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NCLEX Tips and Tricks: Tips to Pass NCLEX at First Attempt by Ka Ris by katty : January 05, 2017, 02:50:55 PM
Here is a tip based on my personal experience

  I have graduated more than 10 years ago. But believe me, passing NCLEX is like having to depend on what you’ve learned when you did your nursing program. I was an average student. I have studied devotedly during my nursing program, I have been serious with my studies. I was not born rich and I have learned the value of hard work from my parents. So I made it sure that I would make their every hard earned penny would be worth it. I did not graduate with flying colors, I was not even close to a dean’s list. I was just happy that I have graduated and passed the local boards! I was just an ordinary student with a great passion for making my parents happy by completing college!

I have continued to strive to learn more! I went into a Master’s program and graduated with a thesis on 2013! It was one of the best accomplishments that I have had. I have spent my salaries towards my master’s program and funded my own thesis!

Passing NCLEX is not only about the “NOW”. For me, it was a point where I needed to look back in my life to gain the inspiration and the motivation that I needed. I needed to recall that very day when I wished that I could be in the university my parents want me to be. Basically, I have lived to meet the expectations of my parents, most especially my mom. Her resilience had influenced me tremendously. Yes, mothers know best! I must agree!!

When I was in that state, where I was yearning so bad to get into that university, I know I already started the fire in my heart. I just needed a starter, a boost, a kick, however, you want to call it. I f you can find that kind of spark, don’t ever let it go!

When I started my bridging courses here in Canada, I have always been trying to construct in my mind how should review for NCLEX, everybody has a bet on which review program is the best. On my quest, it was never a single approach. It’s a multi-point strategy! I did not review solely on content alone, not on rationales on question banks (Q bank) alone. You need to build a structure of your review. Like a nursing process, you need to assess, diagnose, plan, implement and evaluate!


Assess yourself.

The first question is, how committed am I to become a nurse?
Do I know the weight of becoming a nurse?
Do I know that one day, one life would be on my shoulder? That one day, I would play that big role of SAVING LIVES?

Once you understand your purpose, of becoming a NURSE and your accountability, now you are ready!!
Why did I ask these to myself? Because I am typically anal about my purpose. If I know my purpose, I can hold on to it and fight for it till the end!

I felt that I was born to become a nurse, big thanks to my mom for seeing the potential!! She leads me to this path! That’s why I believe, mothers know best!!!


In terms of identifying your goals. Let’s say your goal for the day. Make a list, Write it!

Identify your strengths and weaknesses. I know I can read, but I know I won’t really retain information by just reading alone. I needed to be interactive. So I purchased UWORLD. I will later on discus each reviewer I used.
Identify your strength as a learner. Do you learn best in the morning, afternoon, evening, dawn?

Do you learn best by listening? If not, you have to! Listen to Mark Klimek or if you have access join his review. If you have friends who are willing to share their files… grab them. Treat your friend for lending you that!!
Identify if you have been a procrastinator! I am guilty of this! But it’s not yet too late! Once you are aware of it, will it to change!


Plan your day!

Make a list, check it off once you’re done. If your mind is trained to see the accomplishments that we’ve made, you are doing yourself a favor by boosting your own confidence. First, start from your bed! Once you get up in the morning or after you sleep, fix those pillows, those sheets! Once you leave the room, take a glance, feel proud! That is your NO.1 accomplishment for the day!

Plan when are you are going to take the test!

Once you identified on what part of the day you do best, schedule your exam on that time frame. If you are a night shifter, and you are most awake in the afternoon, then schedule your exam on that time frame. I did mine at 10 am. I have originally scheduled for 8 am. But I noticed that I was waking up around 830am mostly few weeks before my exam. I was not sure if it’s because I was working. So during my leave (2 weeks before my exam) I’ve tracked my waking up habits and my UWORLD scores and found out that the highest scores were done in the time frame of 0930- 1500. So I rescheduled my exam at 10 am. If you don’t have enough time to ascertain this, trained yourself to be awake on the time that you booked your exam at least 1 week! Let’s say you booked your exam at 0800, then wake up as if you are going to write the exam already. In that way, you are getting the hang of your sleepiness and train your alertness!! ;)

Plan your review, I will share my schedule on a different post!

When I say plan, I would say SMART!
Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

I have originally scheduled 300 UWORLD questions per day, but that was brutal. I was not learning!
So I did at least 75 q per day! I was retaining more information and learning a lot!!!


Do you still remember the first question?
How committed am I to become a nurse?
That’s how you should be committed to your review!!!
Dedicate your time to your review! Put your phone away! Yes, put it away!! Study on your laptop or desktop. Make sure you are logged out of any social media account on that computer! Treat your review like your patient, it needs your undivided and devoted attention!


The best way to evaluate is to go back to your list. How many did you check off?
Did you attain your “goal for the day”, if yes, celebrate!!! That means do something you love or like, like cuddling with your cat or dog, eat an ice cream, and stretch your back on your bed! I practiced more of positive reinforcement! Haha

Do not focus on your scores, make sure to savour every rationale that you would come across!!

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