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* News / JOHESU Reacts to False Alarm Created by Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Aro Abeokuta by Idowu Olabode: September 24, 2017, 11:58:08 PM
Our attention has been drawn to a spurious and baseless publication by a faceless and cowardly group with the malicious intent of blackmailing members of JOHESU, “real working population within the health sector” to whom justice and freedom are being denied and who are striving to maintain their rights for a just wage and conducive working conditions, about a fictitious humanitarian crisis supposedly being created at the NeuroPsychiatric Hospital, Aro-Abeokuta. Ideally, as leaders of JOHESU in Aro, we are not wont to responding to such irrational publications, but we owe it a responsibility to the general public to correct the misinformation and prevent the actual humanitarian crisis that the merchants of such information intend to create by their words, actions and inactions. Let us remind the general public that this is not the first time such wrong information is being peddled about the famous NPH, Aro-Abeokuta and going by the habitual nature of the rumour mongers and their collaborators whose stock in trade is the circulation of speculative and unsubstantiated news. We need not remind the public of how these messengers of bad news and their collaborators in the recent wanted the general public to believe that the decision of some “students” (NARD) to abandon their learning posts had paralyzed activities in Aro hospital save the intervention of the JOHESU leadership in the compound who set the records straight by a rejoinder.

The truth of the matter is that no person or group of persons has ever pressurized the hospital management to discharge patients because they are on strike.
 Isn’t it laughable that the writers of the said publication who attempted to create a fictitious severity of the conditions shot themselves in the legs by claiming such patients are “under the watch of a private security outfit”? The question begging for answer is as what? Prisoners? Suspects? Criminals? or Patients?
Since when did it become the duties of security personnel to take care of mentally ill persons. One would expect that persons who are supposed to neutralize stigmatization of the mentally ill are the ones championing the cause as is being done via this publication. Isn't it a viable opportunity for the so-called,  self-acclaimed owners of the health sector to live true to their fallacious claims of being able to run the hospital and care for the patients holistically without the input of others?
These rumour mongers have shown that the mentally ill they pretend to care much about are actually saner than they themselves.
It is pathetic that the same hospital management that will not waste time in giving orders for patients to be discharged when their over pampered students (NARD) with over bloated ego who constitute less than 3% of the workforce abandon their learning posts during their illegal strikes are the ones championing that patients be kept in the hospital without care when over 97% of the working population are conspicuously absent as a result of an avoidable industrial action but which the actions and inactions of the federal ministry of health has made inevitable. The noise being made by these set of people only exposes their incompetence and the impossibility of managing the hospital in the absence of other healthcare professionals and workers.
We recall that when recently their students went on their usual illegal strike which lasted about 2 weeks, no one felt their absence as services were being rendered seamlessly without restrictions and no one attempted to cajole or intimidate their members to work against the directives of their association.

For the avoidance of doubt, the only thing the leadership of JOHESU in Aro is doing is to ensure that the callous management of Aro hospital do not compel our members who are on strike to sabotage this national efforts by threatening and intimidating them.
The only humanitarian crisis on ground in this matter is the one created by the federal government through her agencies;the federal ministries of health and labour by failing to obey court judgments and denying workers who are only striving for their rights, good working conditions and a fair wage.
We call on all well-meaning Nigerians to prevail on the ministers of health and labour and by extension the federal government to accede to the legal requests of the striking JOHESU members to prevent avoidable suffering of innocent nigerian masses and should do the needful to avert the humanitarian crisis which is imminent but avoidable, that the health sector of the nation is being plunged into by their inactions and actions.
Finally, as good spirited and patriotic workers,  even in the presence of this brazen and unwarranted intimidation by ARO management, we advice  Dr Adebowale Timothy Olaoluwa, the Acting Provost and MD, to do everything possible and douse the already escalated tension between JOHESU and the Federal government, which he now has decided to personalize and domesticate in the interest of the general public and redress his leadership incapabilities.
* News / Usman Danfodio University Teaching Hospital to Withold Salaries of Striking Nurs by Idowu Olabode: September 24, 2017, 10:53:48 PM
Usman Danfodio University Teaching Hospital Sokoto state has directed the withholding of salaries of Striking JOHESU members. In a circular dated 22nd of September, 2017 and circulating on whatsapp group, the management directed all heads of Department to forward the names of all staff not participating in the strike for the processing of their salaries while striking nurses would have their salary withheld as a result of the implementation of the no work no pay rule

