has the attitudes of the general population around Britain, whether they understand what Brexit actually means."

Iain responded: "There's always going to be the odd idiot who will come out with horrible stuff. That's always been the case, why would someone think about changing their whole life, and going to another country, because of maybe what one or two idiots have said?"

Freda said: "I personally had never heard about this before until Brexit, but more and more colleagues, and unfortunately it's like oh you know 'do you know what a patient said to this doctor?' or something like that.

"I can tell you more doctors that are at work now, or sleeping preparing for a shift, but those stories are increasing. They are very true...I have experienced something myself."

She went on: "Sometimes it is not even within the workplace, you are outside, you're at Tesco or're being treated like a 'foreigner'...but I am a highly-skilled immigrant.

"I came to this country as a highly-skilled immigrant, I am a PHD student right now as well, and I am contributing very well to this community, why am I being treated like this at work?"

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