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* News / Re: UK: A shortage of nurses calls for the recruiting of more men by ikuduson: Today at 11:20:59 AM
* News / UK: A shortage of nurses calls for the recruiting of more men by katty: Today at 10:28:26 AM
-Coventry University is offering male nursing students a new £3,000 ($3,800) stipend to encourage men to choose Nursing

“ONE reason I can do stand-up comedy is because of all the material I have from being a male nurse,” says Adrian Matei. False stereotypes about nursing make for good jokes. But they may also put men off the job. Just under 11% of nurses registered in Britain are male, a share that has been steady for over four decades after climbing from 1% in the 1950s.

At a conference in May of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), the profession’s union, David Ferran, a nurse in Belfast, proposed a campaign to promote nursing to men. His motion did not pass, as the view was that nursing should be pitched to anyone with the right skills, regardless of gender. Undeterred, Mr Ferran started a group, Northern Ireland Men in Nursing, which visits schools to promote nursing as a career for men. Similar groups are being set up elsewhere. Several universities have launched social-media blitzes to draw men into nursing programmes. Coventry University is offering male nursing students a new £3,000 ($3,800) stipend.

Britain is not an exception in having relatively few male nurses. But with a growing shortage of nurses across the National Health Service (NHS), attracting men is becoming more urgent. In 2017, for the first time in a decade, more nurses left the profession than joined. Applications to nursing programmes are down by a third since 2016. And the shadow of Brexit makes it tougher for the NHS to fill its 40,000-odd nurse vacancies from abroad. Doubts about whether they will be able to stay dissuade nurses from EU countries.

Last month the NHS launched its biggest-ever nurse recruitment campaign. TV advertisements show them in action in hospital wards and ambulances, and on home visits. Some are male—an improvement from previous campaigns, but not enough to draw men in, reckons Mr Ferran. Paul Vaughan from NHS England, who leads an initiative to change perceptions of nursing and midwifery, thinks recruitment should avoid playing to gender stereotypes. He takes a dim view of slogans like “Are you man enough to be a nurse?”, used in an American campaign.

Views of nursing as a “woman’s job” have deep roots. Florence Nightingale, who established the principles of modern nursing in the 1860s, insisted that men’s rough hands were “not fitted to touch, bathe and dress wounded limbs”. The RCN did not even admit men as members until 1960. Outdated titles such as “sister” and “matron” (used for men as well) do not help. Mr Ferran says some patients are surprised when he shows up, because they thought only women could be nurses.

Boys do not see nursing as a career because they lack role models. In films, female nurses are cast as helpers of heroic male doctors. (In reality, nurses are the first responders when a patient is in crisis.) “If I had a pound for every time I’ve been called doctor,” says Richard Dowell, a third-year nursing student. When he does ward rounds with his nurse mentor and she asks questions, patients often turn to him to respond, says Mr Dowell.

Unsurprisingly, just two-fifths of British parents say they would be proud if their son became a nurse. Men who go into nursing usually follow in the footsteps of a parent or realise that it could be a career after seeing a male nurse care for a relative. Mr Vaughan’s team at the NHS is trying to boost the prestige of nursing by highlighting that it is a professional job in which careers can be made, that it includes specialisms such as cardiology or intensive care, and that it has a use for skills in technology, innovation and leadership. Most young people also do not realise that the job can take them round the world.

For men, there is another bonus. According to a study of more than 20,000 advanced nurse practitioners by Alison Leary of London South Bank University, men reach the seventh band (a mid-career level) four years sooner than women—partly because women are twice as likely as men to work part-time and are more likely to accept a lower band to secure a job they really want. When Mr Dowell started his nursing studies, he was promised: “You’ll go further because you are a man.”
Source :
* News / Nurses and Doctors Protest in Venezuela over Poor Pay, Shortage of Manpower by katty: Today at 05:55:54 AM
Riot police have blocked hundreds of doctors and nurses from marching to Venezuela’s presidential palace to protest against low pay and shortages of medical supplies amid the nation’s deepening crisis.

Thursday’s demonstration in Caracas was the first attempt by protesters to reach the presidential palace since massive anti-government protests last year.
The medical professionals are demanding action by President Nicolas Maduro, who is overseeing a crisis marked by widespread shortages and mass migration from the country.

The once-wealthy oil-producing nation is in crisis economically and politically after two decades of socialist rule.

Rows of heavily armed riot police blocked roughly 400 medical professionals shortly after launching their march.

Ana Rosario Contreras of the Association of Illnesses says they are demanding the government provide basic supplies to treat patients.