I am directed to inform you that the Federal Government, through the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation issued a Circular Ref No. 58598/S.1/11/182 dated 22nd June, 2016 which reminded workers and their respective Unions of the "NO WORK NO PAY" rule as contained in Section 43 of the Trade Disputes Act Cap TO, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 which states that "where any worker takes part in a strike, he/she shall not be entitled to any wages or other remuneration tar the period of the strike, and any such period shall not count for the purpose of reckoning the period of continuous employment and all rights dependent on continuity of employer and shall be prejudiciary affected accordingly" The Circular further directed all Heads of Government Agencies to ensure strict enforcement of the Circular.
2. In the light of the above, the Hospital Management has no option rather than comply with the content of the above circular. In view of that, all heads of Department are therefore directed to compile the list of staff who do not participate in the on-going JOHESU strike for presentation to the IPPIS for the payment of their salaries. Your submission should be in line with all attached format, please.
3. Please ensure strict compliance.
* MCPDP / NMCN E-Portal Manager Mr Filade Olaniyi Answers All Questions on PUF by Idowu Olabode: September 24, 2017, 10:41:19 PM
Share this post in all Nursing group, let others be informed!

Good Evening Sir, Could you please introduce yourself for us?

Good pm distinguished ladies and gentlemen, My name is Nurse Olaniyi A. Filade Project Manager of E-portal Project of NMCN.
Its a pleasure to be here for a brief presentation to enlighten members on the NMCN E-portal project. In line with the reforms undertaking by the leadership of the Council, the Council commenced the online services in 2012. Indexing applications and exams application started with a view of adding other services in phases and till date NMCN indexing is done 100% online
Examination applications are also now done online but the results are not yet released online for now. However, with the appointment of Alh. Faruk Umar Abubakar as the SG/R, the project is now being expanded to accommodate all Council's core services .
These services include;

• Indexing
• Exams applications including release of result online
• Online registration of newly qualified nurse and midwives
• Application for licensing , renewal and re-issuance verification among others

With this development and to achieve this aim, there is need to established an electronic database of all nurses and midwives registered with NMCN and this lead to the deployment of an application called online professional Update Form for all catergories of Nurses and Midwives (PUF)
Why is Council doing PUF?

This is to establish an electronic database of all records of Nurses and Midwives registered in Nigeria and to facilitate the commencement of online renewal of license
Who are the people to complete the online PUF form?

All categories of Nurses/Midwives are to complete and submit their online Professional Update Form(PUF)
How many form is an individuals expected to complete?

Only one form should be completed by an individual Nurse/Midwife. Multiple forms are not allowed but all the qualifications registered with NMCN are to be captured on a single form
What information are required to complete this application?

Required information are Personal details (such as names, date of birth, address etc), Registration numbers of all qualifications registration with NMCN, Schools attended, passport photograph, Personal Identification Number (PIN) on the license, Licence Expiry Date, employment record. Your Nursing/midwifery license and certificates contained all the required information
Do I need my nursing or midwifery registration number to complete this application?

Yes. All registered Nurses/Midwives must provide registration number(s) for all professional qualification(s) registered with Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. Registration number(s) MUST be alphanumeric while entering the data e.g. RN1234 or RM1234 (no dot, no space, no symbols such as -)?,#~(!-_/><@ ). Only the number is expected to be inserted. 
Are Nurses and Midwives who registered with Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria but are outside the Country affected too?

Yes. All Nurses and Midwives anywhere in the world who registered with NMCN are to complete PUF application online.
What happens if I choose not to complete the form?

It would be assumed that Nurses/Midwives who do not complete this form are not registered with Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria
For how long will this application be available online?

The Professional Update Form (PUF) will be available from the 17th of July – 31st of October 2017.
Some people in some quarter are saying our portal is not safe. How true is this?

The NMCN portal is secured and contained required security protections in line with best global practices. This portal has been in use by Council since 2012 till date. Also till date Nurses registered with NMCN all over the world are completing this form online and the response is impressive. Now over 13,000 persons has completed their forms
Other benefits of PUF include;

• Enables council to have a functional and reliable database
• Helps in smooth take off online applications of registration, licensing, verification, certificate which rely solely of information in the Council Registers which will now be in electronic form.
• Captures only nurses that are alive and active as against the record of living and death Nurses/Midwives Council has in her registers.
• Helps in generating a statistics and different reports such as
- the distribution of registered nurses and midwives in Nigeria at the state and local government levels
- distribution of registered nurses and midwives in Nigeria practicing outside the Country
- records of unemployed registered nurses and midwives in different states in Nigeria
• Provides verifiable data for planning and decision making.
What about the deadline set for the registration?

