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* News / Message from Lagos NANNM to All Nurses in Lagos State on the Ongoing Strike by katty: May 20, 2018, 01:04:34 PM
Good morning my comrades.

We appreciate your supports so far in this struggle.
Your efforts have not been in vain as we recorded some victories.

Nurses as noble professionals are not just challenging the authority we are only demanding for our LEGITIMATE RIGHTS.

We appreciate our amiable Governor for his swift attendance to some of our requests.

We appreciate the approval for the eventual commencement of internship in Lagos State for the graduate Nurses.

We are aware of the fear and agitation of already employed graduates in the service. I want to assure you that we shall explore all avenues to address the situation.

The correction of entry point from GL 09 to GL 10 is receiving the attention of our National Body as a NEW circular from the office of Head of Service of the Federation is required to correct the anomaly.
 We not shall foreclose the ability of the state government to correct the error even before the release of federal circular.
You would recalled that our governor approved the lateral conversion before the federal government did likewise also maternity leave. Our  governor therefore can do it.

We appreciate the approval of unified scheme of  Service for Nurses as approved by the National Council on Establishment in 2016.

We appreciate LASUTH, MOH, & PHCB for the inclusion of Uniform Allowance in their year 2018 budget as enshrined in the Lagos State Public Service Rules.

We want to implore HSC not to be an exception.
The agency should consider raising a supplementary budget to pay the Uniform Allowance in 2018.

We appreciate the state government through the office of our Honourable Commissioner for Health for the promise to ensure central payment of the Uniform Allowance with effect from 2019.

We appreciate the State government for the assurance to pay the Adjusted CONHESS salary once the circular is released by the Federal government.

 We appreciate all other commitments by the state government.

It is in view of the above that the National body of our union granted approval that the strike should be relaxed in Lagos State.

This gesture was also extended to Kano, Yobe and Niger States.

While awaiting further directive from the National Headquarters, let all Nurses comply with the call to resume duty and render skeletal services.

Emergency services should run for 24hrs.
Other services should be rendered from 8am-4pm.

No nurse should stay at home under the pretence of being on strike unless if on off-duty.

On the perceived mismanagement of the strike by the State leadership of JOHESU.

We shall review the situation and decide on modality for future collaboration after due consultations.

Meanwhile, let me tender apology on behalf of all members of JOHESU in the State.

It has been a good fight and we shall continued to fight for our rights.

Soon, very soon, we shall all see appreciable improvement in our emolument.

We appreciate the public for their understanding and we are assuring you of our readiness to continue rendering best services for the wellbeing of all.

Once again, I thank you for your cooperation.

God bless us all.

Aluta Continua!
Victoria Ascerta!!

Oluritimi Awojide
NANNM Chairman.
* Travel Nursing / Re: Verification of License from SCFHS Saudi Arabia by manjum: May 19, 2018, 11:38:53 PM
Hi Ashley Ann,

I have the same issue. Do you have any updates. Is yours issue solved. Does the Saudi issue more that one good standing certificate. Please let me know.
* News / Our Members/Excos Didn't Have an Accident JOHESU Knocks NMA for Spreading Lies by katty: May 19, 2018, 11:29:41 PM
Our attention has been drawn to news making the round that UBTH JOHESU EXCO members were involved in a road traffic accident today 19.05.2018 on their way to Auchi in Edo state.

While there was indeed a road traffic accident:
** the victims are neither UBTH JOHESU EXCO

We understand the desperation of the sponsors of this false news to always seek ways to score  cheap points but we are saddened by the fact that they could descend so low as seeing the pain and anguish of the accident victims as something to be celebrated to the extent of uploading the pictures of this NIGERIANS IN PAIN to the whole world.

I want to state here again that this news is not correct as no UBTH JOHESU MEMBERS were involved in any kind of accident today and we shall by the GRACE OF GOD NOT BE INVOLVED IN ANY.

We want to advise ARD/NMA members to always check their facts and avoid rushing into conclusions so as not to continue spreading falsehoods to the general public.

They could have asked questions and get correct answers before painting the social media red with this lies.

I advice the NMA to avoid wishing JOHESU MEMBERS evil as evidenced by the way they celebrated this falsehood on the social media.





Chairman,  NANNM UBTH
* News / #JOHESUStrike2018: Open Letter to Future JOHESU and NMA Members by katty: May 19, 2018, 04:52:31 PM
Dear colleagues,

I write this piece to remind us that we were never this bitter to ourselves while in medical school, we all rolled together as friends and we watch each others back as students. Even though we had separate departments, all student associations had a common union in which we were all together and we all worked together for the interest of the Union. Whenever any other departmental association was having their week or something to celebrate we all supported them irrespective of our course of study. The exco in the union comprised of members of various departments and there was no rivalry or ill feelings towards anyone. We were united, we worked together and we supported ourselves without prejudice. I can go on and on and give practical examples of how we supported ourselves to make things work.