The protest ended without violence.
Press Association
* News / Ghana: Health Ministry Says There is No Financial Clearance to Recruit Nurses by katty: Today at 05:46:04 AM
Health Minister Kweku Agyeman Manu has stated that the Ministry has not received financial clearance from the Finance Ministry to recruit nurses.

Speaking on the AM Show on Joy News Thursday, Mr Manu explained that the ministry has not posted nurses who have completed their training because of financial constraints.

He told Joy News’ Seth Kwame Boateng that the Finance Ministry has assured them of giving them the financial clearance to recruit nurses in due time.

“…they gave us close to September or October so we are still waiting. As soon as we get this financial clearance, we will start working on them,” he stated.

“The financial clearance is an assurance that when we put them [new recruits] in your facility we can pay them,” he added.

Mr Manu also noted that in March, the Health Ministry began gathering the data of nurses who have stayed home for a while and they will use that data to aid them in the posting process.

He explained that the numbers have become a lot because the previous government bequeathed the same to them.

“We came to meet an existing challenge so we need to take care of that,” he said, adding that the ministry successfully posted 17,000 nurses in 2017.

"And this year, we budgeted to post 15,000," he stated.
Mr Manu further explained that due to the financial situation, the Ministry is restructing staff to work at new commissined health facilities instead of posting new ones.
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* News / Botswana: Nurses Wants Inclusion in Public Service Bargaining Council by katty: Today at 05:39:47 AM
Speaking at Botswana Nurses’ Day and NAB/BONU 50th anniversary celebration in Gaborone today, Rahube said they strongly felt it was time to be included in the bargaining council where they believe their voice needed to be heard and their concerns addressed. He said nurses are an invaluable asset to the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MoH&W) arguing that the strategic competitive edge depends on them.

“The government of Botswana should see nurses as a partner in the journey towards the new Botswana and we shall under no circumstances condone nurses being left out. We also want to be seen playing a part in the new Botswana as His Excellency a baakanya lefatshe. We are proud of our nurses, mostly young people dispersed across the country doing their job diligently and with honour, at times under unbearable conditions,” he said.

Rahube further stated that government through MoH&W should give an undivided attention to the nurse’s needs and wellbeing. He pointed out that nurses were crying out loud that their wellbeing should be addressed as a matter of urgency. He also acknowledges their strides that MoH&W had done to nurses so far. He pointed out that the ministry had marked allowance of educators, responded on the petition about safety of nurses, the newly introduced savingram which states that nurses upgrading up to C1 salary scale should be done at DHMT level.

However, he pointed out that there were still key areas on their welfare issues that needed to be addressed such as overstaying at C1 salary scale for even up to 11 years saying that they were made aware that there had been 79 approved promotion of D4 and D3 which will be completed by end of August 2018. He said that shows that the DPSM and MoH&W were moving in the right direction. He said there were more than 400 nurses who had reached the ceiling of C1 salary scale, that is nurses who got promoted on 2008 saying nurses list was still long of those of 2009 and beyond.

“There is also an issue of poor

deployment and lack of numeration of specialised nurses, lack of accommodation for nurses who are the frontline healthcare workers and lack of further training for nurses. Competent, well-trained and skilled nurses improve health care quality for all sustainable health care. Capacity building of nurses and midwives enables them to meet the demands of the people they serve,” he said.

For her part, the permanent secretary at MoH&W  Ruth Maphorisa pointed out that her ministry came up with a roadmap to achieve these stretching goals and some of the initiatives embarked upon such as strengthening of legislation in order to improve quality of care and protect high standards in the practice of health care and protect the welfare and interest of the public, revitalisation of the primary health care through harmonisation of community health structures and restructuring of the MoH&W to devolve authority to the DHMTs and implementation of integration of health services for efficiency and effectiveness in health delivery.

“The changes require the right skills and competencies. In order for the nursing profession to effectively play their role, there is need for training and professional practice to continuously align to meet emerging demands and expectations of the public and the health workplace. Transformation of nursing training, education and scope of practice to reflect current needs and realities,” she said.

Speaking at the same gathering, the Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technology, Energy Security Eric Molale pointed out that it was high time nursing was decentralised. He said this was because he was aware that even though MoH&W promised to buy nurses uniforms, some had to buy their won uniforms with their own money due to the ministry’s failure to do so. He said there was need to empower extension teams to do their work efficiently and diligently.

Molale added that there was need to promote and move nurses from lower salary scales as done in other ministries. He also said nurses had to be taken for in-service training for at least once every year so that they could keep up with everyday changes.