On the deadline set, this is deliberate effort to encourage nurses to go online and complete the form. The application is still on the October 31st, 2017 that is over 5weeks so the question of extension is not necessary for now. You should realise that if the deadline is not set for such, nurses will not go online. we all know what happened when FG through CBN launched BVN. A deadline is important on such an application that is why your coopreation on the project is important to achiveed the desired objectives. The NMCN has partnered with NANNM on this to ensured that the information get to the grassroots therefore in your institutions, encourage our colleague to do their PUF
What Browser do you advise we use while doing this registration:

I will advise we use google chrome browser to complete that PUF form.
Whats the most recognised problems most persons are having?

Most of the people having challenges are attaching passport more than 20kb which the site will reject
What about Post Basic Students and New Nurses?

All post basic students are to complete this PUF form to enable them initiate application application for the new registration when they pass their post basic exams. Those whose license are under renewal process, especially those who defaulted for some years may find it difficult to know expiration date. In such cases what should they do put the expiry date on the newly renewed license. even if the date is wrong it will be corrected during vetting
The newly qualified nurses (basic) data are already captured online during thier indexing. they will only apply for registration when it is time while the post basic students are to complete the PUF form now because they are already nurses
Thank you for your time sir
Thank you
* Nursing Jobs / Vacancies for Lecturer II (Nursing Science) at Achievers University, Owo by Idowu Olabode: September 24, 2017, 05:24:17 PM
Achievers University, Owo – The Motto of the University is Knowledge, Integrity and Leadership with a very clear vision to be the best University in Africa and indeed one of the best in the world. The mission of the University is to produce a total man, morally sound, properly educated and entrepreneurially oriented, that would be useful to himself and the society.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates to fill the academic position below:

Job Title: Lecturer II

Location: Owo, Ondo
Faculty: College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CONAS)
Discipline: Nursing Science


Candidates should possess Ph.D from reputable universities in the discipline above.
Salary and Allowance
Salary and allowance is as obtainable in Nigerian public universities.

Application Closing Date
11th October, 2017.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should submit 10 copies of their applications and Curriculum Vitae, including names of three referees to:
The Registrar,
Achievers University,
P.M.B. 1030,
Ondo State.
Candidates could send soft copies of their applications and Curriculum Vitae to:

Note: Applicants should request their referees to forward their reports under confidential cover directly to the above address.

For further information contact: +234803408060.
* News / Ghana Midwives Association Calls for Institution of Award Scheme for Midwives. by katty: September 24, 2017, 01:26:34 PM
The Ghana Registered Midwives Association (GRMA) has called for the institution of an awards scheme to give recognition to midwives who have distinguished themselves in their profession.

The association noted that while some international organisations had found it prudent to acknowledge some deserving Ghanaian midwives, the Government of Ghana had also shown appreciation for the hardworking midwives who help deliver thousands of babies each year.

At an event to swear in new executive officers of the GRMA, Mrs Joyce Jetuah, outgoing President of the association, cited two Ghanaian midwives who had received international honour: Madam Magdalene Juliet Acquah and the late Madam Mary Issaka.

International honour

Madam Acquah is known to have designed a birthing stool, a chair scooped out at the front with an armrest, backrest and raised platform for the feet.
Her work earned her an international award for the ‘Health and Dignity of Women and Girls’ in 2012 in New York, organised by Friends of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in New York.

In recognition of her invaluable work as a midwife in her community, Jhpiego, a global health non-profit organisation affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, also honoured Hajia Mary Issaka with an International Midwife Champion of the Year Award in 2010.

Mrs Jetuah noted that although Ghanaian midwives were hardworking, little was being done to motivate and recognise their efforts.

Nonetheless, she urged midwives to continue to work hard, saying that “when a midwife is well resourced with a conducive environment, 70 per cent of maternal deaths can be averted”.

Strategic plan

Touching on the activities of the association over the years, Mrs Jetuah said it had been constrained by funds but the technical and financial support from the UNFPA had helped to develop a strategic plan and helped build the capacity of members.

The immediate past secretary of the association, Mrs Paulina Siaw-Akoto Debrah, also stressed that midwives assigned to remote areas needed to be motivated.

She called on all stakeholders to work out a mechanism that would decongest public facilities by liaising for normal pregnancies to be attended to by private midwives.

