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Title: Ugandan Nurses Lambast Union leaders for calling off the strike
Post by: Idowu Olabode on December 05, 2017, 10:13:36 PM
-Union leaders have no written commitment on agreement reached

Nurses and midwives have blasted the leaders of their Union for calling off their strike without consulting them.

The Nurses say that many of them are tired of the dilapidated housing and embarrassing conditions under which  they work

It is this reality and  other numerous challenges including poor pay that prompted the nurses and midwives to go on a sit down strike

The strike was meant to officially begin on Tuesday, but by morning, leaders of the Uganda Nurses and Midwifery Union had called off the strike.

Justus Cherop Kiplangat, the President of the Union, claimed the government resolved, during a cabinet meeting on Monday and another with the Prime Minister to increase their pay and allowances.

However, when members of the Union asked for documentary evidence to support his claims, he had none.

Kiplangat failed to offer an explanation and called the union’s legal adviser to help him convince the nurses.

To avoid the angry nurses and midwives, Cherop skipped the meeting.

The union members insist that their leaders unlawfully called off the strike and therefore it still stands.

The nurses are demanding a 400 percent salary increment and allowances totalling to Shs 9 million each.