But it baffles me how when we left school and suddenly realised how different we are. We claim membership of JOHESU while the other claim membership of NMA and from that moment, we fail to realize we were coming from the same place, the institution where we once worked together as one without sentiment or rivalry. My question is, Who has bewitched us? Who has poisoned our hearts and minds towards one another? Because I strongly believe if we are still maintaining that spirit of solidarity and comradeship, we won't be having this selfish chaos and rivalry in the health sector even though we belong to two separate bodies.

I had to write this piece when I started seeing all the harsh words, insults and bitter comments towards each other. Even among my guys that back then in school we supported each others campaign at the student level politics not minding the department we belong but today all because of the fight which our responsible elders have laid down in the health sector all in the name of JOHESU and NMA we then see ourselves as enemies even as young as we are in the profession, now tell me what will become of us in the near future if we don't stand as one to curb or kill this ugly snake now before it becomes a dragon in our time.

On this note I want to call on everyone especially the young members of both arms (JOHESU and NMA) to remember that we once had one spirit, one struggle, one goal and one fight back then in school until we came out and realised how these bodies (JOHESU and NMA) tore us apart. If we can work in this same same spirit putting all other selfish gains aside, the health sector would be at peace because we will support each others struggle and advice each other on how to do things which will in turn improve patient health out come.

To make the Universal Health Coverage work, to make patients come out healthy, to make Nigeria's health sector robust. We need to shun situations like this that crumbles the health sector and our union. Let's also not make this extend beyond the period of this strike because there's basically one soul to lose, the patient.


* News / #johesustrike2018: FG committed to resolving dispute with JOHESU- Minister by katty: May 19, 2018, 03:41:55 PM
The Federal Government has put up a reconciliation processes towards amicable settlement of the trade dispute between it and the Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU).

The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole made this known in a statement issued by Mrs Boade Akinola, Director Media and Public Relations of the ministry on Friday in Abuja.

The minister made remarks in reaction to the order of an interim injunction granted by the National Industrial Court sitting in Abuja compelling the striking members of JOHESU to immediately resume duties.

He recalled that the government’s side waited for six hours on Thursday for JOHESU’s representatives to continue with the jointly agreed meeting which the union had earlier boycotted.

“Shortly after the adjournment of the boycotted meeting, an official communication titled: Collapse of negotiation between the Federal Government and Joint Health Sector Unions was issued by JOHESU,” he said.

He explained that in the document JOHESU said that negotiation with Federal government had broken down.

The Minister, however, maintained that government had not reneged on its commitment to promote peace and harmony in the health sector.

He added that government would continue to engage in continuous dialogue on how to improve the sector.

Adewole, therefore, urged the union to consider the plight of innocent Nigerians in need of health care and return to work while negotiation continues.

Adewole also directed the Chief Medical Diretors and Medical Directors of tertiary hospitals to commence the process of documenting staff as they return to work and update the Ministry accordingly. (NAN)

Source : Vanguard Newspaper
* News / More Filipino nurses seek jobs in U.S. in 2017 by katty: May 19, 2018, 03:32:05 PM
"In 2017, a total of 7,791filipino nurses have applied for the first time for the US nursing licensure exam – 23% higher than applications during the previous year"

More Filipino nurses are looking at the United States (US) to practice their profession, as the number of nurses who registered for the US licensure examinations increased by 23% in 2017.

According to recent statistics by the US National Council of State Boards of Nursing, the Philippines again topped the number of foreigners applying for the US nursing licensure exam in 2017. A total of 7,791 nurses applied for the first time – 23% higher than the 2016 figure of 6,322.

The Philippines is followed by India (1,305), Puerto Rico (820), South Korea (749), and Jamaica (586).

Nurses who aspire to practice their profession in the US need to take the National Council Licensure Examination.

ACTS-OFW Representative Aniceto Bertiz said on Saturday, May 19, that the 2017 figure showed that Filipinos are the "most persistent" job hunters in the US.

"Compared to other countries, many Filipino nurses still prefer the US because, apart from the superior hourly pay, they also find it easier to work and live there, considering our cultural affinity with America," Bertiz said in a statement.

Bertiz also said that Nigerians and Cubans compete with Filipinos in the US nursing labor market.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay of registered nurses in America in 2017 amounts to $70,000 (P3.66 million) per year, or $33.65 (P1,760) per hour.

