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* News / More than 7,000 Filipino Nurses Take US Licensure Exam This Year by katty: Today at 04:02:35 PM
A total of 812 Indians, 715 Puerto Ricans, 563 South Koreans and 412 Nigerians also took the NCLEX for the first time from January to September 2018.

Some 7,119 Filipino nurses hoping to practice their profession in America took the US licensure examination for the first time from January to September this year, the party-list group ACTS-OFW said Sunday.

“The number is up 26.5 percent versus the 5,624 Philippine-educated nurses who took America’s eligibility test, or the NCLEX, for the first time in the same nine-month period in 2017,” said ACTS-OFW spokesman Francisco Aguilar Jr.

A total of 812 Indians, 715 Puerto Ricans, 563 South Koreans and 412 Nigerians also took the NCLEX for the first time from January to September, he said.

The NCLEX refers to the licensure examination either for registered nurse or for practical nurse administered by the US National Council of State Boards of Nursing Inc.
Because the NCLEX is usually the final step in the US nurse licensure process, the number of foreigners taking the test for the first time is considered a good indicator as to how many of them are trying to enter the profession in America.

Citing newly-released NCSBN statistics, Aguilar said Jamaicans, Canadians and Cubans also compete with Filipinos in America’s nursing labor market.

“Many young Filipino nurses still wish to practice in America mainly due to the superior hourly pay there,” Aguilar said.

“Admittedly, many Filipino nurses also find the Western culture far more attractive, thus their preference to live and work in America compared to other foreign countries,” Aguilar added.

An aggregate of 183,920 Filipino nurses have taken the NCLEX for the first time, without counting repeaters, since 1995, Aguilar said.

The median pay of registered nurses in America was $70,000 per annum, or $33.65 per hour in 2017, data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics showed.

Source: Manila Standard
* News / World Prematurity Day: Prioritise capacity building for nurses –NANPAN by katty: November 17, 2018, 06:44:56 PM
The National Association of Nigerian Paediatric Nurses has urged government to invest in capacity building for healthcare practitioners to boost the dearth of paediatric nurses and reduce preterm death rate.

Mrs Olubunmi Lawal, the National President of the association, made the call in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria on Saturday in Abuja during the commemoration of 2018 World Prematurity Day.

The day is celebrated annually on November 17, to raise awareness about preterm births, concerns of preterm babies and their families worldwide.

Preterm birth also known as premature birth is the birth of a baby at less than 37 weeks gestational age.

According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 15 million babies are born preterm each year, accounting for about one in 10 of all babies born worldwide.

It further identified Nigeria as number three among 10 top countries with high rate of preterm births of 773,600.

Lawal, who decried the dearth of manpower in the paediatric nursing profession, however, identified it as a contributing factor to the rate of deaths associated with preterm births.

She emphasised that babies born preterm required special care to ensure their survival and good health.

She specifically noted that such care could only be rendered by well-skilled professionals, adding that a large number of nurses lacked skills and required training to effectively render optimal care for such babies.

The president further decried the burden of preterm births and its associated deaths in the country as well as the rating of Nigeria as the third largest country globally with high rate of preterm births. She described this as unacceptable.

According to her, there is need for government to give attention to training of more professionals in the area of preterm care to ensure drastic reduction of preterm death in the country.

She said “we need more paediatric nurses, we need a lot of neonatologists, so in this regard capacity building is required.

“By the time they are trained, we will have enough number of healthcare practitioners particularly the nurses who are trained to take care of these babies.

“Such efforts will also promote teamwork because one person cannot do it. A single healthcare profession cannot do it hence we are calling on multisectoral collaboration.

“In Nigeria, we have very few paediatric nurses and if we have more skilful hands to give quality healthcare services to newborn particular the preterm babies, there will be a remarkable reduction in the death rate.

Lawal identified some causes of preterm birth to include multiple gestation or delivery, viral infections, high blood pressure, obesity, lifestyle choices like alcohol consumption, congenital anomalies, among others.

* News / Patient Escapes from Hospital After Stabbing Nurse to Death by katty: November 16, 2018, 10:34:49 PM
A patient at a Psychiatric Care Facility in Berlin has fled after he stabbed and injured a nurse on Friday.

The male caregiver, 39, died shortly after the attack.

Police said many officers were scouring the area surrounding the facility in Berlin’s north-western
neighbourhood of Wedding for the suspect.

Police warned the locals to avoid contact with the man, described as a 30-year-old with short
dark hair, bearded, and a round face.

* News / Kenya: Nurses issue 21-day strike notice over unmet CBA by katty: November 16, 2018, 09:01:06 PM
Nurses have issued a 21-day strike notice effective Monday, November 19.

They cited failure by the government to implement the return-to-work formula in a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) reached in November last year.

Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN) officials demanded an annual increase of Sh5,000 in uniform allowance effective July 2018.

They are also pushing for a Sh3,000 increase in nursing allowance in the first year and Sh3,500 in the two subsequent years as per the CBA.

KNUN also expressed its displeasure with the new job evaluation by the SRC.