While urging the district assemblies to sponsor senior high school graduates to train in midwifery to serve their communities, she further recommended that the assemblies support the expansion of road networks to ensure easy access to maternity facilities in the communities.

The new President of the Association, Mrs Netta Forson Ackon, pledged the commitment of the new executive to foster stronger stakeholders’ engagement.

The other executive members are Hajia Damata Sulemana, Vice-President; Mrs Fredrica E. Hanson, Secretary; Mrs Gifty Baidoo, Treasurer, Mrs Frances Hugh Kafui Tamakloe, Assistant Treasurer, and Mrs Hilda Appiah Danquah, Communications Officer.

Source : Graphic
* News / UK Hospital Bosses to Recruit 500 Nurses from Philippines, India by katty: September 24, 2017, 12:52:16 PM
Hospital bosses are looking to recruit nurses from the Philippines and India in a bid to fill more than 500 vacancies at the city’s three hospitals.

They are also hoping that the in-house training at the Leicestershire School of Nursing Associates based at Glenfield Hospital will help boost the workforce.

The idea of the role of a nursing associate is to bridge the gap between health and care support workers who have a care certificate and graduate registered nurses and offer health care assistants the chance to progress into nursing jobs.

Leicester’s hospitals is one of 11 pilot sites for the first wave of nursing associate trainees.

Eleanor Meldrum, assistant chief nurse at Leicester’s hospitals, said: “This nursing associate role will give individuals a new route into nursing and the opportunity to work across a diverse NHS with the knowledge and skills needed for our local healthcare system.

Professor Jane Cummings, chief nursing officer for England, added: “It is important we build a workforce to meet the changing needs of the people we care for.

“This new role will be a part of a team built around those needs and will provide an exciting opportunity for those who want to progress their careers in the field of health and care.

“It also has clear benefits for registered nurses, providing additional support and releasing time to provide the assessment and care they are trained to do, as well as undertake more advanced tasks.”

In addition to 528 nursing vacancies there are 75 health care assistant jobs.

Louise Tibbert, director of workforce and organisational development at Leicester’s hospitals, said: “Vacancy levels are currently at 8.3 per cent across the trust.

The vacancy position reflects national shortages, particularly around nursing staff and we are commencing a full review of ward based teams to ensure new roles such as nursing associates and assistant practitioners are fully utilised.”

She added: “We work hard to recruit staff through a number of different routes.

“However, we find there are still recruitment shortages and so we have worked to recruit staff from abroad including recently going to the Philippines and India to recruit nurses.”

Ms Tibbert said there is an increasing emphasis on the retention of staff and understanding why they choose to stay.

Source :
* Travel Nursing / Re: My HAAD Nurse Registration Journey and Experience: A Guide for other Nurses by Tbabs: September 24, 2017, 11:27:05 AM
Good day everyone,Please I have a question as regards the good standing certificate thing. Is it that I have to get a copy of the GSC from nursing council aside the one that will be sent to HAAD health authority,
* News / Barbados to Send Doctors, Nurses to Dominica after Hurricane Maria Destruction by katty: September 24, 2017, 07:24:29 AM
Arrangements are being made to have doctors and nurses from Barbados travel to Dominica to provide much-needed assistance.

This is according to Dr. Brian Charles, who is in Dominica to provide primary assessments for the health care services and the hospital there, and to work alongside the Barbadian military personnel. Dominica remains in a state of emergency after it was devastated by a category five Hurricane Maria on September 18.

Dr. Charles stated that there was an urgent need for artisans, medical and nursing personnel to provide much needed care for those requiring assistance. “The [Princess Margaret] hospital has been badly damaged…it is about 70 per cent destroyed, but it is running somewhat,” he stated.

However, he lamented the fact that the hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department had very limited function, as the institution had no power, water, operating theatre, X-ray or CAT scan departments, laboratories or blood bank. “Our appeal right now is for assistance to get those up and running soon,” he urged.

Dr. Charles reported that there were currently five people who needed to be medevaced from the hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department. “The French authorities have indicated that they will take them to Martinique. There is also one critically ill police officer who sustained major trauma that needs to be airlifted,” he said, while adding the needs of dialysis patients were also a cause for concern.

