Author Topic: Japanese patient's fart ignites fire that burns her during surgery  (Read 629 times)

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While the medical community is debating on the cancer-preventing properties of fart, a Japanese female patient and her doctors just discovered one property of the anal gas. It could start a fire in the surgery room.

That was what happened on April 15 at the Tokyo Medical University Hospital when the laser ignited the fart of the female patient undergoing cervix surgery. The investigation of the incident concluded only on Friday. The Asahi Shimbun reports her lower body was badly affected by the accidental emission.

The report says when the fart leaked into the space of the operation room, it ignited with the irradiation of the laser. The fire spread and burned the surgical drape which caused the fire.

Medical experts who probed the incident say there were no other flammable materials when the surgery was ongoing and the equipment used did not malfunction. Their conclusion was it was the woman’s gas that caused the fire.

To determine the cause of the blaze, investigators used a dummy to recreate the incident.

They ruled out flammable materials or malfunctioning equipment as other potential causes.

The report recommended fire-fighting training for operating room staff and taking steps to physically prevent methane from interacting with laser beams.

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Source : Ibtimes and ABC

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