Secretary Seth Panyako said in Kisumu on Friday that the evaluation is downgrading nurses as semi-skilled, adding that the category is lower than all other professionals in the country.

He spoke during a National Advisory Committee meeting.

Panyako asked SRC to move with speed and come up with a proper grading structure for the nurses.

"We shall not lie low like envelopes, we shall fight back and fight very hard," Panyako said.

The union also accused various county governments of colluding with former officials to defraud the union using various fraudulent accounts.

Panyako claimed the accounts were introduced in IFMIS, hence, crippling the union financially.

He demanded a freeze of all accounts and assets of the said accounts.

The official said the DCI has concluded their investigation and have found the accused guilty and have forwarded the file to the DPP.

"Surprisingly, since January, the DPP has not found it fit to arrest and arraign the officials," he said.

The nurses further said they would not support calls for a referendum if the Health Service Commission will not be included as one of the questions.

Source:Star News
* News / Nurses and Doctors in Ghana to Apply for Jobs Henceforth by katty: November 16, 2018, 05:06:16 PM
Nurses and doctors are now to apply for jobs themselves by applying and attending interviews before they will be placed or posted to health institutions.

Until recently, nurses and doctors were placed by the Ghana Health Service (GHS) to various health facilities across the country, a situation which gave room for some of them to reject postings to deprive communities.

However, the Director General of the GHS, Dr.  Anthony Nsiah Asare at the second senior managers meeting in Accra today (November 13, 2018) said doctors and nurses who received financial clearance from the Ministry of Finance will seek for placement and postings at the regional levels.

The three-day meeting which brought together health directors and senior management staff in the health service across the country was to review the performances of the service at the regional levels.

Focus on existing gaps

According to Dr Nsiah the GHS would announce the vacancies in the respective regions of the country for the health professionals to apply for the positions, go through the interview process and if they are picked they start work.

“Let me emphasize that henceforth, with all financial clearance to the service, staff will go through interview process at the regions while placements and postings done according to the existing gaps”, he stated.

The new form of placement and postings, Dr.  Asare said was to ensure a fair distribution of health workers across the country, noting that 48 per cent of the health professionals resided in Accra while the remaining 52 per cent were distributed among the nine other regions.

Making deprived communities attractive

To make the deprived attractive for health professionals to choose, the Director General  said efforts were being made to put up accommodation facilities in some communities.

However, he urged the regional coordinating councils, municipal, metropolitan and district chief executives to make accommodation and facilities available and attractive for health professionals to choose deprived communities for placements.

Touching on the achievement of the health service over the past year, Dr Nsiah indicated that Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compounds increased from 4600 in 2017 to 5,918 this year as part of the efforts to achieve universal access to health.

Also, he said there was screening centres and mental health units were established in all regional hospitals and some district hospitals to screen non-communicable diseases.

Additionally, he said Ghana achieved a total fertility rate of 3.9 in 2017 compared to 6.4 in 1988 and more than three in 10 which represented 31 per cent of married women between ages of 15-49 used any method of family planning.

Dr Nsiah however, acknowledged the challenges in the sector including inadequate equipments and resources to work with it.

Additionally, he said the declining donor funding support imposed a challenge to sustaining the gains made which called for effective domestic resource mobilisation, new initiatives and innovations and prudent use of resources.

E-learning video

The Director General also launched an online learning video on medical certification of cause of death for Physicians at the ceremony.

He said the training is to enable the Physicians build their capacity in medical certification of cause of death, since only few of the total number of deaths that occurred in country were medically certified.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) also presented laptops and desktop computers to GHS to be distributed to seven regions across the country.

Source : Graphic Online
* News / Fake Nurses with Fake Diplomas and Degrees from Romania are Working in Sweden by katty: November 16, 2018, 04:54:07 PM
Swedish television SVT has published an investigation according to which there are nurses in the Swedish medical system working based on licenses obtained without professional training.

The so-called fake nurses allegedly claimed to have studied full time in Romania and Poland while having full time jobs in Sweden.

The SVT investigation found a total of 27 medical workers who have managed to find their way into the system after claiming to have studied abroad or based on forged degrees and diplomas. While some are investigated by the police or have already been convicted, others are still working in hospitals in Sweden.

SVT reports that there are colleges in Romania and Poland that have issued diplomas and degrees to students who have not attended any course. And that despite of a EU directive according to which study must be full time and cover 4,600 hours of teaching.

The journalists also visited one of the schools in Romania during their investigation, where they talked to the headmaster, who reportedly said everything is in order there.

“We have 600 students here. I don’t know every one of them and I don’t know where they are or what they do. But if they come to the college, have their grades, take the exams, we register everyone. This means that they’ve attended the college,” Camelia Taran said.

SVT journalist Jazz Munteanu told local that, during their investigation, they found four schools in Romania granting diplomas to these nurses, namely one from Timisoara, one in Calan/Caransebes, one in Drobeta Turnu Severin, and one in Targu-Mures.

Following this journalistic investigation, the interim education minister Rovana Plumb requested the Mures County School Inspectorate to carry out a control at the Dimitrie Cantemir School in Targu-Mures, according to

Irina Marica,
Source :
* News / 46,000 Irish Nurses and Midwives to Vote On Strike Action by katty: November 16, 2018, 04:45:00 PM
Two nursing unions are set to ballot 46,000 members for strike action next week over concerns that pay is too low to recruit and retain staff.