In the Philippines, entry-level public hospital nurses are entitled to a compensation of P344,074 ($6,578.22) annually, excluding other benefits and allowances granted under the Magna Carta of Public Health.

According to data from the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency, 92,277 nurses have left the country to work abroad since 2012. This translates to about 19,000 nurses leaving every year. –

*$1 = P52.30
* News / What We Know About The #Ebola Outbreak, And The Vaccine That Might Help by katty: May 19, 2018, 08:02:32 AM
Ebola has reemerged. The virus has killed at least 25 people since early April in an ongoing outbreak in Congo.  And on May 18, the World Health Organization declared a “high” public health risk in Congo, as well as a “high risk” of the disease spreading to neighboring countries, but stopped short of declaring a global public health emergency.

Most of the 43 confirmed and suspected cases reported as of May 18 have been in a rural area called Bikoro, within the same northwest Congolese province struck by the virus in 2014. (A separate, unrelated outbreak in West Africa at the same time made headlines as the deadliest in history). And in May 2017, eight cases were reported in the nearby province of Bas Uélé.

But this year is different — for a couple of reasons. As of May 18, four cases have been confirmed in Mbandaka, a riverside city of at least 1.2 million people, raising the risk of the disease spreading.  Health officials are also trying out an experimental vaccine this year in hopes of containing the outbreak. “We’ve seen what Ebola can do, but we know what needs to be done,” says WHO spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic.

Here’s what we know so far:

How did this year’s outbreak start?

Details are spotty. A report by the International Red Cross identifies the first suspected case as a policeman in a Bikoro village called Ikoko Impenge.  Another 11 family members later fell ill after the policeman’s funeral, and seven of those relatives have also since died. (Because the bodies of Ebola victims remain contagious after death, funerary rituals can be a source of transmission.)

However, the investigation is still in progress, and both the WHO and local health officials say the first case hasn’t been identified.. “We still don’t know exactly what started this outbreak,” says Jasarevic.

What’s the biggest worry right now?

Now that the virus has been detected in a city, more people could come into contact with it. “That means we have to scale up the response,” Jasarevic says. Both the 2014 and 2017 outbreaks were largely confined to remote, rural areas, which made them easier to contain. On May 17, the WHO confirmed the first urban case  in Mbandaka. A day later, the Congolese Department of Health confirmed three more.

How have health officials responded so far?

On May 9, epidemiological teams from the WHO and Doctors Without Borders arrived in Bikoro  and set up a mobile lab and a treatment center. They began tracking the spread of the virus. Supplies are also en route — including the experimental vaccine. 

Just how experimental is this vaccine?

Researchers began working on vaccines after the deadly 2014 outbreak killed some 11,000 in West Africa (SN: 12/26/15, p. 33). The first batch of one experimental vaccine called rVSV-ZEBOV, manufactured by Merck pharmaceutical company, reached the Congolese capital of Kinshasa on May 16.

The vaccine performed well in a 2016 field trial involving 5,837 people in Guinea (SN Online: 12/22/16). But the drug must be kept at a temperature between –60° Celsius and –80°C, making transportation and storage tricky.

The vaccine still lacks formal approval, but was cleared by both the WHO and Congolese officials for “compassionate use” in response to the most recent outbreak. Vaccination could begin in the next few days, and would mark the first time a vaccine has been used in response to an Ebola outbreak in the field.

In the trial, the WHO used a “ring vaccination” strategy, immunizing family and immediate contacts of victims immediately, to help stave off the virus’ spread. A similar approach will likely be used in Congo.

Is this a new strain of Ebola?

No. Test results show that Zaire ebolavirus, which caused the 2014 and 2017 illnesses, is also responsible for this year’s outbreak, Jasarevic says. There could be some small genetic differences between versions from different years; only further genetic testing could reveal if that’s the case here.

But the good news is that the rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine targets a protein on the surface of the Zaire strain of Ebola, so it should work against the virus in the current outbreak.
Source : Science News
* News / #johesustrike2018: Kaduna health workers join JOHESU strike by katty: May 19, 2018, 07:40:37 AM
The Kaduna State chapter of the Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) and Assembly of Health Care Professionals have joined the JOHESU national strike.

Executive members of the joint union led by its chairman, Ayuba Suleiman, disclosed while addressing journalists in the state.

Mr Suleiman directed members in the state and local government health institutions to commence the JOHESU strike at midnight of May 18.

He explained that JOHESU’s demands at the state level include that the state government should issue a circular for implementation of the balance of 30 percent Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS) for the state and local government health workers.

Other demands, he said, include all statutory and professional dues deductions including pension, taxes, national housing fund, cooperative contribution and union check-off dues be remitted without further delay to the appropriate institutions.