* Research / Free Research Skills Sharing Workshop for Nigerian Nurses October 11th and 12th by katty: August 16, 2018, 08:50:58 PM
Dear Colleague,

Global Research Nurses (GRN) invite nurses in Nigeria with interest in research and clinical nursing research to register and attend a 2 day FREE research skills sharing workshop in Enugu Nigeria from 11th-12th October 2018.

Interested persons should fill the registration form by clicking on the following link or send an email with subject “GRN Research skills workshop Enugu" to or with the following details
1. Name
2. Place of work
3. Department
4. Phone Number

Registration for this conference is free but we can't assist with travel costs, accommodation and any other costs. Participants will be provided with light refreshments and lunch during the periods of the workshop.

We encourage interested participants to apply as soon as possible as we have only Limited seats available.

For any inquiries

Please contact us through the above email addresses.

See you there.
* News / NANNM Guidelines for the Conduct of Unit Election from Oct. 2018-November 2022 by Idowu Olabode: August 16, 2018, 07:24:00 AM
The National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives has released the guidelines for the conduct of Unit elections from October 2018- November 2022 can confirm. In a statement signed addressed to state addressed to all NAC and Unit members and posted on it official twitter page, the association listed the eligibility criteria and modality for the conduct of general elections which comes up in October. Below is the guideline

NANNM/ADM/36/Vol.i/79                                 13th August, 2018




The National President


All NAC Members


All NEC Members


Unit Chairmen /Secretaries












In consonance with Article X 3f (Unit branch elections shall be by general meeting of all members or a simple majority of all the members in a unit branch) and Article xvi, of NANNM constitution, I write to inform you that there shall be an election into various offices as enumerated below at all the Unit Branches of your state Council.




The conduct of Unit election shall strictly be in compliance with the provision of NANNM constitution and the electoral guidelines. The following reports shall be presented during the conference.


(i).The Unit Chairman shall present his/her report titled  “My Stewardship”




(ii) The Unit Secretary shall present a secretariat report titled “The Journey so far”.




(iii) The Unit Treasurer shall also present financial report for the period of four years (October 2014 to October 2018) stating clearly income received and






expenditure   throughout the period of the tenure, preferably in tabular form.




(iv). The Unit Auditors shall present an audited report for the period of the tenure (4 years) highlighting the strength and the weakness of the outgoing executives to the congress in-session.




The financial report presented by the Unit treasurer and the auditor’s report shall be discussed by the  delegates exhaustively, adopted and passed as official document for use and reference by the Association.








    Unit Branch Chairman


    Unit Branch Vice Chairman


iii.          Unit Branch Treasurer


    Unit Branch Financial Secretary


    Unit Branch Internal Auditor (1)


    Unit Branch Internal Auditor (11)


vii.        Unit Public Relation Officer (PRO)


viii. Unit Branch Secretary








(i).     To be qualified to vote and be voted for, interested candidates must be in good financial standing in the Unit and shall not be in arrears of check-off-dues for more than three (3) months, must have paid all approved levies and other financial obligations of the Association at all the units.




(ii)      Must have been actively and positively involved in the activities of the Association at the Unit levels and beyond for a period not below two years.




(iii)     Must have clean records with proven evidence of such in his/her previous positions in the Association or professional practice area.




(iv)     Must have registered and obtained a valid NANNM membership card and N&MCN practicing license.




(v)      Must have participated in at least not less than four (4) continuing education programme of the Association at either Unit, State or National level or any of the workshops organized by N&MCN or the Nursing Department/Division.




(vi)   Any member that submits membership card or official receipt for membership registration in place of membership card is legible to vote and be voted for.


(vii)  The returning officer shall swear-in the newly elected members after the results have been announced.




Agenda for the Quadrennial Unit General Elections




Ø  Unit Chairman’s account of stewardship


Ø  Unit Secretary’s Report


Ø  Unit Treasurer’s Report


Ø  Unit Financial Report


Ø  Unit Auditor’s Report


Ø  Adoption of the Reports


Ø  Dissolution of the House








Ø  Report of the Screening Committee


Ø  Election of the new Unit Officers


Ø  Any candidate for election that has no opponent and cleared to contest shall score at least above 50% of the total number of delegates in-session to emerged duly elected un-opposed.








Ø  Contestants for the Unit election must be nominated by two financial members of the branch (sponsors) who have met the above requirements.


Ø  Must complete the nomination form for the election.


Ø  Must prepare and submit a brief manifesto.


Ø  Must appear before a screening committee constituted by the current Unit branch officials who will clear or disqualify – candidates for the election.


General Guidelines:




(i).  Elections into offices must be by secret ballot.