Following a special meeting yesterday of its National Executive Committee, the Psychiatric Nurses Association (PNA) is recommending that its 6,000 members vote in favour of industrial action in a ballot which will commence next Wednesday.

Meanwhile, some 40,000 members of the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) are due to begin voting on strike action from next Monday.

The INMO’s decision to ballot its members for industrial action, up to and including strike, follows a two-week “cooling-off period” after it announced its intention to ballot, to give the Government and the HSE time to come forward with meaningful pay proposals.

There has been no breakthrough to date

Last night, PNA general secretary Peter Hughes said the outcome of the NEC meeting “reflected the disappointment by mental health nurses that the recent Public Service Pay Commission Report had failed completely to understand the scale of the recruitment and retention crisis in the mental health services and their frustration at the continued lack of realistic proposals to address nurse recruitment and retention”.

Last month, the INMO’s members overwhelmingly rejected proposals from the commission.

The commission recommended increases in some allowances and greater access to promotional posts but did not find there was a case for addressing pay.

The INMO is seeking an across-the-board pay rise to deal with recruitment and retention problems.

It said structures will be put in place for the maintenance of essential and emergency services, but otherwise, members will be on the picket line with 24-hour work stoppages, beginning with one day a week and escalating to two days the following week.

If strike action goes ahead, it could coincide with the Christmas and New Year period, which is traditionally the busiest time of the year for many hospitals. Disruption is likely to be severe.

According to the INMO, nurses and midwives “are the lowest paid professionals in the health service, which is why the HSE is finding it impossible to recruit or retain”.

Source : Irish Examiner
* News / Young and Innovative Nurses Network Appeals to FG to Call NMCN to Order by katty: November 16, 2018, 08:46:29 AM
The Young and Innovative Nurses Network has appealed to the Nigerian government to halt the new verification fees regime introduced by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.

In a post obtained by, the body wondered why the regulatory board who looked the other way when issues that would positively affect development of Nursing profession in Nigeria are tabled will find it so swift to implement increased verification fee at a time when Nigerian nurses earn peanuts. Below is a copy of the post:

Appeal to the Federal Government Of Nigeria under the leadership of President Buhari through the Minister of health  to call Nursing and Midwifery council of Nigeria to order

We hereby appeal to President Buhari to take a look at the hardship one of its parastatal under the Ministry of health is causing on Nigerians.

The sudden increase in the verification fees is uncalled for. There are many changes that the Nursing and Midwifery council of Nigeria should have made over a decade ago but they are sluggish and reluctant. Why then will they want to create more hardship for nurses by increasing fees every here and there.

Below are things nurses would expect their council to resolve;
*They have refused to upgrade school of nursing to colleges affilated to a university.

*They have refused to create a Nursing assistant cadre that can serve to eradicate quackery in nursing

*They have refused to upgrade the curriculum of nursing in the university for creation of consultancy cadre.

*They have refused to create a means by which licenses are produced faster than the current long awaiting period.

*They have refused to look into the scam of MCPDP and the cost on nurses.

We cannot allow this heinous increment not even at this time that minimum wage has become a problem in all states of the federation. It is high time we wake up in this profession and challenge insensitive leadership from all angles.


Share this untill it gets to the right place.
* News / Nigeria Nursing Council Increases License Verification Fees from #8750 to #53500 by Idowu Olabode: November 15, 2018, 03:04:52 PM
Nigerian Nurses seeking better life outside the shore of this country now have more hurdles to cross as the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria has increased the license verification from #8750 to #53,500 has learnt.

In an internal Memo from the head of account to all departmental head dated 14th of November, 2018 and obtained by the upward review of the verification fees is to take effect from Monday 29th October, 2018.

Speaking under condition of anonymity with, two members of staff of the regulatory body confirmed the development. One of the sources alleged that the consent of the Honourable minister of Health was sought before the upward review.

Another staff however added that the courier fee has been captured in this new fees adjustment. Pressed further what the fate of those who want to verify 2 or more licenses would be, the source said the new verification fee has captured this as they only have to pay #53,500 for all their licenses to be verified.

Ever since the Brexit vote forcing UK to open her border wide open to foreign educated Nurses outside the EU, there had been a dramatic increase in the number of Nigerian Nurses seeking verification from the regulatory body forcing the board to require applicant to bear the cost of courier fees. This development jerked verification to above #25, 000 before this new development.

* News / Malawi: Midwife Suspended Over Labour Ward Selfie by katty: November 15, 2018, 12:48:41 PM
A nurse in Malawi has been suspended pending further investigation after a selfie of her in a labour ward was posted on social media.

The selfie was widely shared provoking uproar on social media.

Joshua Malango, public relations officer for Malawi's Ministry of Health, told the BBC Focus on Africa radio programme the photo was shocking.

But he said the case had been referred to the Nurses' Council, which was investigating to see who took and circulated the photo.

Source: Uganda Monitor
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