Also included is to domesticate court judgement in favour of the Medical Laboratory Scientists from the National Industrial Court in Kaduna State (Barau Dikko Teaching Hospital).

The chairman said the leadership of JOHESU in Kaduna had offered extra nine days outside the time frame for the commencement of the strike.

He said this was to enable the government to address the issues in contention but the gesture had not been well appreciated by the government.

“So, it is with pains in our hearts that we are drawing the attention of our members, consumers of health services and the general public that just like the federal government is not showing sign of commitment by addressing the issues placed before it by the national leadership of JOHESU, one month after the strike commenced.

“The Kaduna State government has also not demonstrated any serious commitment to the domestic issues placed before it as at our last meeting with the government on Thursday, May 17, 2018 ended up with promissory note without any offer,” he said.

The national leadership of JOHESU and Assembly of Health Care Professionals had on April 17 declared an industrial strike action and directed state, FCT and local government to join on May 9.

Source : Premium Times
* News / JOHESU ‘unmoved’ by court order directing resumption of work by katty: May 19, 2018, 06:49:59 AM
The National Industrial Court has ordered the striking Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) to return to work within 24 hours.

However, the union says it remains ‘unmoved’ by the order given on Thursday in Abuja by Justice Babatunde Adejumo of the Court.

According to Daily Trust newspaper, the order followed an ex-parte motion filed by a non-governmental organisation challenging the industrial action by the health workers.

The NGO, Incorporated Trustees of Kingdom Human Rights Foundation International, in the motion, prayed the court to order the workers to resume work and go back to the negotiation table.

The judge also ordered the ministers of Health, as well as Labour and Employment to immediately set up a committee to address issues raised by the parties.

Responding to the development on Friday, an official of JOHESU said the union was yet to be served with the order.

“There is no paper to that effect. It is only on the pages of newspaper and television that we saw it,”,Olatunji Tajudeen, JOHESU Lagos State Council Chairman told PREMIUM TIMES. “There should be a notice properly served,” he added.

The official however said the union was ‘unmoved’ by any judgment and that the strike will continue until the workers’ demands are met.

He said the unions’ new demand is that both the ministers of health and labour be ‘removed’.

Mr Tajudeen described both officials as ‘biased’ in the ongoing negotiations between the union and government.

JOHESU, an association of health workers except doctors, has been on strike for more than a month.

The strike began on April 17 at federal hospitals across the country until a week ago when members of JOHESU in the employ of state and local governments joined in.

Meanwhile, JOHESU has directed its members in Lagos, Yobe and Kano to return go work following efforts by the state governments to meet their local demands.

On that, the Lagos union leader said, “Yes we have returned to work and opened up our emergency unit following efforts made by our state government to meet our local demands.

“We only do skeletal and emergency response at the moment.”

No common ground has been reached in the of meetings between the union and the federal government.

JOHESU blamed the ‘slow pace’ of the federal government on a recent threat by medical doctors to withdraw services if government accedes to the union’s demands.

Source : Premium Times
* News / JOHESU strike: NMA reveals what FG must do to forestall health sector unrest by katty: May 18, 2018, 07:19:49 PM
The Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, on Friday called on the Federal Government to implement recommendations of the Yayale Ahmed-led committee and consider the possibility of public-private partnership, saying it will address incessant industrial actions in the health sector.

Chairman of NMA in Plateau state, Dr Dajel Titus Bulus made the call while addressing journalists in Jos.

Bulus said, “We wish to call on the Federal Government to implement the recommendations of the Yayale Ahmed led committee and consider the possibility of public-private partnership in the health sector to address the incessant unrest in the health sector.

“We appreciate the current anti-corruption fight in the country and wish to stress that government should watch out for government officials who may succumb to any financial inducement to sign agreement that are untenable and unsustainable.

On the ongoing strike by the Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU), the NMA chairman said, “While the Nigerian Medical Association is not against their struggle for whatever reason, NMA is however worried that most of their demands are ill-motivated, ill-guided and mischievous and a direct challenge on the leadership role of doctors in healthcare delivery.

According to him, the demands of JOHESU seek to reverse the significant gains that have been made in the past to stabilize the health sector.

Speaking on the involvement of the state and local government workers in the ongoing JOHESU strike, Bulus said, “Its unfortunate and disheartening.

“We wish to advise that health workers in Plateau State suspend their involvement in the ongoing strike.”

According to him, “This is to reciprocate the good will of the Governor of the State who has strived against all financial challenges to implement one of the best salary structures for them without any threat of strike.

“Beyond that, has continued to pay their salaries regularly and passionately,” he stressed.
Source : Daily Post
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