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Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria:You have one job,just One job By KeonRN - News - Nurses Arena Forum

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Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria:You have one job,just One job By KeonRN by Idowu Olabode : August 12, 2016, 09:07:14 AM
This is the first of a series of thoughts on the NMCN concerning their mandate to Nurses and Nigerians at large. To many the NMCN seems to be in lay men term “dulling” and am here hopefully to wake them up with this series.
About The NMCN:

There is a body known as the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN). It was established in 1979 by decree No. 89 and revised in 2004 as the Nursing & Midwifery (Registration etc) Act CAP N143 laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This body known simply as the NMCN or the Council is primary saddled with the responsibility of REGULATING Nursing as a profession in Nigeria. Now, a regulatory body for Nursing is not particularly“only in Nigeria” thing because bodies like this are present in most countries of the world. I will not be giving chronological details of the history of the NMCN nor will I discuss extensively on the wordings of the revised Act that established it. However, they are important in understanding the present state of the NMCN and the different challenges in the profession it is doing next to nothing to address. I will do my best to discuss them in subsequent thoughts.
The NMCN has this as its motto on its site “Promotion & maintenance of excellence in Nursing education & practice in Nigeria.” Impressive (on the site) one must say but in reality, that motto is a lofty dream. Is this a very harsh subjective statement? Well, no. Just ask the nearest group of Nurses close to you. Virtually every Nurse will tell you that the means NMCN seems to promote and improve Nursing is through the conduct of examination and issuing and renewal of license only, the latter, which they are doing very dismally.
Now let me give a personal story on this. I applied for my license renewal in 2013 and am yet to get it. I’ve been to the NMCN office in Abuja twice, made calls to them and am now very tired. The process of getting license renewed is tougher than the entire process of attainingthe qualification. This suffering am sure is not peculiar to me. Other Nurses have their own horrible stories to tell concerning license issuance/renewal.
Situations like this will do anything but promote & maintain excellence in the profession. In other places, License renewal can be done online and at the state level and you are issued a temporary license pending when your application is processed and license produced. (I will discuss extensively on this in subsequent thoughts) But with the NMCN, you must travel to Abuja and “chop your L” or I should say, go through your compulsory suffering drills.
One of the biggest dent in the profession presently is the presence of quacks fighting for a piece of the profession with professionals.
The popular campaign #QuacksinNursing started Nigerian Nurses on social media is driving the discussion. One would expect the NMCN to be at the forefront driving this campaign in all platforms on social media (is the NMCN on social media?) and in the society but their silence on this is deafening. Is it that Quacks actually don’t pose any threat to Nursing & Nigerians? Is it that there are no quacks at all? Or this issue is above the NMCN purview?
Well, no.
The revised Nursing & Midwifery Act 2004 clearly recognized the NMCN as the ONLY body saddled with the responsibility of licensing & regulating Nursing in Nigeria. The #QuackinNursing campaign is the NMCN’s to coordinate and drive. They should act to stop groups within the healthcare system notorious in producing these quacks solely for the economic value of cheap labour. In Nigeria, the healthcare business is not an unregulated mercantile cheap labour producing capitalist space. The NMCN should be at the forefront sounding this with a loudspeaker to the notorious quack manufacturing groups. It's  sad to see the NMCN Unlooking (so to say) concerning the quack issue. It is sadder to see other healthcare professionals exploit the NMCN indifference to pollute the pthe profession with quacks.
The NMCN should do go about their mission/mandate effectively by REGUALATING Nursing and while they are at it, they should give Nurses their licenses on time
By Keon RN
Keon is a baccalaureate Nurse pursuing his dreams in the Public health space. He is on twitter as @xlkeon where he trades information and bants

Re: Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria:You have one job,just One job By KeonRN by Idowu Olabode : August 12, 2016, 09:21:32 AM
This is the second of a series of thoughts on the NMCN concerning their mandate to Nurses and Nigerians at large. The NMCN seems to be “dulling” and am here hopefully to wake them up with this series.
This thought is focused on quacks in Nursing & how the NMCN can bring closure to this issue. For the purpose of clarity, a quack Nurse/Quack student Nurse will be define as any individual that practices Nursing that is not duly qualified, licensed and registered with the NMCN or being trained in a non NMCN accredited setting. Now that we have definition, identifying the quack would be an easy task.
Now some would argue “but these quacks have been with us for ages, they have been helpful so what is the big deal”? Well, the big deal is that their poor services and outcomes have been killing not only you but also Nursing as a profession & the entire healthcare delivery system. The big deal is that you’ve given your health & wellbeing to criminals to manage. They’ve been dispensing toxic cares & breaking the law at the same time. You’ve cheated and short-serviced yourself.
The big deal is that life is sacred with zero duplicates & attaining wellness requires the services of properly legally trained & licensed professionals regulated by the government. This is to ensure that the best and capable hands with the latest knowledge and evidence are available to assist you in your quest in attaining optimal wellness. The issue of ending quack is of more importance to ensuring that as a Nigerian, health criminals do not take your sacred life than simply to make Nursing as a profession look good (so to say).
The government in its wisdom have given this mandate of regulating Nursing to the NMCN and it expects the NMCN to deliver effectively. This role is one in which the NMCN is sadly doing a poor job in. Nursing quacks are everywhere. You see them in the cities and in the villages. It is not only a problem of the rural & less developed areas of the country. They are in Lekki (Lagos State) as they are in Effium (Ebonyi State). You see them in private hospitals, in maternities, in Chemist, in the market & even in religious centers. In all of these settings, they are recognize simply as NURSES (they’ve long ditched the “Auxiliary” prefix).

Once they put on their white (or whatever colour the center chooses) uniform, they are good to go, ready to render suboptimal toxic care. They are a healthcare menace to the society. If the society knows better, it will reject them outright. But the society does not and the government has given the NMCN the charge to inform the society the risk these quacks poses to their wellbeing and to reject them and their suboptimal & toxic services.
The NMCN should consciously deal with the menace of quacks and their quackery. It should continuously sensitize the public on who is actually a NURSE. Individuals, groups & institutions aiding and abetting these quacks should be prosecuted and sanctioned. The NMCN should have a register of qualified Nurses that is accessible to the public (possibly, an online register). They should also have a registered of accredited Nursing training Institutions. Are these roles within the purview of the NMCN? Yes of course.
Also, the NMCN should take advantage of its constitutional mandate and the increased need for Nurses by positioning itself in all training & licensing of Nurses/Nursing program. The need for Nurses is universal & the number of Nurses in a country is always limited. The Nursing board/council in some countries help address this by training different cadres of Nurses and Nursing assistant. It is surprising that in the 37yrs of the NMCN, it has not seen the need to regulate the Nursing assistant space both in training and licensing. It is about time they assimilate this role and take the task seriously. They should study how countries like Canada, Australia, the UK and South Africa train and regulate theirs. If they need help, there are resource persons ready to help in designing training & competency curriculum.
The NMCN should position itself to take up this role seriously. The lives of Nigerians are at stake, Nursing as a noble profession, sui generis is also at stake.
Below are adverts from an individual who trains #QuacksinNursing. The individuals name is Eddie Okwaraoha with twitter handle @favoredcare. In his tweets he claims to be an RN in the United States Army and comes down to Nigeria every year to train CNA's in the country for a total of 3 weeks and a "Worldwide certificate Issued at the End of Said training..."

By Keon RN
Keon is a baccalaureate Nurse pursuing his dreams in the Public health space. He is on twitter as @xlkeon where he trades information and bants

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