However, the physician noted that the Roseau Polyclinic was operational after sustaining minimal damage, while the Portsmouth and Marigot health centres were also functioning but with limited staff. “We have been unable to reach any of the other health centres at this point,” he added, explaining that blocked roadways were hindering efforts to reach persons in remote areas.
* News / At Last UK NMC to Change IELTS Requirement for Foreign Nurses by James Tapper by katty: September 24, 2017, 07:20:28 AM
-This is coming after native speakers from Australia and other countries couldn't "pass"  IELTS
-New Changes might likely start next month
Language rules introduced to curb immigration are set to be relaxed after they prevented native English-speaking nurses from working in the NHS.

The NHS has a shortage of 40,000 nurses and recruiters and NHS employers have been lobbying for looser language requirements so that thousands of nurses from countries such as Australia, India and the Philippines can work in Britain.

In June, the Observer uncovered evidence that Australians and other native English-speaking nurses were being turned down because they could not pass the International English Language Testing System test. Now the Nursing and Midwifery Council will consider a measure on Wednesday to allow other measures such as the Occupational English Test.

Nurses with a recent qualification that was taught in English and nurses who have worked for two years in a country where English is the native language would also qualify. If patient organisations and NHS bodies also agree to the proposals, the changes could be introduced next month.

In 2016 the government forced all public sector bodies to introduce strict tests for new employees. Matthew Hancock, then the Cabinet Office minister, said tests were necessary to control immigration “for the benefit of all hard-working people”. As a result the NMC brought in the IELTS test, but it led to a dramatic drop in foreign nurses registering in the UK, from 1,304 EU nurses in July 2016 to just 46 in April this year.

Recruitment firms such as HCL said that many English-speaking nurses struggled with the written part of IELTS – an essay-based exam. Candidates need to score at least seven out of nine in each of four sections.

The NMC is still looking at whether or not it should reduce the required minimum score.

Teresa Wilson, HCL’s international operations manager, said research showed the two main reasons for failing IELTS were “incorrect tenses and essay structure”.

“These are hardly issues that should preclude a skilled nurse from fulfilling a nursing role effectively,” she said. “The current system is suffocating the vital supply of highly skilled foreign nurses who want to work in our NHS.”

By James Tapper
* News / Ghana : Empower community nurses to promote good environmental practices by Idowu Olabode: September 23, 2017, 08:07:07 PM
Health Institutions have been tasked to revisit the practice of training more community nurses to visit various homes, work places and schools to promote preventive diseases as well as good environmental practices.

Government has also been urged to empower these nurses with the needed resources so that they could discharge their community work effectively in order to prevent the outbreak of diseases.

Dr. Florence Naab, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Ghana, School of Nursing, made the call at the 37 Military Hospital Nightingale week celebration held in Accra. The occasion was also used to award serving and retired personnel of the hospital.

The celebration is under the theme: “Combating environmental degradation towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) with other stakeholders.”

Dr Naab noted that during nurses’ strike at the Pantang Hospital, people through the media, rained insults on the nurses, questioning whether nursing had anything to do with land issues.

Dr Naab said nurses need a suitable and balanced environment to work in order to save lives.

According to her, nurses were good allies that could champion the effects of environmental degradation by preaching attitudinal change to save the environment.

The Senior lecturer of the University of Ghana, School of Nursing, noted that, currently, Ghanaians do not see anything wrong with littering and so they were littering with impunity.

“It would therefore require that our nurses team up with some environmentally friendly non-governmental organisations to preach attitudinal change among our populace to save the environment.

She was not happy with the rampant destruction of the environment, citing air pollution and littering, as major contributory factor.

Dr Naab said attitudinal change was the primary solution to combating environmental degradation adding that, “if we change our attitudes we can stop the pollution.”

She appealed to the public to desist from defending bad attitudes and take care of the environment in order to preserve lives and reduce work load on nurses in the various hospitals.

Dr Naab observed that the 17 points of the SDG’s were all linked to the environment and urged all to take a critical look at them.

She appealed to the nurses to take part in leadership positions in their communities, departments, constituencies and units so that they could ensure behavioural change, in terms of decision making.

Brigadier General Ralph K. Nametape, Director General, Medical Services of the Ghana Armed Forces noted that, the commencement of “Operation Vanguard” indicated that the environment was being destroyed.

Brigadier General Ametepi paid glowing tribute to the gallant men and women who have served the hospital in diverse ways.

He was however not enthused with the poor work ethics, which he said, was worrying and told the nurses that “there is more room for improvement.”

Mr Kumi Kyeremeh, a Retired Director of Nursing and Midwifery, Ministry of Health, stressed the need for nurses to strive to maintain standards in their profession.

Serving and retired personnel who distinguished themselves were given plagues.

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