(ii)      No officer shall hold two offices (posts) in the Association at the same time either at National, State or Unit level.




(iii)     Voting shall be done by all the financial members of the unit branch and results announced immediately after the counting of votes is concluded.




(iv)        Agents of the candidates shall witness the counting of votes and endorse the score sheet.






All serving Unit Officers wishing to contest for any position, must first handover all properties under his/her care on or before the date of screening for the election.


For the avoidance of any doubt, those who are qualified to re-contest election in line with the provision of NANNM Constitution will not be eligible unless he/she gives an acceptable account of his/her stewardship. Those who are under probe or suspension by their Unit/States  are not eligible to vote or be voted for.




State officials should exercise high degree of transparency and neutrality in handling this sensitive constitutional function as he/she will be held culpable and responsible for any lapses.




Please feel free to seek for clarification where you have doubts.






T.A. Shettima


General Secretary
* News / NANNM Happy as Ondo School of Nursing Now Degree Awarding Institution by katty: August 15, 2018, 07:31:07 PM
Nurses under the umbrella of the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives, (NANNM) in Ondo State are happy with the State government for its decision to upgrade the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Akure to a degree awarding institution in line with global standard.

The State Executive Council(SEC) led by Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu had this week after its meeting approved the absorption of the Nursing School by the University of Medical Science, Ondo (UNIMED) into a degree awarding institution.

The State Chairman of the NANNM, Abel Opeyemi-Oloniyo said the decision of the government would boost the working capacity of nurses and midwives in the state.

Comrade Oloniyo explained that the state government would become first state in Nigeria to carry oiut upgrading of its School of Nursing.

Besides,he described as timely a proposed law aimed at upgrading the School of Health Technology in Akure to a College of Health Technology in line with global standard.

Oloniyo said, “the upgrading of our school of Nursing is a welcome development, we were carried along from day one that government plans to ensure higher status for the school. Schools of Nursing across Nigeria have been given few years, to upgrade their status, we are happy Ondo state is taking a lead in this area, we are going to be the first state in the country to do this”.

On the recent security breach by patients of the state Psychiatric Hospital, Akure, the NANNM Chairman reiterated his call on the state government to improve security of health workers and patients for adequate service delivery.

Speaking on this year’s theme, “Nurses: a voice to lead health is a human right”, a don, Prof Adenike Olaogun described nurses and midwives as most critical personnel in the health care delivery hence the need to ensure their regular training.

The state Commissioner for health, Dr. Wahab Adegbenro said the state government was working hard to improve welfare of nurses and other medical workers especially in the areas of capacity building and security at hospitals.

Head of Service(HoS) in the state,Toyin Akinkuotu charged nurses to be more proactive in implementing various state government’s policies in the health sector particularly the introduction of free health care service for pregnant women and children below five year old.
Source : The Nation Newspaper
* News / NUC Upgrades Benue School of Nursing, Makurdi to Degree Awarding Institution by katty: August 15, 2018, 07:19:15 PM
National University Commission has upgraded the Benue School of Nursing and Midwifery, Makurdi to the Benue State University’s College of Health Sciences, according to Pauline Atser, its Principal.

Atser told the News Agency of Nigeria in Makurdi on Wednesday that the NUC gave the nod after the school met its requirements for the accreditation.

Atser commended the Benue government for the massive infrastructure that ensured the nod of the NUC, saying that the school would soon commence a Bachelor of Nursing Services programme.

She said: “We have met all the requirements and have now become the university’s College of Health Services. The College will have a Department of Nursing Sciences where we shall offer degree courses in nursing.

“We also hope to offer other related courses.”

Atser said that a major fallout of the NUC recommendation was the absorption of the school’s staff into the university system and employment of new ones to meets emerging demands.
source :
* News / Nurses protect newborn babies during earthquake in China by katty: August 15, 2018, 09:31:56 AM
Nurses at a hospital in China have showed little regard for themselves after whisking newborn infants from their cribs to safety during an earthquake.

Three newborn babies were in the neonatal ward of a hospital in Yuxi City in the nation’s south west Yunnan Province early on Monday morning when the magnitude 5.0 quake hit.

As the walls and floors around them started to shudder, hospital CCTV cameras filmed medical staff rush towards the cribs and quickly, yet carefully, lift the babies into their arms, China Global TV Network reports.

To make sure each child was always properly protected, the babies were carried out one at a time wrapped in spare blankets.

The three nurses could be seen sitting with the infants on steps outside the hospital. They kept cradling the babies in their arms until their parents arrived.

Five people were injured in the earthquake, according to local media.

China Earthquake Networks Centre reported the epicentre had a depth of 7km.
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